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WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS. Loay Nazer. Chair Membership Officers’ Workshop Saudi Chapter. Simon Preston. Vice Chair Membership Officers’ Workshop London-Westminster Chapter. Pierre Marcel Blanchot. International Board Member Membership Officers’ Workshop Paris Chapter. Susannah White.

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Presentation Transcript

Loay nazer l.jpg
Loay Nazer


Membership Officers’ Workshop

Saudi Chapter

Simon preston l.jpg
Simon Preston

Vice Chair

Membership Officers’ Workshop

London-Westminster Chapter

Pierre marcel blanchot l.jpg
Pierre Marcel Blanchot

International Board Member

Membership Officers’ Workshop

Paris Chapter

Susannah white l.jpg
Susannah White

YPO Staff

Membership Officers’ Workshop

Area Director, Pacific US Region

Rahul baswani l.jpg
Rahul Baswani

YPO Staff

Membership Officers’ Workshop

Area Director, Middle East &

Southern Asia

Winnie kwok l.jpg
Winnie Kwok

YPO Staff

Membership Officers’ Workshop

Area Director, Northern &

Southeast Asia

Isabella meijer l.jpg
Isabella Meijer

YPO Staff

Membership Officers’ Workshop

Membership & Marketing Director,


Objective l.jpg

To provide incoming Membership Chairs with the tools, knowledge and ideas to direct their chapter’s membership program

Expectations for mow l.jpg
Expectations for MOW


  • keep discussions on track

  • ensure everyone gets to be heard

  • manage time to keep MOW on schedule


  • ask questions

  • share ideas with fellow Membership Chairs

  • offer solutions

  • make new friends

  • create a plan to direct your chapter’s membership


Housekeeping l.jpg

  • No mobile phones

  • We need to keep the program moving on time – will park issues

  • Raise your hand if we have not covered an issue that you think is important

  • HAVE FUN!!!

Agenda 5 may l.jpg
Agenda – 5 May

14:00 – 14:10 Welcome and Introductions

14:10 – 14:30 How Does YPO Change the Lives of Those Who Change the World?

14:30 – 14:45 How Much Do You Know About YPO Membership? – Take the Quiz

14:45 – 15:00 Global Membership Picture

15:00 – 15:30 Future of Membership

15:30 – 15:45 BREAK

15:45 – 16:15 Role of the Membership Chairman

16:15 – 17:00 Breakout Session I: Chapter Diagnostics and Best Practices

Agenda 6 may l.jpg
Agenda – 6 May

08:30 – 09:30 Review of Breakout Session I Results

09:30 – 10:15 Mike Lipkin – Motivational speaker

10:15 – 10:45 Recruiting: How to get them in

10:45 – 11:00 BREAK

11:00 – 11:30 Integration: How to keep them there

11:30 – 12:00 Networking

12:00 – 14:00 Working Lunch Breakout Session II: Chapter/Regional Goal Setting

14:00 – 14:30 New Member Orientation

Agenda 6 may continued l.jpg
Agenda – 6 May (continued)

14:30 – 15:00 Value of International Events

15:00 – 15:30 Forum and Its Role with Membership

15:30 – 15:45 Membership Tools on MyYPO

15:45 – 16:15 Membership Application Nuts & Bolts

16:15 – 16:45 Best Practice: Membership Process

16:45 – 17:15 Presentation: Two chapters to present their chapter goals

17:15 – 17:30 Wrap up and closing comments

Fred uytengsu l.jpg
Fred Uytengsu

International Chairman 2002-2003

Philippines Chapter

Answers to the quiz l.jpg
Answers to the Quiz

  • International dues are $2,250 per year

  • Ray Hickok founded YPO in 1950

  • Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange

  • 8,754 members as of 1 April 2003

  • YPO is in 70 countries around the world

  • There are 171 chapters in YPO

  • The new member voucher is $1,500

  • There were 45 YPO International events last year

  • 2920 YPOers attended international events last year

  • The MyYPO website receives an average 64,000 hits per day

Bonus question l.jpg

Only one King is a member of YPO


Global membership picture25 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

