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Unit6 Study

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Unit6 Study. Talking Face to Face and Being all ears Maintaining a sharp eye Trying your hand. Section Ⅰ Talking Face to Face. Have a discussion: Do you know what does a diploma contain ?

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unit6 study
Unit6 Study
  • Talking Face to Face and Being all ears
  • Maintaining a sharp eye
  • Trying your hand
section talking face to face
SectionⅠ Talking Face to Face
  • Have a discussion: Do you know what does a diploma contain?
  • Suggested answer: It contains name, sex, birth day, the years one enter into college and gradate from college, major, date of expiracy, college name, signature of president, number and the date of issue,etc.
important words and phrases
Important words and phrases:
  • academic degree/certificate/diploma学位/证书/文凭
  • bachelor’s Degree of Engineering 工程学学士学位
  • Master’s Degree of Art/Science/Engineering文学/理学/工学硕士学位
  • Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D)博士学位
  • Colleges/schools, departments, programs学院,系,专业
  • Academic experts学术专家
act out
Act Out
  • Choose one of the topics to make your own conversation with your Partner according to the samples of the textbook.
  • 1. Ask about your partner’s plan after graduation.
  • 2. Ask about people’s choice of work place.
  • 3. Talk about job opportunities for college graduates.
  • 4. Talk about further study after graduation.
being all ears
Being All Ears
  • Listen and Decode (P90)
  • Listen and Respond(P91)
  • Listen and Complete(P91)
  • Listen and Judge(P91)
  • Listen and Read(P92)
  • Listen and Match(P93)
  • Listen and Conclude(P93)
section maintaining a sharp eye passage i am a bit nervous about my english
SectionⅡ Maintaining a sharp eyePassageⅠ I am a bit nervous about my English
  • Information Related to the Reading Passage:
  • 1. TOEFL
  • TOEFL stands for the Test of English as Foreign Language. The purpose of the test is to evaluate the English proficiency of nonnative speakers of English who wish to study in American colleges and universities. TOEFL is administered by ETS-the Educational Testing Service.
2 gre
2. GRE
  • The full name for GRE is the Graduate Record Examination, which is a multiple-choice examination designed to measure the verbal, quantitative, and analytical skills one has developed in the course of his academic career. GRE is also administered by the ETS, in Princeton, New Jersey.
language points
Language Points
  • Explanation of difficult sentences
  • 1.(Para.1) I am planning to study Electronic Engineering in the United States this coming summer if I am lucky enough to be admitted to Miami University.
  • Analysis: Lucky enough is an “adjective+enough” structure followed by an infinitive clause indicating the result; admitted to here means “accepted by”.
  • Translation: 如果我能够幸运地被卖阿密大学录取,我打算今年夏天去美国学电子工程。
  • Example: I would compete for Mayer if I were famous enough to be known by the whole town.
2 para 1 i m embarrassed when people lose me in the middle of a conversation or vice versa
2..(Para.1) I’m embarrassed when people lose me in the middle of a conversation or vice versa.
  • Analysis: Vice versa refers to the opposite of what is said before. People lose me in the middle of a conversation means do not follow or understand me.
  • Translation: 当在谈话中人们无法理解我或是听不懂别人的话时,我决得尴尬极了。
  • Example: The couple both feel awkward when the husband starts to argue with the wife or vice versa.
3 para 2 she says it is necessary to drill as much as possible until they are fixed in my mind
3.(Para.2) She says it is necessary to drill as much as possible until they are fixed in my mind.
  • Analysis: In the object clause it is the formal subject indicating the actual infinitive subject to drill. As much as possible modifies drill, and until introduces an adverbial clause of time.
  • Translation:她说我必须尽可能多地练习,直到它们留在我的脑海中。
  • Eg. It is exciting to swing as high as possible until you become scared.

4.(Para.3) Either the CDs or tapes have native voices, and I can study them by listening again and again and imitating the sounds as many times as I wish.

