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Comprehensive Art Regents Exam PowerPoint Presentation
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Comprehensive Art Regents Exam

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Comprehensive Art Regents Exam
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Comprehensive Art Regents Exam

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  1. Comprehensive Art Regents Exam 5 OF YOUR ART WORKS AND AN ESSAY ABOUT THEM

  2. THE TEST • You need to take the New York City Comprehensive Art Examination in order to receive your diploma from this school. • You must sit for the examination on Thursday, June 14, from 1:15-4:15. • There are materials that must be submitted no later than Friday, May 25, 2012. • That is 2 weeks from today.

  3. May 25? • You’ve been given: • A letter about the exam, addressed to your parents. • Attachment B- A. PRESENTATION OF ARTWORK • Attachment C- REFLECTIVE ESSAY • Attachment D- REFLECTIVE ESSAY – RUBRIC

  4. ATTACHMENT B • You need to select 5 of your artworks from one area of specialization. • The artwork can be from any of the Cartooning & Animation classes you have taken since entering the school. • The artwork can have been created independently, as long as it falls within the Cartooning and Animation category. • I need the list of the 5 artworks you have selected today. If you do not have the Attachment B paper with you, I will accept the list on a piece of paper. PUT YOUR NAME AT THE TOP OF THE LIST. • In many cases, I will need this list, in order to print your work.

  5. ATTACHMENT B • When listing your work, I need the following information: • Title, Subject, Medium, & Size. • Additionally, on a sheet of paper which is NOT ATTACHMENT B, I need to know • If the piece was created for this class or another. • Tell me which pieces you already have, and which pieces I should print.

  6. ATTACHMENT C • Once the list for the PRESENTATION OF ARTWORK has been prepared, make a copy for yourself, so that you remember what you are going to submit. • You are going to write the FIRST DRAFT of the REFLECTIVE ESSAY on ATTACHMENT C, today.

  7. ATTACHMENT C • The essay is to be written about the artwork you are submitting for the exam. • You are to write approximately 350 words. • Since this essay is to be completed before sitting for the exam, I highly recommend that you type the final copy. • Write a draft and then a final copy.

  8. ATTACHMENT C • Explain how your style developed. • How did you select the themes in your artwork? • Why did you select the materials used? • Would you make the same choices today? • This is your opportunity to talk about yourself as an artist. • Talk about your influences, including other artists, life events and cultural encounters.

  9. ATTACHMENT D • This is the rubric by which the essay will be graded. • The essay is 10 points of the whole. • There is not one student in this class who cannot get all 10 points on this essay. • Look over the rubric, so that YOU KNOW what you have to do to get the maximum points.

  10. Important • This is exam is VERY IMPORTANT. • When you hand me materials, make sure that I know what you’re giving me. • Make sure that your name is on EVERYTHING. • Give time and attention to pulling this all together. • Keep in mind that the deadline for the 5 pieces of artwork and is in two weeks. • I would like to have all artwork, forms and essays IN MY HANDS by Friday, May 18, a week from today.

  11. Printing • That means that throughout this coming week, I will be visiting Staples and where necessary, printing work. • It also means that I will be collecting, throughout the week, existing work. • I appreciate your help in helping me to help you.