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Logistics & Fleet Support Competency SPAWAR 4.0 4 January 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Logistics & Fleet Support Competency SPAWAR 4.0 4 January 2013

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Logistics & Fleet Support Competency SPAWAR 4.0 4 January 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Logistics & Fleet Support Competency SPAWAR 4.0 4 January 2013. 4.0 Mission. Acquisition Logistics. Policy & Integration. Modernization. Mission: We provide the people, policies, processes and tools to optimize the delivery and sustainment of SPAWAR products and services.

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Logistics & Fleet Support Competency SPAWAR 4.0 4 January 2013

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    1. Logistics & Fleet Support Competency SPAWAR 4.0 4 January 2013

    2. 4.0 Mission Acquisition Logistics Policy & Integration Modernization Mission: We provide the people, policies, processes and tools to optimize the delivery and sustainment of SPAWAR products and services. • - Logistics Subject Matter • Experts • Training • Technical Data • Supply support • - ILS Managers • - Integrated Logistics • Assessments • - Integrated Logistics • Certifications • Manage In-Service and Distance • Support process and policy • Oversee ISEA designation • and certification program • Manage PMS Technical • Feedback Report (TFBR) • response • Manage Remedy and SPAWAR • Casualty Response Action • Tracker (SCRAT) system. • Navy Global Distance Support • team member • - Shore Installation • Process Handbook (SIPH) • - Fleet Readiness • Certification Board (FRCB) • - Navy Modernization • Process (NMP) • MILCON/C4I integration • Logistics Information • Technology (LOG IT) • Enterprise Process • Integration/Improvement • Enterprise Resource • Planning (ERP) • Surface Warfare • Enterprise (SWE) • Inter-competency • Communication • Business Process • Re-engineering

    3. 4.0 Organization 4.0 LOGISTICS & FLEET SUPPORT 4.0A Deputy BU/SSC Local Competency Leads/Managers PEO APEO(L) (I) 4.0B Director of Operations 4.0D Command Center/MILCON 4.1 Fleet/Customer Support 4.2 Installations 4.3 ILS 4.4 Strategy, Policy & Information Technology 4.4.1 – Competency Strategy & Planning 4.4.2 – Log Policy 4.4.3 – Competency IT Management 4.3.1 – Life Cycle Logistics 4.3.2 – Supply Chain Management 4.3.3 – Technical Management Support 4.3.4 – Manpower, Personnel & Training Support 4.3.5 – ILA 4.3.6 – Career Field Manager 4.1.1 – In-Service/Distance Support Policy 4.1.2 – SCRAT Data 4.2.1 – Installation Planning 4.2.2 – Installation Execution 4.2.3 – Installation Policy & Process 4.2.4 – Production 4.2.5 – Installation Tool Integration

    4. 4.0 National/Local Competency Management 4.0 LOGISTICS & FLEET SUPPORT Marty Brown Leslie DiCenzo 4.0A 4.0B Director of Operations Mary Wadsworth 4.0D Command Center/MILCON Integration Bob Ireland 4.1 Fleet/Customer Support Gary Nowicki 4.3 ILS Captain Semmler 4.4 Strategy, Policy & IT John Graham 4.2 Installations Mike Chi SSC Pacific Mavis Machniak SSC Atlantic CDR Gary Morris 4.1 – Luis Gonzalez 4.2 – Dwayne Lloyd 4.3 – Tri Hua 4.1 – Debra Wilbanks 4.2 – Mike Johnson 4.3 – Brad Hoisington

    5. 4.0DCommand Centers & MILCON Integration Command Centers & MILCON Integration 4.OD Sub-competency Lead Robert Ireland Deputy Aegis Ashore/C4F HQ 4.0D-A Pat Tierney AFRICOM / Djibouti Naples C4I Optimization 4.0D-2 Dave Evans Joint Base Guam Joint Strike Fighter 4.0D-3 Bill Noble Project Controls Portal Development/Admin 4.0D-4 Paul Krebs

    6. 4.0D MILCONRoles and Responsibilities • Provide Echelon II leadership to coordinate planning & integration of C4I systems into MILCON and large, multi-system shore projects. • Establish and maintain policy and standardized processes for planning and executing MILCON and large, multi-system installations. • Advise SPAWAR Echelon III/IV and PMWs on MILCON project management/integration requirements. • Maintain team SPAWAR liaison for C4I integration policy/process issues related to OPNAV N4/CNIC/NAVAC. • Assume Echelon II C4ISR/IT oversight/integration responsibility for large, multi-system projects not otherwise assigned to specific PMW.

