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The Princess’s Lesson PowerPoint Presentation
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The Princess’s Lesson

The Princess’s Lesson

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The Princess’s Lesson

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  1. The Princess’s Lesson

  2. Table of Contents Title Page…..Slide one Table of contents…..Slide two Paragraph 1…..Slide three Paragraph2…..Slide four Paragraph3…..Slide five Paragraph4…..Slide six Paragraph5…..Slide seven Paragraph6…..Slide eight Paragraph7…..Slide nine

  3. PARAGRAPH 1 once upon a time there was a land under great stress, for the King and Queen were very greedy. They thought someday they will take over the world. They had also given a bad influence to their princess Isabel. Far up in the sky a good fairy {not included in the seven fairies of mercy} watched Isabel with pity. She decided to make her humble and nice.

  4. PARAGRAPH 2 So one faithful night she hid in Isabel’s bed room and when Isabel came in to sleep the fairy came out of her hiding place. The princess was about to say………. GET OUT BUG! but before Isabel could say that she was turned into a wolf! Isabel now Wolfabel screamed with terror and the King threw her out of the castle. Wolfabel got a thorn in her paw. The only place she could go now is the forest so she limped painfully to the forest.

  5. PARAGRAPH 3 After hours of walking VERY PAINFULY through the forest, Wolfabel finally collapsed on the forest floor. She was wondering if she was going to do. Just then a little chipmunk came right beside her. The chipmunk asked her what was wrong with her paw. That's when the little chipmunk saw the thorn and pulled it out. Wolfabel thanked him for being so kind.

  6. PARAGRAPH 4 After a few more hours of walking through the forest, she got very thirsty. Luckily there was a pond near by so she ran to the pond. Wolfabel drank for a while and she felt dirty so she was about to jump into the pond, but a beaver came up to the surface and Wolfabel asked if she could take a bath and he let her take a bath in his pond. Wolfabel thanked him for being so generous.

  7. PARAGRAPH 5 It was getting dark and cold Wolfabel needed to find shelter. She saw a light in the distance so she went toward the light and when she got closer she saw a unicorn. She followed the unicorn and the unicorn told her that she was in a dangerous part of the forest and hunters were every where. The unicorn offered her shelter and food and she agreed and thanked her as well. A few hours later they were being chased by a hunter’s dog but she used her magic to protect them.

  8. PARAGRAPH 6 When Wolfabel saw the house she almost thought the unicorn was poor but the unicorn told her that she needed to disguise her house so that no one would get suspicious about it. Wolfabel got inside she could not believe her eyes! The house was empty. The only things in the house were two beds and a wooden plate. Wolfabel got some raw meat. She did not like raw meat so she just hid the meat under a bush outside.

  9. PARAGRAPH 7 The next day seven little lights appeared and turned her back into a human and she came back to the castle and became the new queen. The princess lived happily ever after. But however Isabel wished she had eaten the raw meat because it wasn’t actually raw!