  • when it is used to introduce the subject of a sentence, the verb must agree with the noun after or.
  • Translation:无论是影碟还是录音带都有原声,我可以一遍一遍地听;随心所欲地一遍又一遍地模仿这些声音,学习它们。
  • Eg. Either work or entertainment brings fun to your life, and you can enjoy it by working as hard as you can and relaxing as much as possible.
important words
Important Words
  • 1. senior n. AmE. A student in the last year of a school or university (美)(普通学校或大学)最高年级(毕业班)的学生
  • eg. Being seniors, everyone is busy looking for a job.
  • He worked as a teacher’s assistant when he was a senior at high school.
2 admit v permit a person or thing to enter let in
2.admit v. permit( a person or thing) to enter, let in 许可进入;录取
  • eg. I cannot admit you into the theatre.
  • He was admitted to the best university of the country.
  • 3. kill time: make time pass quickly by doing something消磨时间,打发时间
  • eg. He likes playing crossword puzzle to kill time.
4 assign v give someone the work to do
4. assign v.give someone the work to do 分配(任务)
  • eg. The general manager called him to assign him the new task.
  • She has been assigned to take care of kids.
  • 5.memorize v. learn and remember记住,记忆
  • eg. The girl is so clever that she can memorize the pome after hearing it only twice.
6 efficient a working well and fast
6. efficient a. working well and fast 效率高的
  • eg. She is a very efficient secretary and runs the office well.
  • This is an efficient method to cut down the cost.
  • 7.apply v. bring or put it into use使用,应用
  • eg. You must be able to apply what you learnt at school to your future work.
section trying your hand
SectionⅢ Trying your hand
  • 1.Applied Writing
  • 2.Sentence Writing: Passive Voice of Verbs(动词的被动语态)
applied writing
Applied Writing
  • Certificate
  • Binhai College of tourism certifies thatZhang Ming has completed the Hotel Manager Training Course and has been awarded this certificate of accomplishment for intensive study in October1999.
  • BinHai College of Tourism
  • President:
  • (Signature)
sentence writing passive voice of verbs
Sentence Writing: Passive Voice of Verbs(动词的被动语态)
  • 1.被动语态的一般用法
  • 下列情况下需要用被动语态:
  • (1)当不知道或不必知道动作的执行者时:
  • eg. Such stories are published for children.
  • He was given a chance to do this job again.
  • (2)当强调动作的承受者时:
  • eg. The mistakes have been corrected by the author himself.
  • The TV was turned on and everybody sat there, watching it.
  • (3)当不愿意说出动作的执行者时:
  • eg. I was beaten this morning.
  • 情态动词用于被动语态中,使谓语结构变得更为复杂,使用时要更加注意。
  • Eg. The term paper must be handed in before Friday.
  • The term paper cannot be handed in before Friday.
  • 3.被动语态与动词词组
  • 带宾语的动词词组可以由主动语态变成被动语态,转换中要把动词词组看成一个整体,不能分开。
  • Eg. We’ve never heard of such a thing before.
  • -Such a thing has never been heard of before.
  • 双宾动词作谓语,主动语台变为被动语态有如下几种情况:
    • 5.两个宾语都可以分别作被动语态的主语,但是如间接宾语作保留宾语,宾语前面一般要加介词to或for:
  • eg. We awarded himthis diploma.
  • -He was awarded this diploma.
  • 2)see, watch, notice, look at, hear, make, have, let等感官动词和使役动词后面的宾补如是不定式,在主动语态中不用to,但在被动语态中to则不能省。
  • Eg. George’s father saw them go out from the front gate.
  • -They were seen to go out from the front gate (by George’s father).
  • Analyze the following sentences to pick out the words that are used in the passive voice.
  • 1.The wallet was lost when I was on my way back home.
  • 2.It is necessary to practice as much as possible until they are fixed in my mind.
  • 3.Chinese characters are not written with an alphabet.
  • 4.Mr. and Mrs.Yang were surprised by what they had seen on the spot.
  • 5.He was awarded a Master’s Degree in Literature.
exercises in unit6
Exercises in Unit6
  • Translate the following certificate into English.
  • 全国计算机等级考试
  • 二级合格证书
  • 盛名
  • 参加1998年9月全国计算机等级考试(二级),成绩合格,特发此证。
  • 证书编号:200821007108
  • 身份证号:21111111111111
  • 颁发单位:教育部考试中心
2 correct the errors in the following sentences
2.Correct the errors in the following sentences.
  • 1.Great changes were taken place since he left the city.
  • 2.Shoplift has observed in that store in the past months.
  • 3.The greatest honor has been given the bravest.
  • 4.Every street in the city has searched for the lost girl.
  • 5.For Tony was bought a sweater for his 10th birthday.
  • 6.She has found to be beautiful inside though a little ugly in appearance.
  • 7.Whether to go on study abroad has been asked to him by several friends
  • 8.The program can not use since no one but the designer knows the password.
  • 9.The boy was made do the cleaning for the whole week.