    7. 4.1 Fleet & Customer Support Fleet and Customer Support 4.1 National Competency Manager Gary Nowicki Fleet and Customer Support Deputy 4.1A Tim Green SCRAT Data Lead 4.1.2 Chris Anderson In-Service/Distance Support Policy Lead 4.1.1 Chris Anderson Program Support 4.1.1a Dave Horner CASREP Analysis Support 4.1.2b Graeme Shirley CASREP Analysis Support 4.1.2c Brendt Lux CASREP Analysis 4.1.2a Grace Arigo In-Service /Distance Support Policy Section Data Analysis Management Section

    8. 4.1 Fleet & Customer SupportRoles and Responsibilities • In-Service Engineering and Distance Support • Develop, implement, and manage In–Service and Distance Support policy and processes. • Provide ISEA In-Service Support ISEA Designation and Certification. • Interface with the Naval Enterprise working groups on Fleet In-Service Support and Distance Support initiatives. • Provide Help Desk and Customer Relations Management (CRM). • Gather and facilitate SPAWAR PMS Technical Feedback Report (TFBR) Management. • Data Analysis • Manage the SPAWAR Response CASREP Action Tracker (SCRAT) database used to track historical data, system failures.

    9. 4.2 Installations 4.2 Installations Competency National Lead Michael Chi 4.2.2 Installation Execution Competency Lead Mike Johnson/ Dwayne Lloyd 4.2.3 Installation Policy & Process Competency Lead Don Alkema 4.2.4 Production Competency Lead Brian Sann 4.2.5 Installation Tool Integration Competency Lead Jonas Lazo 4.2.1 Installation Planning Competency Lead Mark Mukanos Installation Tool Integration Development Manager Mark Ignacio Installation Tool Integration Implementation Manager Jason Boes Afloat Policy & Process Manager Pam Gran Ashore Policy & Process Manager Vacant

    10. 4.2 Installations Roles and Responsibilities • Lead translation of installation policies and processes across SPAWAR • SPAWAR Enterprise lead for implementation of Navy Modernization Process. • Navy lead for Shore Installation Process (i.e., Shore Installation Process Handbook). • Installation Requirements Drawing Standard. • System Operational Verification Test Preparation and Execution Guide (co-lead w/5.0). • SPAWAR and PEO Installation Cost Estimate Standard. • Fleet Readiness Certification Board (FRCB) Handbook. • SPAWAR lead for management of installation tools • SPAWAR PEO Integrated Data Environment Repository (SPIDER) • Program Management, Systems Engineering, Customer Support. • SPIDER and External Interfaces • Cost Estimation Tracker (CETracker), Installation Management Office (IMO) net and Naval Tool for Interoperability Risk Assessment (NTIRA).

