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Mustee Durabase Shower Floor. SMC Fiberglass. E. L. Mustee & Sons, Inc. 5431 W 164 th Street Brook Park, OH 44142 Phone: 216-267-3100 Fax: 216-267-9997 Email: [email protected] Website: Mustee Durabase Shower Floor SMC Fiberglass. Material & Characteristics

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Durabase Shower Floor

SMC Fiberglass

E. L. Mustee & Sons, Inc.

5431 W 164th Street

Brook Park, OH 44142

Phone: 216-267-3100

Fax: 216-267-9997

Email: [email protected]


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Mustee Durabase Shower Floor

SMC Fiberglass

Material & Characteristics

Sheet molded compound (SMC) is a thermoset material consisting of binding resins, crushed stone, colorants and fiberglass reinforced fibers. SMC requires heat and pressure to form into shape. The internal glass fibers give thermoset SMC it’s structural strength and the finished product is extremely stable at high or low temperatures. The color is molded throughout the part and the hard surface has a high impact tolerance. The SMC is chemical and stain resistant as tested to ANSI-Z124.1.2 standards with a classification of Type I (its highest rating). SMC flows throughout the mold cavity during the molding process allowing structural ribs, molded-in drains and slip resistant floor patterns to be incorporated as an integral part of the product. The thickness of the part can be accurately controlled.

Production Process

The matched metal mold is mounted in a hydraulic press, capable of generating in excess of 1,000 tons of pressure. The SMC compound is placed between both halves of a highly polished, chrome plated, tool steel mold. The mold is heated and closed applying pressure for a pre-determined period of time. The mold is decompressed and the molded casting removed. The heat and pressure molecularly fuse the compound to create the finish product.

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Durabase Shower Floor

  • Molded Fiberglass

  • Integrally Molded Drain with Seal for connection to 2” Sch. #40 ABS, PVC or iron DWV pipe

  • Drain seal manufactured by E. L. Mustee & Sons, Inc.

  • Removable Strainer

  • Front threshold has a 2.5° reverse taper

  • 3/8” deep by 1 ¼ wide recesses are on either side of the threshold to retain water into shower floor

  • The shower floor has a 1 to 2° taper to the drain

  • Available in White, Bone and Biscuit

  • Can be Installed with Tile or Synthetic Wall

  • Companion DURAWALL® Shower Wall

  • Semi-Gloss Surface

  • Resistant to Mold and Mildew

  • Easy To Clean

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Durabase Shower Floor

Sunburst Slip Resistant Design

Mustee’s Sunburst pattern is a registered and proven slip resistance design. The sides of the pedal are tapered for easy cleaning. The pedals themselves all point towards the center of the shower floor directing the water in an unrestricted flow to the drain. The majority of the floor surface is flat for easy cleaning.

Front Threshold

The Durabase Shower Floor threshold has been modified with a reverse tapper of 2.5 +.25 degrees, angling it into the shower floor. The reference for proper draining was the Uniform Plumbing Code – IAPMO/ANSI UPC 1-2009 Section 411.6 which states that the finished floor of the receptor shall slope uniformly from the sides toward the drain not less than one-quarter (1/4) inch per foot (1°)nor more than one-half (1/2) inch per foot (2°). Therefore the 2.5° tapper on the revised threshold (2 ½” wide) is more than adequate to direct the flow of water.

Meet or Exceed Codes:

American National Standards Institute ANSI Z124.1.2

IAPMO® Listed - US

American Society of Testing and Material D635, E84 & E162

Warnock Hersey Listed - Canada