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RTI Technologies, Inc.

RTI Technologies, Inc. Global Leader in Automotive Maintenance Equipment . (USA Presentation Only). Company Background. Automotive Aftermarket Division of global organization (AGRAMKOW) dedicated to automotive fluid handling expertise

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RTI Technologies, Inc.

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  1. RTI Technologies, Inc. Global Leader in Automotive Maintenance Equipment (USA Presentation Only)

  2. Company Background • Automotive Aftermarket Division of global organization (AGRAMKOW) dedicated to automotive fluid handling expertise • For decades RTI’s sister division has been supplying the world’s most advanced automotive assembly plants with fluid filling equipment • Based in York, PA, RTI has been providing North America with service equipment since 1989.

  3. RTI Technologies IncYork, USA – R&D, Manufacturing, Sales/Service AGRAMKOW Head Quarters DK – R&D, Manufacturing, Sales/Service AGRAMKOWUK - Sales/Service AGRAMKOWShanghai - Sales/Service AGRAMKOW Manila - Service AGRAMKOW Latin America - Sales/Service AGRAMKOW Delhi - Service AGRAMKOWAsia Pacific - Sales/Service Around the globe

  4. Agramkow – OEM Assembly • On-line filling equipment (Combi Audi Ingolstadt) • Automatic Arm (Coolant Power Steering Windshield Washer AUDI Ingolstadt) • On-line Brake (HONDA Swindon Audi Neckarsulm) • Vertical Arm • Mobile Air-con with recovery (Daimler Chrysler Bremen) • Fuel Filling Equipment

  5. RTI – One Source for Maintenance Equipment • A/C Service Equipment • Brake Flush Equipment • Coolant Exchange Equipment • Differential Fluid Exchanger • Transmission Fluid Exchange Equipment • Exhaust Ventilation • Power Steering Fluid Exchanger • Nitrogen Tire Filling • and more coming soon…

  6. RHS®980 Digital A/C Refrigerant Handling System • The most productive A/C service system in the industry - fastest operation cycle times of any J2788 equipment! • 2 Year Warranty • Always considered the leader in performance and reliability! • Choice of the world’s largest service chains • More features and advanced technology • User friendly – automatic operation • TechALERT® Compatible - expands your productivity • Simplified service design – 48 hour service turnaround! • KWIK-CHANGE manifold swap-out program • SAE J2788 certified – increased service accuracy • Rugged construction • High quality major components

  7. RTI’s exclusive patent-pending wireless communication tool • Sends a wireless signal to a remote carried by a technician • Provides operation and completion status with visual, audible and vibration alerts • Increases shop productivity by increasing value-added effort • One Tech can monitor up to (4) RTI machines at once • Several Tech’s can synchronize to the same machine simultaneously

  8. Nitrogen Tire Filling Systems • All RTI NitroPRO models generates nitrogen on demand and stores it on-board for quick nitrogen tire service. • The exclusive RTI tire deflation and vacuum system increases speed and ensures higher nitrogen purity in tires. • A purity tester quickly checks nitrogen purity. • NitroPRO systems provide your customers with better tire pressure, increased safety, superior handling, improved fuel economy and longer tire life! • Several NitroPRO systems available – both mobile and stationary

  9. ATX Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchangers • Fully Automatic Operation – Press fluid amount you wish to exchange and walk away • Digital weight scale technology • Multi-Fluid Capability – Easily change fluid types. Separate drain hose eliminates contamination of fluid • Large fill pump provides new fluid quickly • Fluid Flow Indication - Automatically indicates if you are hooked up to the vehicle correctly • Large pneumatic wheels for ease of movement • Vehicle Protection - Special by-pass circuit protects transmission in the event of power outage • Color-coded, quick connect adapters makes vehicle hook-up quick and easy • “Old vs New” fluid sight glasses impresses customers and helps sell your service

  10. BFX-2 Brake Flush System • The new standard for brake flush service - fast, simple, and profitable! • Hook up is easy with universal adapters and vehicle reference quick guide • Effectively removes old brake fluid and automatically replaces it with clean, new fluid in just minutes • The sequential bleeding process isolates one bleeder at a time, provides optimum purity and performs OEM recommended methods • A special pressure/vacuum (push/pull) process flushes the entire system and provides the highest quality service

  11. MCX Multi-Coolant Exchangers • One machine for all anti-freeze types • Quick, clean changeover between traditional green coolant to Dex-Cool or others • Easy Operation and hook-up with universal step adapters and quick couplers • Extra pumping power for 1-3 minute average coolant exchange! • “Engine off” operation and reverse flow for very high percentage exchange. Over 90% in a single pass to capacity! • Exchanges coolant from the entire system. It does the job right. You sell more coolant! • System pressure test and “Hot car” radiator cap pressure relief (MCX-2)

