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March 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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March 2012

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March 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation for Ipsos clients. i:Omnibus Europe Focus on Hungary. March 2012. Summary. i:Omnibus: The International Online Omnibus of Ipsos Sample and Method Types of questions Deliverables Pricing & timing Booking. i:Omnibus - The International Online Omnibus of Ipsos.

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Presentation for

Ipsos clients

i:Omnibus Europe

Focuson Hungary

March 2012

  • i:Omnibus: The International Online Omnibus of Ipsos
  • Sample and Method
  • Types of questions
  • Deliverables
  • Pricing & timing
  • Booking
i omnibus the international online omnibus of ipsos1
i:Omnibus: The International Online Omnibus of Ipsos
  • The Ipsos Interactive Services’ (IIS) i:Omnibus combines the benefits of an omnibus methodology with the speed of online research.
  • Ability to employ multimedia techniques such as video playback, audio playback and on-screen imaging.
  • 1000 adults nationally representative at weekly basis (or twice a week in some countries – not available yet in Hungary).
  • Access to a large volume of suplimentary demographic information.
  • Sample from the Ipsos Access Panels Online.
  • Large coverage:
    • Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK.
    • Hungary, Poland, Russia, Turkey.
    • Canada, USA.
  • Standard delivery for all countries:
    • ASCII file (with weight factor), Datamap, listings file (weighted + unweighted)
    • One data set per country
  • Delivery format upon request:
    • SPSS data file
    • One data file per country
    • Weight factor included
    • Labels from Confirmit



Pricing by group of countries

  • The price depends on the Field country:
    • Field country Tier1: France, UK, Germany
    • Field country Tier2: Italy, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands
    • Field country Tier3: Hungary, Poland, Russia, Turkey
price of i omnibus in hungary
Price of i:Omnibus in Hungary*

*prices of data file without analysis

  • The timings above are valid for single country projects.
  • For multi country studies, specific timings need to be agreed, please contact Ipsos in advance.

*EBD: End of Business Day

hungary ipsos team coordinate s booking i omnibus waves
Hungary: Ipsos team coordinates bookingi:Omnibus waves
    • One team coordinates the i:Omnibus waves within Ipsos Hungary

Zsuzsanna Völgyi Róbert Pintér

  • This team manages the quotation process.
  • They define topics priorities if subjects conflict in booking process.
  • They coordinate the wave with researchers: material preparation, results reception.
i omnibus booking
i:Omnibus- Booking
  • Please give the following elements when booking:
    • The number of questions
    • The field countries
    • The date when Ipsos will receive the materials
    • Coding request
    • Deliverables type
    • Need for analysis
  • Request will be handled by Zsuzsanna Völgyi

together with Róbert Pintér.

i omnibus booking process
i:Omnibus- Booking process

If in the same country, in the same wave, we have the same subject category for 2 different competitive brands, Ipsosapplies the first come, first servedrule.

If the maximum number of question units per wave is reached (see below) ourclient will be re-scheduledaccording to a future wave convenient for our client.

Ipsosconsiders as a week, the standard week (e.g. week 24, starting on Monday, the 11thof June to Sunday, the 17thof June 2012)