Strategic Vision for YPO Membership

  • Bolster health of existing chapters

  • Reorganize and consolidate existing weak chapters

  • Develop new chapters in areas with viable opportunities for YPO

Global membership picture26 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

Plan 50/50

To make YPO an organization with 50% of its members outside the United States by 2005

Global membership picture27 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

Current Membership Numbers

  • Total Members: 8,754*

    * As of 1 April 2003

Global membership picture28 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

Number of Chapters by Region – 171 total

Global membership picture29 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

Predicted 49er Attrition (2003-2008)

Global membership picture30 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

New Member Growth (1998-2003)

Global membership picture31 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

Current Number of Female Members by Region

440 members (5% of overall membership)

Global membership picture32 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

Age Distribution for All Members

Global membership picture33 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

Global Business Type Percentages

Global membership picture34 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

Global President Type Percentages

Slide35 l.jpg

Global Membership Picture

YPO Membership Anomalies and Opportunities

  • Southeastern US

  • 6 States

  • 1 Chapter

  • Los Angeles Area

  • 11 Chapters

Slide36 l.jpg

Global Membership Picture

YPO Membership Anomalies and Opportunities

Large geographic areas with limited membership representation

Slide37 l.jpg

Global Membership Picture

YPO Membership Anomalies and Opportunities


1 country

1 chapter

155 members

Global membership picture38 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

What is a Healthy Chapter?

  • Diverse, dynamic membership that is regularly replenished with new energy and ideas

  • Have “critical mass” necessary for stimulating interaction, member enrichment and financial self-sufficiency

  • Compelling and thought-provoking Education programming to keep members engaged

  • Integrated members through forum, networking and international events

  • Leadership committed to ensuring the future development of the Chapter

Global membership picture39 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

Chapter Minimum Standards (required)

  • Must have at least 16 members

  • Must have at least 2 member forums

  • Have a minimum of 4 meetings each year

  • Send one delegate to the YPO Leadership Congress

Global membership picture40 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

Chapter Minimum Standards (guidelines)

  • Send two representatives to the GLC for officer training

  • Must participate in regional events and governance

  • Must offer a forum experience to all members

  • Must have an annual plan and calendar

  • Must provide an updated chapter web site, including calendar of events

  • Chapter By-laws or other governance documents on file

Global membership picture41 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

Chapter Minimum Standards Implications:

Chapters who do not meet required standards are not

permitted to vote in the Leadership Congress.

















Rio Grande




Global membership picture42 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

Chapters with 25 or fewer members (41 chapters)







Big Sky






Dominican Republic




El Salvador


Israel Tel Aviv










Palm Beach



Porto Alegre


Rio Grande

Santa Barbara

Sao Paulo-Sul





Western Ontario

*fewer than 16 members as of 1 April 2003 (13 chapters)

Global membership picture43 l.jpg
Global Membership Picture

What is a Healthy Chapter?

  • Does your chapter meet minimum standards?

  • Does size really matter?

  • What are you missing in your membership profile?

  • Are your members really integrated in the chapter and internationally?

  • Are your chapter officers working on an integrated plan?

  • What does the ideal chapter look like?

Alex cappello l.jpg
Alex Cappello

International Chairman 2003-2004

Bel Air Chapter, Santa Monica Bay

Chapter, At Large Portugal, At

Large Russia

Slide46 l.jpg


Please locate your table assignment before you leave the room.

