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Good Morning / Afternoon

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Good Morning / Afternoon. Welcome to MAY!!! FYI- There are only 7 more “A” Days 8 days of class before finals. Quote of the Day # 12. “ The real meaning of enlightenment is to gaze with undimmed eyes on all darknesses . ” -Kazantzakis. May 4 th. Outcomes

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good morning afternoon

Good Morning / Afternoon

Welcome to MAY!!!

FYI- There are only 7 more “A” Days

8days of class before finals.

quote of the day 12
Quote of the Day #12

“The real meaning of enlightenment is to gaze with undimmed eyes on all darknesses.”


may 4 th
May 4th


Students will begin to explore the enlightenment

Students will continue to study how the enlightenment changed society.

To Do List

Pass back papers

Movie Clip-Amazing Grace

5 points / influences from the enlightenment


“Listening to the Past” Voltaire

Finish up notes- if there is time.

Be ready for a quiz


This WEEK:

Tuesday: JV Track @ Newton

Soccer vs South ( Makeup)

Baseball vs East @ West Urban

Wednesday:Class Elections- Sophs

Diving @ East

“C” Soccer vs Northwest

Thursday:Swimming @ East ?????

Regional Tennis

Friday: 2:20 Dismissal- All School Rosary

Soccer @ St. Thomas Aquinas (KC)

Track @ Derby

JV / C Baseball @ Trinity

Saturday: Soccer @ Notre Dame de Sion (KC, MO)

Seniors going into their last week- STAY OUT OF THE WAY!

enlightenment writers quick review think of the impact
Enlightenment WritersQuick Review- think of the impact
  • Bernard de Fontelle *
    • Spread ideas of Enlightenment, very skeptical
  • Pierre Bayle
    • Humanity’s best hope open minded tolerance
    • Truth and Morality are relative at best
  • John Locke
    • Human mind is blank, influenced by society
review questions
Review Questions
  • Philosophes-

A French Word- what does that tell us about the enlightenment

Philosophers who challenged everything- meaning of life, God,

Human nature, good and evil, and cause and effect.

They were social elites who sought to influence other social

Elites- who were referred to as the “public”

influential philsophes not all of these are in your book
Influential PhilsophesNot all of these are in your book
  • Jean le Rond d’ Alembert (1717-1783)
    • Difference between “truly enlightened” & “noisy multitude
    • Common people were doomed to superstition & confusion
  • Baron de Montesquieu (1689-1755)
    • Satirical writer-wrote when it was illegal to challenge the govt
    • The Persian Letters- challenged European Institutions
    • The Spirit of Laws- dismayed by absolutism-it was tyrannical
      • Focused on a division of power shared by classes- NOT for everyone
  • Francois Marie Arouet- (Voltaire) 1694-1778
review questions voltaire
Review Questions(Voltaire)
  • Who was he?
    • Raised in a middle class home
    • Educated, very intelligent, witty, even sarcastic
    • Sharp wit got him into trouble multiple times
      • Challenged injustice and unequal treatment-among nobles
    • Satirical writer who challenged Catholic Church, Christian theology, religious intolerance.
    • Was a deist- believed God created ALL, then stepped away- influenced many of the enlightenment

How does this fit with the rest of the Enlightenment thinking?

listening to the past
Listening to the Past
  • Let’s quickly reread this again

Not so sure that everyone got it.

  • Let’s look at another Voltaire article
    • Pg 518 The Attack of Religious Intolerance
influential philsophes not all of these are in your book1
Influential PhilsophesNot all of these are in your book
  • Denis Diderot (1713-1784)-French Philosopher / Critic
    • Author of several texts- Letter to the Blind (1748) dual meanin
      • Encyclopedie (1751) 28 volumes—collected knowledge of the day
        • Knowledge was power- therefore, everyone had access to this.
        • Radical concept of the day- EVERYONE learning,

reading, challenging the world around them.

        • Arm the masses to change the world.
    • Critic of French Aristocracy & the Church
      • Christianity was seen as fanatical & unreasonable
      • Need for French Society/Christians to be more

Humane, more tolerant, more reasonable

influence of the enlightenment due friday
Influence of the EnlightenmentDue Friday
  • Find a Current Event on
  • Religious intolerance
  • Challenges to Christian theology
  • Moral Relativism
  • The Public- the noisy common multitude
  • The elite- as having the answers for society
current events
Current Events
  • Please pass your current event to the person behind you.
  • Read their current event and respond to the following questions/statements.
    • Identify the main idea in this article.
    • Identify and list the statements that support the main idea.
    • State in your own words the concept from the enlightenment that is being conveyed.
    • Based on this article, predict the influence that is could have for the future.
    • How does this relate to you/your experiences?
quote of the day 11
Quote of the Day #11

“It is difficult, if not impossible, for most people to think otherwise than in the fashion of their own period.”

--George Bernard Shaw

the later enlightenment a challenge and a change
The later EnlightenmentA Challenge and a Change
  • After 1770 the enlightenment changed and thinkers went beyond the original scope of questioning.
  • Baron Paul d’ Holbach (German 1723-1789)
    • Argued human beings are machines influenced by outside forces. (Free Will, God, Immortality of soul were myths)
  • David Hume (Scottish 1711-1776)
    • Human mind is really nothing but a bundle of expressions
    • Impressions can only be understood through sense experience. Reason cant be understood without proof
enlightenment extremes
Enlightenment Extremes
  • Marie Jean Caritat (1743-1794)
    • Progress of the Human Mind, Man is slowly progressing towards perfection
  • Jean Jacques Rousseau (Swiss-French1712-1778)
    • Believed in individual freedom- protect from society
    • The Social Contract- general will – pop sovereignty
      • The General Will- sacred-absolute- common good of all
      • Popular sovereignty- ability to majority to decide
      • Limited freedom- to ensure order and stability
influence of the enlightenment on urban culture and public opinion
Influence of the Enlightenment on Urban Culture and Public Opinion
  • There was an explosion in the number of books
    • Upper Class, the clergy, and the Aristocracy
    • Decline in religious and devotional texts
  • France’s censorship created a black market
    • Black market was referred to as “under the cloak”
    • Published in eastern countries- Politics & Law
    • New form of publications- scandalous/pornographic
      • Alleged that french women were seducing public officials
  • Reading Revolution
    • Reading before had be of sacred texts, slow, loud, public
    • Reading now was individual, silent, and rapid.
    • People could not read enough- wanted independent presses
      • Wealthy women created salons- to entertain, learn, share info
political cartoon 20 pts
Political Cartoon- 20 pts
  • Choose a philosophe
  • Choose an idea concept from them
  • Create a visual (political cartoon) them illustrates that idea
    • Put effort into the art- NOT Solely grade
    • Is there back ground information- visuals
    • Can we identify the main character / idea
    • Can we tell its an enlightenment concept
  • Be ready for a quiz- know books / people
  • Please read
    • The Enlightenment and Absolutism
    • Pages 578- 585
    • Answer the questions on the worksheet
  • Political Cartoon- related to the Philosophes
    • If you are NOT working, these assignments will be due at the end of the Block