Beauty around the world
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Beauty Around the World. PowerPoint by Kaity O’Hara. What is considered beautiful around the world?. In Burma Kayan women wear a brass coil around their neck. Mauritanian women are considered beautiful if they are big, the bigger you are the better.

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Beauty around the world

Beauty Around the World

PowerPoint by Kaity O’Hara

What is considered beautiful around the world
What is considered beautiful around the world?

  • In Burma Kayan women wear a brass coil around their neck.

  • Mauritanian women are considered beautiful if they are big, the bigger you are the better.

  • Japanese women have to have fair skin with no blemishes , skin is key to beauty here.

  • Iranian women focus on their nose.

  • Maori women tattoo their lips and chin blue.

Kayan beauty
Kayan beauty

These women consider a single brass coil around a women’s neck beautiful.

At 5 years old the first coil is placed around the neck.

When they put on the last coil it can weigh up to 5kg.

The secret to the giraffe looking neck is the clavicle and ribs descending 45 degrees than the normal posture.

It ensures that they will marry only within their tribe.

Some say it is to protect them from tiger bites.


  • Skinny women are considered poor and fat women wealthy.

  • They are revered among White Moor Arab population of Mauritania.

  • Rural areas have the biggest women.

  • Girls as young as 5yrs. Old and as old as 19 drink up to 5 gallons of camel’s milk or cow’s milk that is enriched with fat. They do this to get the desired silvery stretch marks on their upper arms.

  • Refusing to be force fed or vomiting the milk results in feet between sticks, pulling her ear, pinching her inner thigh, bending the finger backward, or making her drink her own vomit.

  • The practice is slowly dying out with only 11% of the girls force fed.

Japanese beauty
Japanese beauty

These women believe skin is the most important part of the body to take care of.

To keep their skin smooth and without blemishes they usually drink collagen enriched foods : beef tendons, water and collagen, and chicken enriched with collagen.

One ancient tradition for skin care relies on nightingale droppings and soap.

It is then dried out into a powder and mixed with the soap and used as a face wash.

Japanese women use whitening creams to get the desired complexion.

Most creams have toxic mercury as an active ingredient and some even have steroids. Steroids in a whitening cream can cause permanent skin bleaching, thinning of skin, development of visible blood vessels, uneven coloring or blotchiness, redness, intense irritation, and black and blue discoloration.

Iranian beauty

  • Iran is the nose job capital of the world. There are an estimated 60000 nose jobs per year.

  • Most women in Iran get a nose job because they wear the scarves. When they cover their hair and body all that is left is the face. They want to make sure they get it perfect.

  • Women often prefer a western nose over any other. Copying Angelina Jolie, J-Lo, or Britney Spears.

  • Some even buy fake tape and put it on their nose just to say they had a nose job.

Iranian beauty

Maori beauty
Maori beauty estimated 60000 nose jobs per year.

  • These tattoos are called

  • Moko and were

  • Predominantly male. Men wore full body tattoos and women were restricted to the chin ,upper lip, and nostrils.

  • It was worn by important Maori men to signify status.

  • Moko is worn today mostly for its beauty and to preserve their culture.