Slide47 l.jpg



Role of the membership chair l.jpg
Role of the Membership Chair

Primary Responsibility

  • To manage the chapter's membership process

  • To ensure that a diverse balance of current and prospective members who are committed to participating have continued access to membership in the chapter

  • To ensure the continued qualification of members

  • Provide new and existing members a complete YPO experience

Role of the membership chair49 l.jpg
Role of the Membership Chair

Functional Activities

  • With chapter chairman, selects a committee to recruit, screen and recommend prospective candidates for membership

  • Presides at meetings of the membership committee

  • Identifies prospective members for the chapter

  • Ensures adequate numbers of qualified candidates are available to fill chapter membership vacancies to maintain a critical mass

  • Manages current members' attendance at all chapter functions

Role of the membership chair50 l.jpg
Role of the Membership Chair

Functional Activities

  • With Development Officer, implements and conducts New Member Orientation Program

  • Ensure that new members and candidates and their spouses are introduced to chapter members when attending chapter meetings.

  • Processes membership transactions in accordance with YPO policy

    • Chapter Administrator

  • Identifies sponsors and ensures their ongoing involvement in the integration of new members.

  • Recommend chapter development strategies to the executive committee.

Membership committee l.jpg
Membership Committee

Committee responsibilities:

  • Helps to identify and recruit membership candidates

  • Reviews and makes recommendations on prospective members

  • Assists in integrating and orienting candidates and new members

    Committee may consist of:

  • Any chapter member

  • Representatives from each Forum

  • Current Chapter Chair and Education Chair

  • Past Chapter Leaders

  • Chapter Administrator?

Slide52 l.jpg


Chapter Diagnostics & Best Practices

Breakout session i l.jpg
Breakout Session I

  • Based on the chapter health data, what are the 3 things I need to address in my year as Membership Chair?

  • Focusing on the concerns that were just addressed, what are the 2 best ideas in your chapter that can be of help to the colleagues sitting at your table?

Breakout session i54 l.jpg
Breakout Session I:

  • Breakout groups are scattered around the room

  • Elect a Moderator for your group

  • 45 minutes for everyone to answer the questions on your table

  • Capture all of your Challenges and Solutions on the flip chart at your table

Slide57 l.jpg

Review of Breakout Session I:

Best ideas from yesterday

Winners of the ypo quiz l.jpg
Winners of the YPO Quiz

Nick Ng Pack – Hawaii (6 points)

Paul Crawford – South Australia (6 points)

Eric Katz – New England (6 points)

Esat Edin – Istanbul (7 points)

Alan Alpert – Los Angeles (8 points)

Robert Frances – Quebec (8 points)

David Heffernan – Emirates (8 points)

Hiten Khatau – Bombay (9 points)

Omar Maani – Jordan (9 points)

Ivan Nikkhoo – Malibu (10 points)

Mike lipkin l.jpg
Mike Lipkin

President of Environics/Lipkin

Slide61 l.jpg


How to Get Them in

Rules of recruiting l.jpg
Rules of Recruiting

  • It’s a member-to-member interaction

  • Concentrate on global access first

  • After global, address local experience


Key messages l.jpg
Key Messages

  • Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange

  • Access to global CEO network

  • Promotes peer-to-peer

  • Targets the members as a whole

  • Networking

  • “Only in YPO” experiences

  • Educational Alliances

Slide65 l.jpg


Please locate your table assignment before you leave the room.

Slide66 l.jpg


How to Keep Them There

Retention l.jpg

  • Why do we lose members?

  • How do we keep them?

Keys to retention l.jpg
Keys to Retention

  • Mental

    • Pride in membership

    • Knowledge of YPO product

    • YPO changes our lives

  • Physical

    • Local events

    • Forum

    • International events

Retention71 l.jpg

Two distinct types of members:

  • Don’t want to pay and are resigned

  • Pay, but don’t attend anything

Buddy teaster l.jpg
Buddy Teaster

YPO Staff

Chief Networking Officer

Slide74 l.jpg


Connecting Members with Members


Industry Groups

Interest Groups

YPO Marketplace

Action Networks

Focus Forums


Networking l.jpg

  • The network is YPO/WPO/YEO/WEO/CEO

  • Serving and connecting 17,000 “O” members

  • Low/no cost, high impact programs and opportunities

Member to member exchange l.jpg
Member to Member Exchange

  • Business

  • Personal support

  • Medical

Business networking l.jpg
Business Networking

  • Industry and Action Networks

    • Industry/Action Network web pages and discussion groups

    • Industry/Action Network roundtable programs and conference calls

  • Meetings in Meetings

    • Comdex, USA

    • Consumer Electronics, USA

    • National Association of Home Builders

    • National Automobile Dealers Association

    • National Restaurant Association

    • Many more planned for FY 2004

Focus forums l.jpg
Focus Forums

Health-issue, Personal and Goal-based Networks

  • Monthly, moderated conference calls

    • Forum protocols provide safe haven for trust, confidentiality and code of conduct

    • Calls focused on sharing support, setting goals and hearing from issue experts

  • Web Pages and Confidential Discussion Databases

    • Focus Forums continue interaction through discussion databases established on MyYPO

  • In-person Seminars and Retreats

    • Face-to-face opportunities to share with peers

Global youth x change l.jpg
Global Youth X-change

  • Program I - Semester “education exchange”

    • “O” children between ages 15 – 18

    • Semester begins January 2004

  • Program II - 4–8 week “internship exchange”

    • “O” children who have graduated from high school

    • Begins June 2004

  • Program III - Full-year academic program

    • First full year beginning August/September 2004

  • Program IV - Community service program

    • “O” young adults, 18 year and over

    • Begins June 2005.

Ypo networking l.jpg

YPO Networking

Recruiting and Retention

Contacts through M2Mx and Networks

Connections to members with similar Interests

Low cost/high value opportunities

Access to member-offered products and services

Ypo networking81 l.jpg

YPO Networking

I can do that in YPO?

YES, you can!

Slide82 l.jpg



Chapter/Regional Goal Setting

Breakout session ii l.jpg
Breakout Session II

Chapter and Region Goal Setting

  • This is in preparation for the Strategic Planning Session on Wednesday

  • Breakout groups will be scattered around the room

  • Please sit at your assigned table

  • If Board Member or YPO staff is unavailable, elect a Moderator for your group

  • Two hours for everyone to answer the questions on your table, and formulate a plan

Slide85 l.jpg


Best Practice from the Pacific US

John bendheim l.jpg
John Bendheim

Pacific US Region Chair

Bel Air Chapter

New member orientation l.jpg
New Member Orientation

  • Over 200 new members invited

  • 65 new members attended

  • 130 total attendance with spouses and experienced YPOers

  • Held in conjunction with Emmy Weekend

  • Pacific US Region budget covered expenses for Orientation

  • New members used voucher for evening party at Sony Studios

Marco van embden l.jpg
Marco Van Embden

International Board Member

Cape Town Chapter

More products at more price points l.jpg
More Products at More Price Points

60% below $2000

85% below $5000

# seats

< 3K



< 2K

< 4K

< 5K

< 7.5K

< 10K

< 20K

> 20K

cost of product

Mark scheinberg l.jpg
Mark Scheinberg

International Forum Committee

Yankee Chapter

Forum and membership l.jpg

Forum and Membership

A Perfect Fit

How does forum fit in l.jpg

Forum Protocol



Experience, not advice

How does Forum fit in?

How does forum fit in98 l.jpg

Network Methods:

Action Networks

Focus Forums

M2M Exchange

Forum Protocol



Experience, not advice

How does Forum fit in?

How does forum fit in99 l.jpg

Network Methods:

Action Networks

Focus Forums

M2M Exchange

Forum Methods:




Forum Protocol



Experience, not advice

How does Forum fit in?

Forum intimacy member connectivity l.jpg

Forum Intimacy + Member Connectivity =

A New Vision of the Network’s Potential

Forum intimacy member connectivity101 l.jpg

Forum Intimacy + Member Connectivity =

A Better Way to Sell YPO Through Networking

For discussion102 l.jpg
For Discussion

  • How important is forum when you plan your year?

  • Is the Forum Officer integrated into your chapter executive committee?

