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Hero's Journey

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Hero's Journey. Kinzah Fatima’s Journey to Pakistan. THE ORDINARY WORLD.

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Hero's Journey

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hero s journey
Hero's Journey

Kinzah Fatima’s Journey to Pakistan

the ordinary world

Kinzah Fatima is a normal girl who lives a happy life with her parents and two siblings. She is twelve years old and has never experienced anything tragic personally. She is sweet and doesn’t like to discuss the topic of death or anything tragic. She is blissful and living the perfect life at the moment….


the call to adventure

Kinzah prepares to have a nice and calm summer after her seventh grade year has ended. She plans on going to the park with her family and the mall with her friends ands reading novels late at night. Suddenly her parents announce that they will be spending the entire summer in Pakistan. Kinzah is unprepared for this.


refusal of the call

At first Kinzah does not like the idea of going to Pakistan unannounced. She believes that it is too sudden and is afraid that her summer will be ruined. She does not wish to go to a foreign place where she wont have any friends and only relatives. She wants to stay at home for the summer, so she refuses to go.


meeting with the mentor

Kinzah goes to her room and is disappointed about her plans being cancelled. Her mother walks in and tells her that it will be a good experience for the whole family if we go. She says that it wont be the same without Kinzah and that the family needs her. She gives Kinzah the courage and strength to be more confident about going to Pakistan.


crossing the threshold

It takes some convincing from both of her parents, but Kinzah finally agrees to go to Pakistan. She tries to make the best out of the situation and be optimistic. She thinks that maybe it wont be so bad. So now our hero prepares for the journey ahead of her. As she starts to pack she thinks about all the things that await her in this new place.


tests allies and enemies

Kinzah arrives at the airport in Pakistan. She is greeted by a large group of her relatives. Everyone is very nice and friendly towards her. She then meets a girl who seems to be around her age. This mystery girl is introduced as her cousin. Kinzah decides to be polite and introduces herself to the girl. Her cousin looks up at her, rolls her eyes, and says her name is Hareem. Kinzah is taken aback by the rude girl. Well I guess Kinzah will be staying away from her….



When Kinzah arrives to her family’s house in Pakistan, she hears the adults whispering among themselves about her younger eight year old cousin. He is in the hospital unconscious with a tumor in his brain. He is in a coma and everyone is worried. The family prepares to go to hospital to greet him and see how he is doing.


the ordeal

When they reach the hospital, they are greeted with devastating news. The hero finds out that her young cousin has passed away in his coma. The doctor says that there was nothing more they could have done because the tumor was too large. The entire family is shocked and shattered. Kinzah and Hareem both run out crying. Kinzah follows Hareem outside and Hareem says that it was her brother. She apologizes to Kinzah for being so mean in the past few days but she was so worried about her little brother. Kinzah comforts Hareem and they become friends.


the reward

In the end Kinzah and Hareem share a silent bond over her deceased brother. Enemies turn into allies. Kinzah and Hareem become closer than ever and tell each other everything now. Although she has made a valuable friend, Kinzah knows that she may lose her at anytime because Hareem is still distraught about her dead brother. The hero continues to try her best to keep her newfound friend happy and healthy.


the ressurection

The family is tested once again about the death of the beloved family member. They must organize and attend his funeral. Hareem cannot handle going but Kinzah tries to build up her confidence to go because her brother would've wanted them both to be there for him. They are tested and are forced to relive the undeniable truth when they see his peaceful body lying in the coffin, still like an angel. Kinzah and Hareem stay strong through the funeral and support each other.


return with the elixer

Kinzah finally says her goodbyes to Hareem and all her other relatives and boards the plane, heading for home. During the flight she thinks back to everything that has happened to her this summer. She returns home feeling stronger. Our hero arrives bearing the trait of confidence because she knows things will get better soon. Although she will never forget what happened, she will still hold a small piece of hope in her heart about her dead cousin and Hareem; that in the end, things will get better.


the end
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