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Tasks Today quiz 3

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Tasks Today quiz 3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tasks Today quiz 3. II. Fill in the gaps with words or phrases listed in the box. Change the form where necessary. beneath polish mood aware look forward to acknowledge have sth. to oneself sake for one's sake let go of.

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II. Fill in the gaps with words or phrases listed in the box. Change the form where necessary.

beneathpolishmoodawarelook forward toacknowledgehave sth. to oneselfsakefor one's sakelet go of

on the wholetendencyslipindividualplotto one's knowledgeneedless to sayversioninnocentcall forth

be hooked onon top of intensecommunicationworldwideacquaintance scatteroutwardsvehicleovernight

embracerespondcontraryto the contrarynotiondisturbdefinejustifyrarelegal

1. Joseph has given up smoking for the of his health.
  • 2. City officials that the earthquake had caused more damage than previously announced.
  • 3. The King,of Sir Smith's ability and growing influence, offered him a position in court.
  • 4. She hadn't seen her son for two years. The moment he got off the car, shehim tightly.
  • 5. Having had another drink, he appeared to be in a talkative and began to tell us what had happened in the hotel that night.
6. For a long time it was thought to be a harmless substance but there has recently been some proof

and you are now warned off it.

  • 7. Those childrenthe whole cake in five minutes!
  • 8. After weeks at sea, it was wonderful to feel firm groundour feet again.
  • 9. Some countries have made the carrying of identity cards a requirement.
  • 10. I like to watch TV at home and only go to the cinema on very occasions.
11. Developments in the last decades of the 20th century seemed to the title of one of the era's most influential books, The Declining Significance of Race (1978) by W. J. Wilson.

12. It's difficult tomodern art in a way that includes all of the various forms of 20th-century Western art.

13. What me most is her total lack of sense of shame. 14. In the 1980s thethat a car would "talk" to the driver was science fiction; by the 1990s it had become a reality. 15. From the early 1990s on many Chinese families began to an apartment of their own.

16. Doctors tried many drugs on the patient, but he failed to to any of them. 17. At such a popular cafe you can hardly expect toa table . 18. You're hurting me! of my arm! 19. Your mother will not stand another disappointment. I'm helping you .20. "Pull" and "push" are terms.
21. Language is the of thought.
  • 22. Some students have got socomputer games that they neglect their studies and fail in their courses.
  • 23. There was somedebate at the meeting on how to cut spending.
  • 24. Because my computer broke down, the telephone became the only means of with my foreign friends and it cost me a lot.
  • 25. Theeconomic recession (衰退) has so far not affected our profits because we have a big domestic market.
26. I had planned to come back in the evening, but my friends insisted that I staywith them.
  • 27. The protection of the rights and freedoms of the
  • must be balanced against other needs of society.
  • 28. No one noticed when she into the room.
  • 29. The film is built on a fascinating love story that runs like a 21st century of Romeo and Juliet.
  • 30. Despite some unexpected delays at the beginning, our project, , went on smoothly.
31. His use of the term "nigger" a storm of protest from the Blacks.
  • 32. With few building lots left in downtown areas, the city is spreading .
  • 33. Jason is one of my old , but somehow I have never achieved intimacy with him.
  • 34., Tom, the top student of our class, came out with the highest score in the national test.
  • 35. Many people are turning to the Internet to find romance, but , few of them have succeeded.
36. Bad fortune seems to have caught up with my friend Joe. He has lost his job. He has lost his house. , he has lost his girl friend.
  • 37. Sam is as as a child. I don't think he is capable of murder.
  • 38. Helen was then very sick. For a time she had to struggle against suicidal .
  • 39. Jane Austin's novels all have a very interesting
  • .
  • 40.on the mountainside are some small tree-sheltered farm cottages.
  • 1)    sake2)     acknowledged3)    aware4)     embraced5)    mood
  • 6) to the contrary7)   polished off
  • 8)    beneath9)    legal10)    rare
  • 11)    justify12)     define13)    disturbs14)    notion15) look forward to16)    respond17)  have ... to yourself18)  Let go of19)   for her sake20)    contrary
  • 参考答案:
  • 1)   vehicle2)     hooked on3)   intense4)    communication5)    worldwide6)    overnight7)    individual8)   slipped9)   version10) on the whole11)  called forth12)     outwards13)    acquaintances14) Needless to say15) to my knowledge16)  On top of that17)     innocent18)    tendencies19)    plot20)   Scattered