  • How does forum contribute to your chapter’s health?

How can forum help l.jpg
How Can Forum Help?

  • Include the Forum Officer on the membership committee

  • Use forums to recruit members

  • Introduce prospective members to moderators

How can forum help104 l.jpg
How Can Forum Help?

  • Use forum exercises in prospective member meetings

  • Use forum moderators as the “ambassador committee”

Forum and membership105 l.jpg

Forum and Membership

A Perfect Fit

Membership criteria l.jpg
Membership Criteria

  • AGE – Must complete application process by 44th birthday

  • TITLE – Must hold full operational responsibility for a qualifying corporation or division. Individuals must hold a qualifying, including titles:

  • President

  • Chairman of the Board

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • Managing Director

  • Managing Partner

  • Publisher

  • Equivalent of any of the above

Membership criteria109 l.jpg
Membership Criteria


  • The candidate must have at least 50 regular, full-time employees or the equivalent under his or her control.

  • OR

  • The total annual compensation of all employees, excluding the compensation of the candidate, must exceed US$1,000,000.

Membership criteria110 l.jpg
Membership Criteria


    • Sales/Service/Manufacturing corporations - US$8,000,000 in gross annual sales or turnover.

    • Financial institutions - average annual assets of at least US$160,000,000.

    • Agency-type businesses - annual fees or commissions billed of at least US$6,000,000.

      •  OR

    • The corporation must have an enterprise value of US$10,000,000 as defined by one of the following:

      • Net worth or assets before depreciation

      • Independent third party investment/valuation

      • Sum of the company’s public equity value plus its debt less cash

Peer review committee l.jpg
Peer Review Committee

  • All members required to meet Membership Requirements

  • Exceptions to Membership Requirements

    • Granted by the Peer Review Committee of the International Board

    • Committee charged with ensuring the Quality of Peers within membership

    • Committee comprised of

      • Chairman-elect

      • Chairman-elect-elect

      • Chairman of the Executive Committee

      • Chairman-elect of the Executive Committee

      • Region Chairman from the candidate’s location

Peer review committee113 l.jpg
Peer Review Committee

Membership Exceptions

  • Age Exceptions

  • Title Exceptions

  • Company Complexity Exceptions

    Process for requesting waiver

  • Use of the preliminary application

  • Letter outlining reason for exception request

  • Committee action

  • Timeframe

New member expectations l.jpg
New Member Expectations

Chapter expectations

  • Dues and initiation fees

  • Attendance and participation in chapter activities

  • Forum participation

  • Member-to-Member Network (M2MX and IOS)

    International Expectations

  • Participation in full range of opportunities

  • Appropriate use of directory and website

  • Annual Membership Renewal Process

Membership renewal l.jpg
Membership Renewal

  • What?

    Dues & Recertification

  • When?

    1 April – 1 July

  • How?

    Individual forms mailed & online

Recertification l.jpg

Every member must recertify EVERY year

  • Every member must self-certify each year

  • 3rd party verification required every third year:

    • Independent = not on payroll

    • Annual Reports accepted

  • Exception: new members January-June 2003

Hiten khatau l.jpg
Hiten Khatau

Bombay Chapter

Presentation by hiten khatau chapter chairman 2002 2003 l.jpg





Hiten Khatau

Chapter Chairman 2002 - 2003

The bombay chapter has evolved robustly in its 24 year history l.jpg
The Bombay Chapter has evolved robustly in its 24 year history

  • 1978-79 – Inception with 7-8 members

    – Grown to 98 members

    – Evolved from “forum” atmosphere to structured chapter

  • 1981 – 1st Area Conference

  • 1986 – YPO India University was rated one of the

    “10 Best YPO Events held till that date”

  • 1996 – 1st constitution developed - continuously updated for new best practices

  • Member involvement and commitment very high :

    – 80% in forums

    – Participation in YPO Governance at Regional and International level

    – Won various Chapter awards in last 5-6 years

It is now in the prime stage of its life cycle l.jpg
It is now in the prime stage of its life cycle

  • The Chapter health is ensured by selecting its membership based on:

  • – quality of individuals

  • – diversity of professions, cultures, gender

  • – balance of age profile

  • So how do we do it ?

