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Chapter 2 Social Work Values and Ethics

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Chapter 2 Social Work Values and Ethics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 2 Social Work Values and Ethics. Page 35 Values and Ethics. Values are concerned with what is good and desirable , while ethics deal with what is right and correct .

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Chapter 2

Social Work Values and Ethics

page 35 values and ethics
Page 35 Values and Ethics
  • Values are concerned with what is good and desirable, while ethics deal with what is right and correct.
  • Ethical Dilemma – situation where one must make a choice among two or more alternatives. A dilemma occurs when no one answer can conform to all the ethical principles involved.
  • to get listing of all SW code of ethics and descriptions.

Page 36, 37 The NASW Code of Ethics

  • Six core values:
  • Service – provide help, resources, etc. so that pple can reach maximum potential.
  • Social justice – equal rights and protection for all.
  • Dignity and worth of the person – appreciate individual value.
  • Importance of human r/t -valuing connections b/t s.w. and cl. to create working atmosphere.
  • Integrity – maintain trustworthiness.
  • 6. Competence – having skills & abilities to work w/ cl.

Pg 37-46 Ethical Standards

Social Workers’ Ethical Responsibilities to Clients

1. Self-Determination-cl. right to make own decision. Inform cl of resources, help define alternatives, and assist with evaluating consequences of each option.

2. Informed Consent – release of information

3. Conflicts of Interest – dual relationships

4. Privacy and Confidentiality – do not share cl. info w/out cl’s permission.

5. Access to Records – remain in locked areas.

6. Sexual Relationships – SW should not have sexual r/t w/ current or former clients.


Pg 46-48 Social Workers’ Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues

Respect-Social workers should treat colleagues with respect

Interdisciplinary Collaboration-Social workers who are members of an interdisciplinary team should participate in and contribute to decisions that affect the well-being of clients by drawing on the perspectives, values, and experiences of the social work profession.

Consultation-Social workers should seek the advice and counsel of colleagues whenever such consultation is in the best interests of clients

Referral for Services - Social workers should refer clients to other professionals when the other professionals' has specialized knowledge

Incompetence of Colleagues-Social workers who have direct knowledge of a social work colleague's incompetence should consult with that colleague when feasible and assist the colleague in taking remedial action

Unethical Conduct of Colleagues - Social workers should take adequate measures to discourage, prevent, expose, and correct the unethical conduct of colleagues


Pg 48-49 Social Workers’ Ethical Responsibilities to the Social Work Profession

Integrity of the Profession- high practice standards. Strive to maintain and enhance professional knowledge, values, and skills.

Evaluation and Research – monitor practice policies and interventions to assure effectiveness.


Pg 50 Social Workers’ Ethical Responsibilities to the Broader Society

Social Welfare – promote pple’s general welfare from local to global.

Social and Political Action – to ensure equal access to resources and opportunities. Support policies that enhance social justice for all. Work to prevent and eliminate conditions and policies discriminating or exploiting other people. Ex. DMMHA civil partnership


Pg. 52 International Social Welfare in a

Global Context

S.W. at the local level are involved internationally by working w/ refugees, etc.

S.W. @ national level, in many countries promotes economic and social justice policy.

Internationally – combating human rights violations