  12. Vacuum Coolant Exchangers • Vacuums coolant from the radiator and power charges new coolant back! • Simply remove the vehicle radiator cap, insert vacuum cone, and go • Large tires and casters for stability and easy mobility • Special large volume coolant cylinders allow service of cars and trucks • Eliminates any worries associated with disconnecting radiator hoses • Process provides customers with impressive visual image • Two models available

  13. DCS-1 Diesel Cleaning System • Portability – lightweight, compact, has integrated handle for convenient carrying • Easy and fast to fill - large opening with sealable cap, cabinet integrates molded-in feet— keeps unit upright during fill • Fill level – translucent reservoir provides visual fluid level check • Simple operation – cleaner is gravity/pressure fed into diesel fuel system • Shop air control – air pressure regulator and gauge provide precise air pressure control • Quick disconnect fittings – provided at all air and fluid connections • Timer – provides visual and audible alerts when service is complete or when fluid is low

  14. PSX-2 Power Steering FluidExchanger • Multi-Fluid Capability • Quick and Profitable complete service time 10-15 min. average • Provides profession, thorough exchange with fast, accurate, dual pump operation • Easy service assess – Direct interface with power steering fluid reservoir • Easy Mobility – 4 Heavy Duty Casters • Simple Operation – Just flip a switch and begin exchanging fluid • Clear Two-Channel Hose Provides New vs. Used Fluid Visual • Clean Operation – Hose end caps prevent fluid spill

  15. DFX-1 Differential FluidExchanger • Quick and Profitable, Complete Service Time 10-15 Minutes Average • Powerful Pump (120 Volt) Moves Heavy Gear Oil • Provides Professional, Thorough Exchange of Fluid • Easy Service Access - Direct Interface With Differential • Easy Mobility - 4 Heavy Duty Casters • Simple Operation - Just Flip A Switch and Begin Drain or Fill • Convenient Shelf And Small Footprint - Saves Valuable Shop Space • Clean Operation - Valved Hose Ends Prevent Fluid Spill • Provides a Needed Profitable Service!

  16. EV-1 Exhaust Ventilation Unit • Portable and practical for use in any shop • Provides safer and healthier work environment • Powerful motor (.75 HP) allows thorough ventilation • Corrosion resistant fan • 110 volt electrical • Heat resistant hose • Spring loaded column for easy height adjustment • Durable locking casters

  17. FHS100 Multi-Fluid Handling Unit • Oil Extraction Tube for dipstick tube extraction • Oil Brake Fluid Bleeder for Brake Bleeding • General Purpose Tube with Shut-off Valve and semi-rigid Flex end • Rigid Tube attachment for filling of front or rear differentials, transmissions, transfer cases or pumps • Various attachments are interchangeable using a single-handed operating coupler on top of the unit • Unique feature allows choice of either filling or removing fluids; the change of operation is simple with a quick turn of the control knob

  18. RTI Accessories • RTI offers a full line of accessories (A/C, Transmission, Coolant, Brake, Engine Oil, etc.) • Accessories: Identifiers, Leak Detectors, Consumables, Adapters and more!

  19. RTI Service • Seasoned, well-trained and dedicated service support staff • Continuous monitoring of requests for assistance using state of the art customer management systems • Mon-Fri (8 am – 5 pm Eastern Time) • Saturdays (8 am – 12 pm Eastern Time) • Over 200 service providers • Lifetime Toll-Free Technical Support • Assessment of needs… • Parts can be sent out to maintain “up-time” in the bay • Service provider can be dispatched

  20. RTI stands behind every unit… • The best warranty in the business • Quality is our key focus; top quality components for every unit • Every unit is run-tested • Dedicated service department • All units are logged into central customer database

  21. “No Lemon” Guarantee • If an RTI service center is dispatched a third time for the same problem and is unable to successfully make repairs, RTI will replace the product with a new product of the same type, free of charge. This coverage is honored for two years from date of original product purchase.  • An RTI Service Center or RTI Representative must witness symptom(s) of product malfunction. This guarantee covers only warrantable issues, not those from misuse, abuse or improper operation.

  22. RTI Factory Support • Full access, open door to RTI staff • Full company directory phone/e-mail • Full coverage field representation • Toll Free 800-468-2321 ext. 256 Sales Line, ext. 259 Technical Support Line • Web-site product information/support • Banners for every service helps your customers sell their services

  23. Partner Goals • Supply the most productive equipment • Supply the most reliable equipment • Insure attractive pricing • Deliver equipment when needed • Provide free set-up & training as needed • Continuously support distributors, repair facilities, technicians and equipment • Insure overall satisfaction and productivity • One source for multiple types of maintenance service equipment • One source for efficiency, dependability, productivity, accountability, support and partnership

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