Profile Plan






Member Integration

Chapter governance follows the classic ypo principles l.jpg
Chapter Governance follows the classic YPO principles

Traditional Succession Ladder

Membership Committee



yr 5

Current membership chair



yr 4

  • Objectives

  • Continuity

  • Diversity

  • Quality

Immediate past

membership chair



from the


at large



yr 3


Chapter chair

yr 2




Forum chair



yr 1

The process involves two fundamental steps l.jpg

Maintain demographics



Profession (Family Business, Professional / MNC Executive, Entrepreneur)


Review profile on 3 year rolling basis

Goals for recruitment :

number = size

type = diversity

target = number graduating

profile balancing need

Pre-Interview stage


Post-Interview stage

The Process involves two fundamental steps



Chapter Membership

Profile Goal / Plan

The entire interview process is both meticulous and vigorous l.jpg
The entire Interview process is both meticulous and vigorous


  • Potential member

  • - identified by any member

  • - must be sponsored by a member

  • Prior to interview

  • - sent brief on YPO

  • - chapter customized Pro-forma CV

    • - qualifying criteria

    • - self certification

    • - fee structure

  • YEO members to resign prior to joining

  • Pro-forma CV evaluated by committee - YES/NO

Interview process continued l.jpg
Interview Process continued . . . vigorous


  • Quorum: 4 members at each interview

  • Role:

  • - marketing YPO

  • - assess candidate

  • (i) various criteria

  • (ii) what he / she can offer YPO /Chapter

  • Brief on:

  • - YPO, products, IOS etc.

  • - chapter activity / plan

  • - expectations

  • - forum involvement

  • - miscellaneous

  • Decision: YES / NO

Slide126 l.jpg

Interview Process continued . . . vigorous


  • selection by consensus

  • constitution has formal voting process

 



  • sent offerletter

  • YPO international application form

  • Dues Invoice

  • Sponsor informed

  • 45 days to respond or offer withdrawn

  • Form checked by Admin.

  • Signed by Chapter & Membership Chair

  • Sent to YPO International for process

  • informed by letter

  • sponsor informed

  • “hold” if due to space, qualification can re-apply

  • other reason – can re-apply after 3 years

The chapter places special emphasis on post selection member integration l.jpg
The Chapter places special emphasis on post-selection member integration

On receipt of dues and documents

applicant immediately invited to all chapter events

Forum participation after membership registration completed by chapter and YPO International

Membership confirmed once all paperwork OK & YPO

International accepts

Formal introduction to chapter members at next event

Sponsor couple and membership chair to mentor new members to attend events, integrate into chapter

Forum Chairman to encourage both member and

spouse to join a forum

Education Chairman to encourage new members to give vote of thanks / day chair

New Members must attend 70% of the events in their 1st year of joining

Building a strong quality membership has its lessons and challenges l.jpg

More emphasis on demographics needed integration

Target size needs pre-planning

Recruitment to emphasize size and demographics

Importance of the CV form

Don’t invite potentials to events prematurely

No cocktails prior to interview

“Old boys club” syndrome

Resisting lobbying and peer pressure for new members from existing members

Delivering rejections to peers / friends

Improving demographics particularly gender ratio

Building a strong quality membership has its lessons and challenges



Summary and conclusion l.jpg

“ In the Bombay integration

Chapter we believe

in constantly

striving at new ways

to improve our

Membership profile”

Summary and Conclusion

Have current

chapter demographic






& Improve

Face pressure-

do not compromise

profile quality

Have formal

Recruitment process

Member integration

equally vital

Slide131 l.jpg

PRESENTATION: integration

Two chapters to present chapter goals and any coordinated region plans