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Large Enterprise with Multiple Locations PowerPoint Presentation
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Large Enterprise with Multiple Locations

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Large Enterprise with Multiple Locations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Large Enterprise with Multiple Locations . Source: Avaya. An Avaya S8100 Media Server, networked to an Avaya S8700 Media Server, could be implemented that executes Avaya MultiVantage Software locally, but accesses the centralized

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Presentation Transcript
An Avaya S8100 Media Server, networked to an Avaya S8700 Media Server, could be
  • implemented that executes Avaya MultiVantage Software locally, but accesses the centralized
  • communications applications, such as messaging, over the WAN. The Avaya S8100 Server is
  • integrated with the Avaya G600 Media Gateway to provide trunk access to the PSTN for local
  • calling.
Alternatively, the enterprise could install an Avaya G700 Media Gateway and utilize the system at
  • the main site to provide both Avaya MultiVantage Software capabilities and communications
  • applications over the WAN. In this case, the Avaya G700 Gateway could be equipped an Avaya
  • S8300 Server module with a Local Survivable Processor (LSP). In the event of a WAN link failure,
  • Headquarters system failure, or extreme congestion, the Avaya S8300 Server would immediately
  • activate and run Avaya MultiVantage Software locally to maintain the remote site functionality.
The Avaya ECLIPS distributed architecture can also be applied to a campus network for a mid to large
  • enterprise, as depicted in Figure 18. In this example, the enterprise has installed the S8700 Media
  • Server at one location on the campus and deployed Avaya G600 Media Gateways at other main buildings
  • on the campus. These modules are networked over the campus LAN. An Avaya G600 Media Gateway
  • could also be installed at a remote location that is not located on the campus. In this case, the remote
  • gateway is connected over the enterprise WAN. The enterprise could also deploy the Avaya G700
  • Media Gateway with survivability at the remote location.
Roaming users can communicate with this system in two ways. The AvayaTM EC500 Extension to
  • Cellular transparently bridges calls received at a user’s desktop phone to the user’s digital cellular phone.
  • In addition, call bridging allows a person to continue an Avaya EC500 cellular call at their desk, seamless
  • switching the call from the cell phone to the desktop set. The AvayaTM IP Softphone for Pocket PC
  • provides access to the office telephone features, similar to the Avaya IP Softphone on a PC/laptop. The
  • connectivity to the enterprise communications system is via the 802.11b wireless LAN. The Avaya PDA
  • Softphone for Pocket PC supports PDA devices using Windows Pocket PC 2000 and 2002.
A small to mid-sized enterprise with multiple locations can also take advantage of the networking
  • capabilities that Avaya ECLIPS offers. The Avaya S8300 Media Server, in combination with Avaya G700
  • Media Gateways at remote locations, can serve up to 450 users. As shown in Figure 19, the Avaya
  • S8300 Server at the main location is integrated with the Avaya G700 Media Gateway, which can provide
  • access to the PSTN and support for digital or analog devices. The gateways at the remote locations
  • would be connected to the S8300 Media Server over the enterprise WAN. Each of these remote Avaya
  • G700 Gateways could be equipped with the Local Survivable Processor (LSP) processors. This would
  • enable the remote system to continue to operate if the WAN were to fail or become extremely congested.
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