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General Directions for Using this Template PowerPoint Presentation
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General Directions for Using this Template

General Directions for Using this Template

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General Directions for Using this Template

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  1. General Directions for Using this Template This template has been designed to provide you a rough outline to prepare a top-notch presentation. It is consistent with the “Speaker’s Guide to Power Point” by Todd Grimm included in your speaker packet. Please keep the following in mind when using this document. • Print this slide for reference and then delete it from your file. • The number of slides represents general ideas to cover. Please insert slides as needed for your presentation. • Please type over the general titles and bullet points with your information. • Please limit the use of your company logo to the first and last slide as indicated in this document. • Although there is a “questions” slide at the end, please integrate audience engagement throughout your presentation. • If you will be submitting a presentation rather than paper for the proceedings, please use the notes section for each slide to provide additional information. This should explain what is on the slide and keep your slide simple and consistent with good presentation guidelines. These notes will be included in the pdf of your presentation for the proceedings. • Before sending to SME, save your file as the speaker’s last name. Do not include any hyphens, periods, or space in the file name. EXAMPLE: johnson.ppt

  2. INDUSTRY TRENDS & DEVLEOPMENTS Enter name of community Speaker name, company

  3. Name of your community • Community mission statement • List the tech groups in your community to provide the audience with a better idea of the areas you will include

  4. Overview/Introduction • Provide 3 to 4 points that you will cover during your presentation—summary only

  5. Key Technologies/Innovations • Highlight any new products available or in development that will impact manufacturing in your technology area

  6. Key Trends • Highlight any trends—new application areas, new material use, business process changes, new ways existing technologies are being used

  7. Industry Changes • Highlight any significant company, organization, or people changes • Significant regulation changes specific to your area

  8. Looking to the Future • Challenges that will be faced, expected developments, etc.

  9. Questions? Leave time at the end of your presentation to answer additional questions.

  10. Insert Company logo here Thank you! Speaker name, company