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Male Condoms PowerPoint Presentation
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Male Condoms

Male Condoms

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Male Condoms

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  1. Male Condoms Session II: Who Can and Cannot Use the Male Condom

  2.     How to Use a Male Condom Use a new condom for each sex act. Check package for date and damage. Tear open carefully. Before any physical contact, place condom on tip of peniswith rolled rim facing away from body. Unroll condom all the wayto base of penis. Throw away used condom properly After ejaculation, hold rim of condom so it will not slip off, and withdraw penis from vagina while still erect. Slide condom off, avoid spilling semen.

  3. Male Condoms: Practices to Avoid • Condom breakage or slippage is rare • Avoid: • Unrolling the condom in advance • Using oil-based lubricants • Using condoms that may be old or damaged (dried out, brittle, sticky) • Reusing condoms • Practicing dry sex

  4. Lubricants for Latex Male Condoms • Most condoms are packaged with lubricant on them. • If needed, apply lubricant on outside of condom or in vagina, NOT on the penis (can cause condom to slip) • Safe lubricants include water, saliva, and products based on glycerin or silicone. • DO NOT USE products made with oil—such as mineral oil, hand lotion, cooking oil, dairy butter, baby oil, petroleum jelly.

  5. Male Condoms:Managing Problems • If condom slipped, broke or was not used: • Offer emergency contraceptive pills • Ask about practices, behaviors • If difficulty putting on, ask client to demonstrate, correct errors • If difficulty persuading partner to use: • Discuss ways to talk about condoms with partner • Suggest combining condoms with another contraceptive method

  6. Male Condoms:Managing Problems (continued) • Mild irritation or mild allergic reaction to condom—Itching, redness, rash and/or swelling • Suggest trying another brand of condoms • Suggest lubricant or water on the condom • If symptoms continue, assess or refer for possible vaginal infection or STI • If no infection, may have allergy to latex

  7. Male Condoms:Problems That May Require Switching • Woman is using treatment for vaginal infection • Some vaginal medication can damage latex • Switch to plastic male condoms or female condoms, or abstain from sex • Severe allergic reaction to latex condom (extremely rare) • Stop using latex condoms; treat or refer as appropriate

  8. What to Remember • Use a condom EVERY TIME you have sex • Make sure you always have enough supplies of condoms • If a condom breaks, consider emergency contraception as soon as possible • Use only water-based lubricants • Store condoms away from direct sunlight and heat