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Toshiba : Ome Works

Toshiba : Ome Works. Presented By :- Group 8. Suggest an efficient line balancing method for new notebook that will reduce cost and improve productivity. . Kitting. Master BOM Laptop model. master BOM. Component: monitor. Component: keyboard. Component

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Toshiba : Ome Works

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  1. Toshiba : Ome Works Presented By :- Group 8

  2. Suggest an efficient line balancing method for new notebook that will reduce cost and improve productivity.

  3. Kitting Master BOM Laptop model • master BOM Component: monitor Component: keyboard Component Cd drive box lcd keys frame box Drive

  4. Need for Kitting • Each operator is responsible for allocating screws for the next operation • It can be avoided by Kitting of the screws • The Bill of Material of laptops can be updated by replacing the loose hardware by Kits

  5. Boons of Kitting • Avoid operator error due to miscalculation of screws • Time saved in assembly line • Time saved can be used to assemble more computers

  6. Kitting of screws saves 30 Secs per laptop assembly time • Saves a total of 30 secs x 900 units i.e. 27000 secs saved per day • Therefore total time saved is 7.5 hrs

  7. 1228 secs required for assembly of one laptop • Extra units produced 27000/1228 =22 units

  8. Total units produced 900+22 = 922 units Production increase of 2.4 % per day keeping all other parameters same

  9. Efficiency earlier 900/40 = 22.5 units/person • Efficiency after applying Kitting 922/40 = 23.05 units/person • Increase of 5.5 %

  10. Reorganizing of Operations • Minimal Shuffling of Operations . • Sanctity of the Sequence of Operations is abided. • Reduction in the Cycle Time. • Productivity Analysis

  11. Edges via the Approach Initial Units Produced : - 3*300 =900 Total Number of People Involved =3*10+10 (others) = 40 Total Productivity = 900/40 = 22.5 Now After the new technique, total time saved =114(bottleneck) – 100 =14 So for a total of 900 units, time saved =14*900 = 12600 =12600/100 = 126 new units!!! A marvelous figure, with just a trade off for 3 new workers.

  12. Aspect of Productivity: - Initially : 900/40 = 22.5 After : (900+126)/(40+3)=1026/43=23.86 A clear edge of 6.04%.

  13. Rationale Behind Cycle Time Reduction :--- > Time Saving which in effect increases Productivity. > Process tends to be effective and efficient. > Reduced cycle time….an embodiment of reduced bottleneck.

  14. An Alternate Approach • One person One Table Solution A complete revamp from existing scenario …Assembly line replaced by individual operators who assembles a unit from scratch to final form. This method is successfully implemented in Sony’s factory in making handycams.

  15. Advantages :-- Less of monotony. Better Development of Core Competency through multi-skilling. Accountability Error can to tracked down and minimal.

  16. Lacunae In This Case Per-se Unavailability of data for assembling a unit by various skill level workers. Revamp of such an infrastructure…how feasible is it ??

  17. Proposal:-> As per the segregated analysis of the various aspects , we would like to infer that the second point of analysis would make a better deal as this involves a critical breakthrough in which both the kitting and the reorganizing has been taken into consideration.

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