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Female Condoms PowerPoint Presentation
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Female Condoms

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Female Condoms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Female Condoms. Session II: Who Can and Cannot Use the Female Condom . . . . . . Outer ring. Inner ring. Inner ring. Open end. How to Use a Female Condom. Female Condom. Gently insert the inner ring into the vagina

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Female Condoms

Session II: Who Can and Cannot Use the Female Condom

how to use a female condom

Outer ring

Inner ring

Inner ring

Open end

How to Use a Female Condom


  • Gently insert the inner ring into the vagina
  • Place the index finger inside condom, and push the inner ring up as far as it will go
  • Make sure the outer ring is outside the vagina and the condom is not twisted
  • Be sure that the penis enters inside the condom and stays in it during intercourse
  • To remove, twist the outer ring and gently pull
  • Throw away condom properly
  • Open package carefully
  • Make sure the condom is well-lubricated inside
  • Choose a comfortable position―squat, raise one leg, sit or lie down
  • Squeeze the inner ring at the closed end
female condom effective practice
Female Condom: Effective Practice
  • Practice inserting the condom
  • Make sure the penis is inside the condom
  • Avoid using male and female condoms together
  • Never reuse female condoms
female condoms managing problems
Female Condoms:Managing Problems
  • If having trouble inserting: Ask her to demonstrate, suggest practice
  • If uncomfortable: Reinsert or reposition
  • If condom squeaks: Use more lubricant
  • If condoms slips or is not used correctly: Offer emergency contraceptive pills
  • If difficulty persuading partner: Discuss ways to negotiate use; offer other contraceptive options
female condoms managing problems1
Female Condoms:Managing Problems


  • Mild irritation in or around the vagina or penis (itching, redness, rash)
    • Usually goes away on its own
    • Suggest added lubricant inside condom or on penis
    • If symptoms persist, assess and treat for possible vaginal infection or STI
male condoms problems that may require switching
Male Condoms:Problems That May Require Switching
  • Woman is using treatment for vaginal infection
    • Some vaginal medication can damage latex
    • Switch to plastic male condoms or female condoms, or abstain from sex
  • Severe allergic reaction to latex condom (extremely rare)
    • Stop using latex condoms; treat or refer as appropriate

What to Remember

  • Use a condom EVERY TIME you have sex
  • Make sure you always have enough supplies of condoms
  • If a condom is not used correctly, consider emergency contraception as soon as possible
  • Can use more lubricant if needed