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Professor Steve Thornton, Dean

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Professor Steve Thornton, Dean - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Institute renamed. Medical School staff meeting, Thursday June 27 2013. Professor Steve Thornton, Dean. Open Days. 92% were likely to apply after attending. Compared to just 67 % before attending . Comments:

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Institute renamed

Medical School staff meeting, Thursday June 27 2013

Professor Steve Thornton, Dean

open days
Open Days
  • 92% were likely to apply after attending. Compared to just 67% beforeattending.


  • “The students were very optimistic about the university and the course was very appealing. The students were incredibly helpful and informative in their views.”
  • “I wasn't sure about the PBL course type before and thought a systems based course would be the one for me, but I've now realised how key PBL is in developing skills like self directed study/teamwork you'll use as a doctor”
welcome new starters
Welcome new starters
  • Andrew Balfour, Research Technician
  • Abi Scott, Research Coordinator
  • Shanker Venkatasubramanian, Research Coordinator
  • Dr Charles McGilligan, Associate Research Fellow
  • Dr Wiebke Schmidt, Associate Research Fellow
  • Heather Ohly, Associate Research Fellow
  • Nick Caddick, Research Co-ordinator
  • Suzanne Kay, Research Technician
  • Dr Ben Amos, Research Coordinator
research successes
Research successes
  • Dr Jackie Whatmore: £210K from FORCE for ‘Responses of the endothelium to tumour secreted pro-metatastic signals’.
  • Dr David Llewellyn: £250K from Mary Kinross Charitable Trust for ‘Vascular aspects of cognitive impairment and dementia’.
  • Prof Katrina Wyatt: £160K from Kent County Council (for NHS Medway) for ‘Implementing C2 Connecting Communities 7 step model in two communities in Kent’.
research successes1
Research successes
  • Prof David Melzer and Dr Lorna Harries: £130k from Velux Foundation for ‘Genetic Biomarkers of human ageing: relationship to outcomes’.
  • Prof Andy Randall: £170k from Royal Society Industrial Fellowship Project for ‘In vivo, cell-level imaging of network dynamics and pathology in murine models for neurodegenerative disease’.
  • Professor Andy Randall: £120K from Eli Lilly to support two CASE type studentships.
  • Dr William Gaze: CASE studentships from BBSRC (with AstraZeneca worth £100k) and from NERC(with Aquatic Water Services, worth £60K).
Dr Nicky Saulsbury

Associate Clinical Dean

athena swan
Athena SWAN

Committed to 88 action points across 9 areas:

  • Gathering and assessing data
  • Supporting undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Providing support around key career transition points
  • Ensuring fairness, transparency and competence around staff appointments
  • Supporting staff career development opportunities
  • Ensuring a fair and open departmental organisation and culture
  • Maternity/Adoption/Paternity/Carer and Flexible working opportunities
  • Ensuring gender balance in outreach activities
  • Good communication channels, opportunities to share / adopt best practice.
Chris Lindsay

College Manager

the shape of uems
The shape of UEMS


Truro and Tremough/Penryn

Environment and Human Health Research

Clinical Education




Clinical Education


Clinical Education

Clinical Research

the shape of uems1
The shape of UEMS


St Luke’s Campus

– the Medical School Building, College House and South Cloisters

UG and PG Education

Health Services and Biomedical Research


Streatham Campus – the Hatherly Building and Living Systems

Biomedical Research


RD&E and the RILD facility

Clinical Research

Clinical Education


finance and planning
Finance and planning
  • PRG process completed
  • Baseline targets agreed for 2013/14 through to 2017/18
  • College committed to moving towards a positive contribution
  • This will be driven by income generation and more efficient working
  • New UG and PGT programmes
  • Expanding BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences
medical imaging
Medical Imaging
  • Agreed project management structure
  • Project Board chaired jointly by the UEMS and CEMPS Deans
  • Project Implementation Group – College Managers, Project Manager
  • Staff and students in Medical Imaging informed
  • UEMS staff informed via News in Brief
  • Working on a vision and governance structure for MI within UEMS
  • Working with University to identify suitable St Luke’s space and capital
university professional services review
University Professional Services Review
  • University has launched a major review of its Professional Services
  • Focus on interface between Colleges and central PS teams
  • Initial consultation event held on 10 June 2013
  • Now seeking feedback from Colleges and central services
  • College Manager meeting with admin Staff in Exeter and Truro in July
  • ACMs and Business Partners consulting with their teams

The Emerging Environment


International & national drivers

Exeter’s vision for excellence

  • Austerity: significant cuts to BIS & HEFCE budget anticipated
  • Research concentration
  • Distinction and global brand: thematic research Q’s, Cornwall ‘offer’, a great place to study/work
  • Internationalisation
  • New ways of working, efficiencies & regulation
  • Continuing to be a market leader for the student experience
  • Supporting our academic colleagues (and supporting the academic voice)
  • Multidisciplinary themes (T&R)
  • Balancing STEMM vs. HASS
  • Partnership with GW4
  • Cornwall campuses success
  • Staff environment, inclusion and wellbeing

A top 10 University

£100m Research income by 2017

20,000 UG (home) by 2017/18

professional services review
Professional Services Review

1. The PS review is about creating a Professional services team that can work effectively with academic colleagues to meet our future challenges.

2. We are in a planning phase – nothing will happen until we are clear about what we need to do.

3. This change is about our future and we will all be asked to play a part

professional services review1
Professional Services Review
  • What Questions do you have?
  • What Opportunities for Change Do You See?
  • What Excites or Worries You about the Review?
Professor Angela Shore

Vice-Dean Research