    11. 4.3 Integrated Logistics Support Department Director Integrated Logistics Support CAPT Mark Semmler 4.3 Deputy Director Vacant 4.3.A Acquisition ILA Michelle Shapiro 4.3.5.A Military Intern LT Laura Anderson 4.3.M.A Military Intern LT Jeff Stevens 4.3.M.B Military Intern LT Judy Luong 4.3.M.C Military Intern LT Callan Walsh 4.3.M.D Military Intern LTJG Katie Newsom 4.3.M.E Sustainment ILA Steven Lis 4.3.5.B Manpower Personnel & Training Janet Garrington 4.3.4 Deputy Manpower Personnel & Training Crystal Eatmon 4.3.4.A Life Cycle Logistics APEO(L) C4I Sean Zion 4.3.1.A Logistics Career Field Manager Tamra Codron 4.3.6 Technical Mgt Margaret Fellenbaum 4.3.3 Supply Chain Mgt Barbara Hauenstein 4.3.2 Life Cycle Logistics APEO(L) EIS L:isa Bristow 4.3.1.B Deputy APEO (L) EIS Lori Thompson 4.3.1.B1 Spares, Supply Support Katy Vickery NEN Will Warburton 4.3.1-PMW205 ERP Mitch Ekstrom 4.3.1-PMW220 Command & Control Rodney Quibilan 4.3.1-PMW150A Command & Control Spence Appel 4.3.1-PMW150B Command & Control Vince Byrne 4.3.1-PMW150C PEO-Space Vacant 4.3.1.C Carrier Platforms Rich Chesky 4.3.1-PMW750 Depot Maintenance TMDE, CBM, PMS Som Chanthathone NEN Cassandra-Rockward- OSaben 4.3.1-PMW205 Sea Warrior Noelle Moran 4.3.1-PMW240/270 Networks Bruce Cormany 4.3.1-PMW160A Networks Elle Tipayamahing 4.3.1-PMW160C Networks Dai Nguyen 4.3.1-PMW130 PEO-SUB Trent Mitsch 4.3.1-PMS485 Ship Platforms Lorna Marquez 4.3.1-PMW760 PHS&T Fred Hawkins NEN Vacant 4.3.1-PMW205 EITS Vacant 4.3.1-PMW240/270 Communications Gary Ford 4.3.1-PMW170A Communications Kristin Stith 4.3.1-PMW170B Communications Jim Bennett 4.3.1-PMW170C Communications Dai Nguyen 4.3.1-PMW130 Submarine Platforms Kevin Keeney 4.3.1-PMW770 NEN Jamie Pacific 4.3.1-PMW205 OM&S,SABAR,ERP Barbara Ayala BA & IO Aaron Dimmick 4.3.1-PMW120A BA & IO Elaine Siles 4.3.1-PMW120B BA & IO Chuck Abrams 4.3.1-PMW120C Shore Platforms Paula Dacus 4.3.1-PMW790 Submarine Platforms Vacant 4.3.1-PMW770 NEN Vacant 4.3.1-PMW205 NEN Eric McMahan 4.3.1-PMW205 Nomenclature Vanessa Dang NEN Billy Brice 4.3.1-PMW205 PEO (T) MIDS Mike Perrone 4.3.1-PMA101

    12. 4.3 Integrated Logistics SupportRoles and Responsibilities • Provide logisticians embedded in Program Offices (APMLs) • Provide Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) (Training, Supply Support, Product Data). • ILS Community Management. • Conduct Independent Logistics Assessments (ILAs) • Milestones B, C, FRP, IOC, FOC, and In-Service Sustainment. • Lead Technical Manual Management Program • Infrastructure & Sustainment of Fleet Tech Manuals. • Oversight of publishing, distribution and digitization. • Provide centralized nomenclature assignments and readiness based sparing. • Guide Navy Training System Plans • Provide PMs a collaborative training plan development process and tool. • Lead Training transition to NETC (Learning Centers) • Training Support Agent assessment. • Metrics Framework for Training Transition (MFTT).

    13. 4.4 Strategy, Policy & Information Technology Strategy, Policy & Information Technology National Competency Manager 4.4 John Graham Competency Strategy & Planning 4.4.1 John Graham Logistics Policy 4.4.2 Bob Tardif Competency IT Management 4.4.3 David Byres Business Operations & Integration Manager Belinda Hunt

    14. 4.4 Strategy, Policy & Information TechnologyRoles and Responsibilities • Provide 4.0 Competency management strategies, policy guidance, metrics and reporting (e.g., IT Strategy, Competency CONOPS, 4.0 Strategic Plan). • Plan and manage 4.0 IT application portfolio. • Lead collaborative development, revision, publication and training of 4.0-related policy and procedures. • Represent SPAWAR on major Defense, Naval, and inter-SYSCOM logistics policy forums (e.g., Navy Logistics IT EXCOMM, OASD (AT&L) Logistics Functional IPT). • Provide 4.0 Community Management including workforce requirements analysis, demographics, forecasting, Competency Development Modeling, IDPs and training. • Review and advise on policy matters originating from other competencies or outside SPAWAR of interest to 4.0. • Provide Knowledge Management planning for people, processes and technologies to create, store, share, and use 4.0 information.

