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  1. Did you all enjoy the holiday? Hi, everybody! What are you guys up to? GOOD AFTERNOON, EVERYONE! I am on the way to MSU to attend Ajarn Lert’s class.

  2. Hey, Spider, please wait for me. Hurry up!We’re gonna be late for the class. Please wait for me!

  3. We still have lots of time.It’s only 8 o’clock! Eight o’clock? It’s already nine. What kind of watch do you have?

  4. You’re right. It’s nine, not eight. Hurry up! Speed up! You are strong, I know. Hey, do you know what it’s gonna be about today?

  5. Ajarn said he would talk about two important topics. One is Sentence Fragments and the other is Run-on Sentences.

  6. I didn’t study at all. I was too tired from Ratchaphruek Games on Sunday. Please tell me what fragments are! Oh, I remember now. Did you study the lessons last night? I promise to sing you a song in return.

  7. Okay! Listen carefully. A sentence fragment is a phrase or a clause that is not a complete sentence. It is a serious error, especially in writing. Study the examples in your book.

  8. Such fragments include: Prepositional phrases Appositives Verbal phrases Compound verbs Adjective clauses Adverbial clauses

  9. Prepositional phrases: A prepositional phrase begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or a pronoun:

  10. Here are some examples: In the morning Under the table On the way home At the party Near my house Above his head

  11. More examples: Under the bridge Before lunch time Beside the bike rack On Monday Beneath the tree

  12. Appositives: Appositives are noun phrases that identify, explain, or restate other nouns in sentences.

  13. Appositives: Udorn, a big province in Isan Alex, my best friend Rojanakorn, MSU’s emblem Suwanee, a famous author Pink, my favorite color Stian, my English teacher

  14. Here are some examples: My sister’s favorite drink. His next-door neighbors. A TV commercial star. A form of Isan blank verses. The host of the next Olympiad. A popular alcoholic beverage.

  15. Verbal Phrases: Verbal phrases include participial, gerundive, and infinitive phrases, which contain verb forms that are not part of the main verb of a sentence.

  16. Some examples are: Staying up late every night Telling her how he feels Waiting for someone like you Attending a conference Built over ten years ago Disappointed with her GPA

  17. Here are some examples: Watching a movie on TV. Drawing up contracts. To succeed in business. Satisfied with the outcome. Built a thousand years ago.

  18. Compound Verbs: A compound verb consists of two verbs joined together by a connecting word:

  19. Some examples are: Tripped and stumbled Fail but continue Accept or reject

  20. Adjective clauses: An adjective clause is a part of a sentence. Usually, it is introduced by a connecting word: who was unpunctual which was broken that was clearly noticed.

  21. Here are more examples: Which I dislike That nobody could tell Who was dishonest Where my uncle lives Why she did that Whom we saw at the party

  22. Adverbial Clauses: An adverbial clause usually begins with a connecting word like because, if, when, or although:

  23. Study these examples: because I want to if you say so when the lights went out although it rained hard

  24. More examples are: Because I love you When the lights went out If you had seen him earlier Although it rained cats and dogs Whenever she comes Since the semester started

  25. Now it’s time to work on some exercises. Please refer to Unit 3 in your book.

  26. Spider, could you please talk about Run-on Sentences! It sounds funny to me.

  27. Well, a run-on sentence is a sentence that runs on into another sentence. It is a sentence that doesn’t end when it should.

  28. My name is Noy, I come from Udorn, I like somtam. Sri stopped talking, she hugged me, she cried out with joy. Here are some examples of run-on sentences.

  29. Thanks a lot Phumjai. Now I know everything, so I’m going shopping instead. Say Hello to Ajarn for me! Bye!