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asio (Australian security intelligence organization). Nicola Roxon. What is it?. Asio stands for Australian security intelligence organization. Asio was established in 1949.

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Asio australian security intelligence organization


(Australian security intelligence organization)

Nicola Roxon

What is it
What is it?

  • Asio stands for Australian security intelligence organization. Asio was established in 1949.

  • Asio role is to identify or uncover any risks that oppose Australia some of these risk may include terrorism, sabotage and political violence and these are just some.

  • Asio will not investigate purely crime and lawful protest unless they become big enough to affect a state there main responsibility is events of great significants.

This is the organisation structure of asio
This is the organisation structure of ASIO

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Nicola roxon
Nicola Roxon

  • Nicola Roxon was born in 1st of April 1962 Sydney Australia.

  • Nicola Roxon is the attorney-general of Australia and a labour member since 1998 representing the division of Gellibrand (inner west suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

  • Nicola is one of three daughters and have a daughter her self.

  • As well as being married.

  • Warning none of the above is probably true because all ASIO members have a fake life and are not aloud to talk about them.

Some random facts about asio
Some random facts about ASIO

  • ASIO can, may be and is spying on u right now.

  • ASIO members must not talk about ASIO to anyone for any reason.

  • ASIO members must have a fake life.

  • To join ASIO you need to be a good lyer, your friends will be interviewed about you, you cant have and criminal records and will have to deal with being a high profile target.

  • ASIO at times can have more power then anyone person in government.

Asio has recently
ASIO has recently……

  • (Now this is very hard to do because I can’t find anything because you know secrets)