    15. Current Major Initiatives 4.0D • C6F/CNE/CNA HQ and Watch Floor modernization/optimization Naples, Italy. • Relocation of NATO AFSOUTH from Bagnoli, Italy, to a newly built complex in Lago Patria, Italy. • Base communications infrastructure design for BMD’s Aegis Ashore effort in Eastern Europe. • CJTF-Horn of Africa Joint Intelligence Operations Center & Camp Lemonnier HQ, Djibouti, Africa. • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Regional Operations Center-Pacific. • Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) Ford Island, Hawaii. • Developing C4ISR/IT systems integration artifacts for five FLTCYBERFOR Military Construction projects: NCTAMS-Atlantic; NCTSs Rota, Sigonella, Souda Bay, and Far East. 4.1 • Find a Navy-Wide consolidated tool for CASREP reporting and comment to replace the SPAWAR CASREP Response Action Tracker (SCRAT). • To continue to find new efficient Distance Support solutions for SPAWAR systems. • Keep the Fleet Readiness Directorate (FRD) informed on Surface Warfare Enterprise (SWE) initiatives and efforts. • Maintain SPAWAR’s In-Service Support capability coordinated with NAVSEA’s In-Service Support.

    16. Current Major Initiatives 4.2 • Support Navy Modernization Process Management Operations Manual (NMP MOM) Version 4 development. • IT Integration/Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) analysis of SPIDER, CETracker, IMOnet and NTIRA. • Develop SPIDER capability for US Coast Guard to track their Navy Type Navy Owned installs. 4.3 • Information Technician of the Future (ITOF). • Build support for SPAWAR Training Integrator role similar to PMS 339 • SAILOR – Tier 0 web-based support of C4I systems • SABAR – future migration of Operating Material & Supplies to N-ERP 4.4 • Develop and publish 2013-2014 4.0 Strategy in support of new Commander's Guidance. • Collaborate with FRD and the PEOs to publish a revised 4.0 CONOPS. • Complete development of 4.0 HQ Process Asset Library (PAL), and related CCB. • Lead 4.0 IT Portfolio management, including compliance and certification requirements. • Assist with IT planning/assistance for migration of Operating Material & Supplies to N-ERP.

    17. 4.0 Logistics and Fleet Support The Logistics and Fleet Support Competency (4.0) provides leadership, policy, process, tools, and metrics to optimize and execute Fleet Support, Installations, and Logistics for SPAWAR. 4.0 is responsible for the community management, professional development and work assignment of individuals within the Competency to ensure that sound Logistics and Fleet Support principles are applied throughout the program life cycle. SPAWAR 4.0 also provides policy and process for In-Service support efforts, including Fleet Support Teams and In-Service Engineering Agents, in maintaining situational awareness of TEAM SPAWAR readiness performance, targets for capability improvement, and root causes of readiness degraders. This Competency leads development of installation policies, processes and contracts across the enterprise, in compliance with approved Defense and Navy policies. The Logistics and Fleet Support Competency conducts Independent Logistics Assessments to assist PEOs in evaluation of the supportability of their acquisition programs. SPAWAR 4.0 also provides liaison with Commander Navy Installations Command (CNIC), Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), Navy Information Dominance Enterprise (NIDE), NNWC, and PEOs for Command Center – Military Construction (MILCON) C4ISR integration in projects such as Command Centers, Operational Control (OPCON) Centers, and Joint C4I facilities. Additionally, 4.0 coordinates the planning and integration of C4ISR systems into MILCON projects, existing shore facilities, and provides independent Quality Assurance services.

    18. 2013-2014 Strategy & Objectives • Baseline, balance, and sustain workforce expertise against customer requirements.   • Strengthen teamwork and communication with our PEOs and other SYSCOMs, customers and stakeholders.  • Document and train Competency processes and capabilities. • Single up on processes and technology so we can execute more efficiently and effectively.   • Use relevant metrics to assess Competency health. • Provide tools that support Competency providers and customers.   • Build excellence, focusing on talent, quality, and the customer.