Unit6 a pe lesson
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Unit6 A PE lesson. Lesson One (Part B &C) 班级 : 五 (2) 班 教师 : 王 薇. neck shoulder finger leg knee. arm hand foot toe. Words Study. Part C: Work in pairs.

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Unit6 a pe lesson

Unit6 A PE lesson

Lesson One (Part B &C)


教师:王 薇

Words study

neck shoulder

finger leg knee

arm hand

foot toe

Words Study

Part c work in pairs
Part C: Work in pairs

1. A: Touch your toes with your fingers three times. B: All right.

2. A: Touch your hands with your knees five times. B: All right.

3.A:Turn left and right seven times.

B: All right.

4.A: Lie on your back and lift up your legs eight times.

B: All right.

Sing a song do some exercise with me
Sing a song: Do some exercise with me


  • 1)Copy the new words of Part B four times and the new sentence patterns two times.抄写B部分新单词四遍,句型两遍。(句型:Part C)

  • 2)Read the words of Part B after the tape.跟读本课B部分录音二十分钟。

Class is over

Class is over!

ee ou ext ime!