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Using Campus Pipeline

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Using Campus Pipeline - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Campus Pipeline. An Introduction. Initial Topics of Discussion. Accessing Campus Pipeline Logging in to Pipeline Initial Password Change The Pipeline Interface Getting Help in Pipeline Working with Email in Pipeline. Accessing Campus Pipeline.

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Using Campus Pipeline

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using campus pipeline

Using Campus Pipeline

An Introduction

initial topics of discussion
Initial Topics of Discussion
  • Accessing Campus Pipeline
  • Logging in to Pipeline
  • Initial Password Change
  • The Pipeline Interface
  • Getting Help in Pipeline
  • Working with Email in Pipeline
accessing campus pipeline
Accessing Campus Pipeline
  • Open your web browser and enter the following address:
  • You can also go to the RSCC homepage, select Faculty & Staff, then select Campus Pipeline.
  • This will take you to the login screen of Campus Pipeline.
login screen information
Login Screen Information
  • Username
    • The username is your first initial + your last name and may have a number appended to the end if there’s more than one jdoe. Ex. Jdoe1
  • Password
    • Your initial password will be your birthdate in the format YYYYMM. There will be some exceptions to this. You may need to call the help desk at 4357 if this format doesn’t work.
login screen information1
Login Screen Information
  • Username Lookup
    • If you don’t know your username you can click on the “Don’t Know Your Username or Password” link and follow the instructions to find out what it is.
    • You will have to put in your SSN to get your username.
login screen information2
Login Screen Information
  • America Online Users
    • If you are using AOL it access the internet you will want to click on the “Information for AOL Users” link on the login page to learn how to connect to Pipeline using AOL
logging into pipeline
Logging Into Pipeline
  • At the Campus Pipeline Login Screen
    • Enter your Username
    • Enter your Password
    • Click OK
    • If this is your first time logging into Pipeline, you will be forced to change your password
first login to campus pipeline
First Login to Campus Pipeline
  • Once you’re logged in you can click the “Let’s Begin” button.
  • After that you will be presented with a survey form. If you don’t want to take the survey you can scroll to the bottom of the form and click the “I Do Not Accept” button.
the pipeline interface my pipeline tab
The Pipeline Interface“My Pipeline” Tab
  • From this page you can access:
    • On Campus sites and resources
    • Personal (Targeted) announcements
    • Campus Announcements
    • View the Campus Calendar
the school services tab
The School Services Tab
  • From this Page you can access Web for Students and Faculty.
the campus life tab
The Campus Life Tab
  • From this page you can view:
    • Events as posted
    • Organization information as posted
    • Student activities
getting help in pipeline
Getting Help in Pipeline
  • Intuitive Online Help in Pipeline
    • From almost any location in Pipeline you can get clear and concise help by clicking on the Help button.
      • Help button on the main interface page.
      • Help button on the Email interface page.
      • Help button on the Calendar interface page.
    • The online help gives step by step instructions for many of the features in Campus Pipeline.
working with e mail in pipeline
Working with E-Mail in Pipeline
  • This section will discuss:
    • Sending and Receiving E-mail in Pipeline
    • Emailing your class in Pipeline
checking email in pipeline
To check your E-Mail in Campus Pipeline, all you have to do is login and click on the Mail icon near the top of the window and to the right of the various tabs.Checking Email in Pipeline
sending e mail
Sending email in Pipeline is simple.

Click Compose and fill in the address info.

Type your message and click the Send button

Sending E-Mail
  • Remember…..
    • Intuitive online help is available if you need it.
    • Just click on the help button and the answers you’re looking for are easy to find.
e mailing your class
E-Mailing Your Class
  • E-Mailing your class in pipeline is similar to composing an email but differs in how you get to the compose function.
    • The following slides will step you through sending a message to your class.
    • Remember, if you need assistance, help is available via the help button. It has help directly related to sending an email to your class.
e mailing the class 1
Login and click the School Services tab.

Select a Term

This will display all the courses that you’re teaching and if you’re also a student at RSCC you’ll be able to see the classes you’re taking.

E-Mailing the Class #1
emailing the class 2
To send and e-mail to a particular class:

Click on that class and you will presented with the graphic in the next slide.

Emailing the Class #2
e mailing the class 3
E-Mailing the Class #3
  • Using the Course Tools:
    • Click on E-mail Class
    • The lower portion of this screen will fill in with the interface needed to choose your students.
e mailing the class 4
E-Mailing the Class #4
  • From this screen you can choose individual, random, or all of your students that you want to receive the email.
  • When you’re ready to compose the message just click the Compose button.
e mailing the class 5
E-Mailing the Class #5
  • You are now ready to compose and send your class an email.
  • Notice that there aren’t any names in the To: field.
    • This is normal
    • Read the Note on this screen for other info.
    • Remember the Help.
campus pipeline

Campus Pipeline

Good Luck & Enjoy