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D a v e H e i n e m a n

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  1. Dave Heineman Governor of Nebraska By Tulsi Shrivastava

  2. Personal History/ Early life Date and Place of Birth -May 12, 1948 -Born in Falls City, Nebraska Childhood 12 and under -Fairbury, McCook, Benkelman -eventually took up residence in Wahoo, Nebraska

  3. Personal History/ Early life …continued Education -Wahoo high school -West Point -bachelors’ degree 1970 -finished U.S. Army Airborne and Ranger schools Marriage -wedded Sally Ganem- a retired principal and elementary school teacher -1 son named Sam -Jessica

  4. Political life 5 years to army advanced to position of captain Nebraska Republican Party-1979 statewide post in 1994 lt. governor in 2002 Held many other state positions sworn-in Friday Jan. 21, 2005 first full-term -2006 Governor Heineman getting sworn-in.

  5. Contribution severe storms *two-day period Heineman organized nationwide support and care

  6. Contribution secured trade Cuba Taiwan 1st international trade office aboard st Taiwan’s flag Cuba’s flag

  7. Lasting Importance I believe what governor Heineman did as an amazing governor of Nebraska made him a Nebraskan idol. Dave associated long and hard with the Nebraska Legislature. When Nebraska’s economic state had began to drop, Heineman gave immense amounts of tax comfort to every corner of the state, changing many people’s lives. Also, Dave and his excellent suggestions and views made significant changes. Many people have been inspired by his views on how to rebuild Nebraska’s poor financial position. These type of strong, detailed, and motivational changes haven’t been made since the late 1900’s. I believe Governor Heineman and his assistance to the Nebraskans will be remembered through out Nebraska and the entire nation forever.

  8. My Works Cited This is where I got my information from: Still want to learn more? Then check out this Photo-story I made for you. …on the next slide

  9. My photo-story BYE, BYE!