acid base rhapsody
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Acid/Base Rhapsody

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Acid/Base Rhapsody - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Acid/Base Rhapsody.

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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? No protons around here. Hydronium reality. Open your book and take a look and seeeeeeeeeeeee…. I’m just a poor student – prof. give me your sympathy. Marks are easy come, they’re easy go. Sometimes they’re high, sometimes they’re low. As long as you understand it, it doesn’t really matter to me - to me.
Mama, just had my class, Learned about Arrhenius, Bronsted Lowry, Lewis acids. Conjugate acid/base pairs. Amphoteric and hydrides pull my hair. Mama, oo-ooo-ooo-ooh, Some salts with hydrolize.

If I don’t call again this time tomorrow. Carry on, carry on, I’m studying for this test.

Mama lots to learn acids strong and weak.

Leveling affect- an A is what I seek.

Acid-ionization constants-O, my brain is sore.

Oxyacids, indicators change color!

Mama oooooooooo.

Water auto-ionizes forms hydroxide and hydronium all the time. What??

I see a little acid and its conjugate base - Got a buffer! Got a buffer! Will you do the calculation?! Want a certain pH, find the pka that’s near. Bronsted-Lowry, Bronsted-Lowry,

Bronsted-Lowry, Bronsted-Lowry rules the day.

O-o-o-o-ow… I’m just a poor student spent my money at dance clubs. He’s just a poor student studies titrations at home. Spare him this question of a polyprotic acid.

Easy come easy go-indicator tells you

Now is the endpoint near

I overshot again (and over)

I overshot again (and over)

I think I got it now…. I got it now


Indicator, indicator, indicator lets me know

The lab TA has a buret to decide for me.

for me, for me, For MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

So you think you can do an acid/base titration!!! But when you overshoot the endpoint, it just leads to frustration.Oh, maybe, just a little more base maybe.

I’ll think I’ll get it right. I got to get it right this time.

Doesn’t really matter-acid or base the same.

Doesn’t really matter

Doesn’t really matter to meeeeeeeeeee.

Doesn’t really matter to me.