advanced library research lsp700 applied research methodologies part 1 of 2 n.
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Advanced Library Research LSP700: Applied Research Methodologies Part 1 of 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Advanced Library Research LSP700: Applied Research Methodologies Part 1 of 2

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Advanced Library Research LSP700: Applied Research Methodologies Part 1 of 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advanced Library Research LSP700: Applied Research Methodologies Part 1 of 2 . Shanna Pearson Information Services Librarian September 2010. Shanna Pearson Information Services Librarian September 2010. Learning Outcomes. Understand purpose of a literature review

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Advanced Library Research LSP700: Applied Research Methodologies Part 1 of 2

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advanced library research lsp700 applied research methodologies part 1 of 2

Advanced Library ResearchLSP700: Applied Research MethodologiesPart 1 of 2

Shanna Pearson

Information Services Librarian

September 2010

Shanna Pearson

Information Services Librarian

September 2010

learning outcomes
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand purpose of a literature review
  • Review sources of information and search tools
  • Learn advanced search techniques
  • Find new search tools for discipline specific research
    • Market Research
    • Industry Reports
    • Statistical Information
about the literature review
About the literature review
  • A literature review involves identifying:
    • What is and is not known about your topic
    • Areas of controversy in the literature
    • Major works and key authors in your field of research
  • Objective:
    • Increase your knowledge of a subject area
    • Formulate questions that need further research
    • Provide the intellectual context and framework for your own original research project in LSP800
the literature review tips
The literature review: Tips
  • Use scholarly articles, books and other reputable research – variety is key
  • Look up and print out twice as many as you think you will need
  • Find themes or trends in your piles of readings and organize your review according to those concepts
  • Build around your thesis, problem or research question
  • Include a scope statement – age parameters, publication parameters
  • Discuss papers contrary to your thesis
  • Make it interesting and easy to read
the literature review format
The literature review: Format
  • To be written in essay format
  • Will become part of your final research report in LSP800
research question
Research Question

You work for a company that wants to introduce a new credit card rewards program. You need to determine which type of reward program will entice customers to sign up for your card, and in turn increase the company's monthly revenue.

focusing the research question
Focusing the research question

What type of information do you need?

Can you frame your literature review around a theory?

  • Existing reward card programs available through other stores
  • Which reward programs are most successful (including other cards)
  • Psychology behind reward incentives
  • Spending habits of your target consumer group
  • Trends/industry analysis
  • Consumer behaviour theory
  • Reward (psychology)
selecting keywords and concepts
Selecting keywords and concepts

Credit card reward programs


  • Reward(s)
  • Reward program(s)
  • Reward card programs
  • Credit card(s)
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Consumer spending

Other terms

  • Case studies
  • Trends
  • Market strategy


  • Canada
  • Global
select sources of information
Select Sources of Information

About the source

Search tools

Advanced search techniques

reference sources encyclopedias
Reference sources (Encyclopedias)

What are they?

Why use them?

  • Concise overview of your topic
  • General and specialized reference sources (e.g., Dictionary of Business and Management)
  • Specialized reference works written by subject experts
  • Identify key works and authors in field of research
  • Bibliography provides list of potential sources written on your topic
  • Generate ideas for your research topic
scholarly books
Scholarly books

What are they?

Why use them?

  • Published by university presses or scholarly associations
  • In-depth coverage
  • Historical perspective
  • Author
    • Expert in field
  • Edited/peer-reviewed by other scholars (quality control)
  • Bibliography – useful to find related works

Why/when would you limit your search using these fields?

Put quotations around phrase terms

(29 vs. 343 records)

Do not put the word “and” between your keywords


Doing a subject search helps you learn what terms your books might be tagged under

Credit cards vs. Bank credit cards

library catalogue
Library catalogue

Repeat search to find books on consumer behaviour

borrowing from other institutions
Borrowing from other institutions

Once you find a book or article, fill out the ILL request form

worldcat what can you find
WorldCat: What can you find?
  • Search local libraries at once for a book – then request through Seneca Libraries ILL service
  • Find article citations, some with links to their full text

Where would you look for information about existing reward programs or new products/trends in the industry?

Scholarly articles


Global market research

Industry reports

scholarly journal articles
Scholarly journal articles

What are they?

Why use tem?

  • Articles written by scholars/experts in field
  • Present detailed findings/information on a specific topic/subject area
  • Publisher often affiliated with an educational institution
  • Longer than 4 pages
  • Includes abstract, methodology, analysis and results, discussion, conclusion, bibliography
  • Peer-reviewed

Blind copy of an article is reviewed by experts in the field before being accepted for publication

i have an article abstract
I have an article abstract
  • Is it peer-reviewed and scholarly?

(*) will find articles tagged under credit card or credit cards

Why would you want to search by a specific field?

tip go citation cruising
Tip: Go citation cruising…

Click the Find it button to see if the library has the article in full-text

tip browse by topic subject heading
Tip: Browse by topic/subject heading

Tells you what the articles might be tagged under

find global market research information
Find Global Market Research Information

Industry Reports



for the literature review
For the literature review
  • The purpose is to find, evaluate and compare information about your topic from a wide range of sources
  • Compare information about reward programs published in a scholarly journal with a market research study from a reputable database
find market research
Find market research
  • MarketLine
  • Mintel
  • Passport GMID
  • FP Corporate Profiler
  • Statistics Canada
  • Search tools
what is mintel
What is Mintel?
  • Provides access to market research reports containing data and analysis of industry trends
  • Coverage includes U.S. and select International Markets including: food and drink, consumer goods, retail, finance, technology, leisure and travel
  • Search What’s Hot, Reports and News sections
  • Notes:You must create an individual account for this database
  • As this is primarily a U.S. database, can be difficult to find Canadian material
what is passport gmid
What is Passport GMID?
  • Provides access to global market analysis with comprehensive coverage of:
    • Industries
    • Countries
    • Consumer trends
  • Contains 115 million internationally comparable statistics
  • Features 17,000 full-text country and market reports
what can i find in passport gmid
What Can I Find in Passport GMID?




Provides access to global market analysis

marketline industry reports
MarketLine – Industry Reports
  • Datamonitor reports for industry profiles includes:
    • Market Overview
    • Market Value
    • Market Shares
    • Market Segmentation
    • Leading Companies
    • Market Forecasts
    • Demographics
craap test use for critique
CRAAP test – Use for critique
  • Currency
    • When was the article published?
    • Is the information current or out-of-date for your topic?
  • Relevance
    • Does the information relate to your topic?
    • Who is the intended audience?
  • Authority
    • Who is the author?
    • What are the author’s qualifications to write on this topic?
  • Accuracy
    • Which magazine or journal does the information come from?
    • Is the information supported by evidence?
  • Purpose
    • What is the purpose of the information?,..inform? teach? sell? entertain? persuade?
    • Do the authors make their intentions or purpose clear?
subject guides
Subject Guides





hands on activity
Hands-on activity
  • Work in pairs
  • 10 minutes