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Japan. Create presentation Matan Dayan. Emperor of japan. President of japan. Here are five facts about Japan. Japan consists entirely of threatening. Japan is home to approximately 130 million people. The Japanese call themselves Nahon source of the sun.

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Japan Create presentation Matan Dayan

    2. Emperor of japan

    3. President of japan

    4. Here are five facts about Japan Japan consists entirely of threatening Japan is home to approximately 130 million people The Japanese call themselves Nahon source of the sun Japan's capital Tokyo working people whose vocation is to cram people in subway cars Japan acquired about 1,500 earthquakes a year mostly weak

    5. Japans currency is jam

    6. Geography Japan is in East Asia It is in four main islands and small islands 3000 Japan is in region of the pacific ring of the fire Area character by name runs earthquakes Most of the mountainous country and there are many volcanoes The highest in Japan is Fuji or Most Fuji is a volcano covered with show all year Except for season is Japan have also accepted Monsoon season is theseason of very heavy rain in June July that we in Israel summer

    7. Japan national football team

    8. Dynasty emperors Japan is the only country in the world today is headed by the Japanese Emperor Emperor of Japan is believed descended from a line empire built before about 3000 years making it the world's oldest monarchy Triangle

    9. shogun In most of Japan's history the real power in the country was the shogun shogun was a military ruler who ruled most of Japan while the emperor of this period was also characterized by a status of warriors called samurai with Japanese oil Aimtzeo Western forms of government as government and military Following the changes undergone by Japan in the 19th it became a regional power in World War II Japan fought alongside Nazi Germany war was won when the United States dropped bombs Atomal Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945

    10. Today Japan rebuilt itself quickly after the war and developed a very distinctive industrial and economic until it became one of the richest countries in the world

    11. names The most common names in Japan are Shaw and Hirota And build is and Sakura The child begins his studies immediately after the age of six Apart from the usual subjects taught in school Japanese course India this writing method artistic and Japanese poetry haiku that school children are responsible for arranging and cleaning the yard and submitting meals in the dining room

    12. Leisure Gu interesting hobby is playing a traditional Japanese classes are popular and Judo as Beisbollachdorgl world children love to play computer games and watch Japanese anime cartoons

    13. Japanese cuisine The Japanese eat well known with sticks eating traditional Japanese eaten by low tables diners sit on mats on the floor dish popular Japanese world is sushi rice with fish and vegetables rolled in seaweed Japanese eat rice at night noon and morning some Mamclim Japanese weird little sea urchins raw fish octopus jellyfish and even Lweitnim pizza are common additions Beyond corn And algae fertilizations very expensive in Japan watermelon one can get a price of 400 shekels favorite drinks on the Japanese alcoholic beverage sake is produced from rice and green tea is considered very healthy

    14. Culture Most influenced the culture of Japan is China and Korea are brought to Japan the reporter rice culture and traditional

    15. leisure Aiknva as Hayknva it origami flower arrangement is an art of paper folding and the Art of Kabuki is a traditional theater where only men games