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Foli = Leaf

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Foli = Leaf - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Foli = Leaf. A vitamin contained in leafy green vegetables. Folic Acid (n). To strip of leaves. Exfoliate (v). Bifoliate (n). A plant having two leaves. Portfolio (n). A portable case for carrying sheets (leaves) of paper. Trefoil (n). A three leafed clover. Defoliant (n).

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Foli = Leaf

A vitamin contained in leafy green vegetables.

Folic Acid (n)

To strip of leaves.

Exfoliate (v)

Bifoliate (n)

A plant having two leaves.

Portfolio (n)

A portable case for carrying sheets (leaves) of paper.

Trefoil (n)

A three leafed clover.

Defoliant (n)

A chemical which causes green leaves to drop.

Folio (n)

Pages of a manuscript.

Unifoliate (n)

A plant having one leaf.

Foliage (n)

All the leaves of a plant.

Foil (n)

A thin sheet (leaf) of metal.

The act of growing plants in water.


Do Now 9/12/11

Greek Root Vocabulary:

Miss/ Mitt= To Send

Missile (n)

A rocket or weapon sent through the air

A person sent for a special task or mission, usually religious.

Missionary (n)

A message sent through the mail.

Missive (n)

Transmit (v)

To send from one person to another.

Submissive (adj)

Yielding; Obedient

Commissioner (n)

A person sent to meet with others to plan and make official decisions.

Remittance (n)

Money send in payment.

Smite (v)

To send a sharp blow; To strike.

Permit (v)

To allow; To authorize.

Admissible (adj.)

Able to be sent as truthful evidence.


Class Period

Greek Root Vocabulary:

Mal= Bad

Malevolent (adj)

A word describing a person who wishes bad things would happen to others.

A word used the wrong way, usually with humorous results.

Malapropism (n)

Desiring harm to someone or something.

Malicious (adj)

Malodorous (adj)

Bad smell; Stinky.

Malady (n)

Bad health; illness; sickness.

Bad air; a disease usually spread by infected mosquitoes.

Malaria (n)

Malediction (n)

Bad speech; a curse.

An evildoer; a person who does bad things .

Malefactor (n)

Harmful; Something bad enough it can result in death when related to cancer.

Malignant (adj)

Performing one's duty in a bad way.

Malpractice (n)


September 21, 2009

Greek Root Vocabulary:

Gen= Birth or Origin

Gender (n)

The sex a person is born, male or female.

A group of people born around the same time

Generation (n)

The children born to a person.

Progeny (n)

Indigenous (adj)

Born in, originating naturally in a particular region.

Genuine (adj)

Originating from one true source.

Generic (adj)

Typical of original, but not from the one true source.

Generous (adj)

Very giving, as if born with plenty of money.

Genius (n)

A person born with great intelligence.

Genteel (adj)

Elegant, graceful, as typical of one born to the upper class.

Genesis (n.)

The birth or origin of something.


September 28, 2009

Greek Root Vocabulary:

Ped-Pod= Foot

Centipede (n)

An insect having many legs.

The support at the foot of a vase or statue.

Pedestal (n)

Impediment (n)

An obstacle to one's feet; a hindrance.

Podiatrist (n)

One who treats disorders of the feet.

An instrument for measuring the distance one covers on foot.

Pedometer (n)

Quadruped (n)

A four-footed animal.

Pedestrian (n)

One who travels on foot.

Pedal (n)

A foot lever.

Pedicure (n)

Care for the feet and toenails.

Tripod (n.)

A three-footed stand.


October 12, 2009

Greek Root Vocabulary:

Astr/Stell= Star

Constellation (n)

A group of stars.

Event that occurs under the influence of a negative star; a calamity.

Disaster (n)

A fall flower shaped like a star.

Aster (n)

Stellar (adj)

Like a star; Most important.

Astronomy (n)

Science which studies stars and their movement.


Clear dome of an aircraft for viewing the stars and sky.

Stelliform (adj)

Star shaped.

Asteroid (n)

A starlike body in space; a small planet.

Asterisk (n)

A star used in printing to refer to a margin note.

Astrologer (n.)

Person who examines the stars' influence on people.


November 3, 2009

Greek Root Vocabulary:

Chron/Temp = Time

Anachronism (n)

Anything out of its proper time.

A historical account of events of a particular time.

Chronicles (n)

Continuing for a long time.

Chronic (adj)

Chronometer (n)

A timepiece; a watch; a clock.

Lasting for a short period of time.

Temporary (adj)

Given without time to prepare; spur of the moment.

Extemporaneous (adj)

Someone living at the same time.

Contemporary (n)

The time of a piece of music, fast or slow.

Tempo (n)

To cause something to happen at the same time.

Synchronize (v)

Tempest (n)

A violent storm lasting for a portion of time.