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American Greetings: New Beginning

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American Greetings: New Beginning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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American Greetings: New Beginning. Team AI: Will Cheesman- Innovation and Creativity Nakul Rajaram- Project Management Andrew Schuch- Technical Contributions Rohit Awade- Communications . Background. They are the largest greeting card company in the U nited States.

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american greetings new beginning

American Greetings: New Beginning

Team AI:

Will Cheesman- Innovation and Creativity

Nakul Rajaram- Project Management

Andrew Schuch- Technical Contributions

Rohit Awade- Communications

  • They are the largest greeting card company in the United States.
  • Greeting Cards are printed in their Bardstown, Kentucky factory.
  • Also own Carlton Cards, Tender Thoughts, Just For You, and Gibson Greeting Cards.
about bardstown facility
About Bardstown Facility
  • Their manufacturing facility is 100,800 sq ft.
  • Factory has three main processes die-cut, thermo, and packaging.
  • Work in progress sections fill in the rest of the floor plan.
statement of need
Statement of Need
  • Analyze floor plan and improve material handling.
  • Identify bottlenecks in process.
  • Decrease work in progress area.
  • Improve overall efficiency of the plant.
  • Cost justify all alternative solutions.
interesting facts
Interesting Facts
  • The plant manufacture 250,000,000 thermographic cards per year.
  • American Greetings recently overtook Hallmark to be the biggest greeting card manufacturer in the world.
  • All the sheets get a Hot-Press and Die-Cut
  • Manually transported to WIP
  • Moves from WIP to Thermographic Card Press
  • Manually transported to WIP
  • Carted to Packaging Lines for final step
approach workflow
Approach: Workflow
  • Modeled the entire process on Arena.
  • Based on drawings and data gathered, made the arena model of the plant.
  • Identified thermo machines as bottleneck.
approach carts
Approach: Carts
  • Identified remodeling of old carts as an area to improve functionality.
  • Make carts more ergonomically efficient.
  • Improve carts to reduce cycle time.
  • Increase the volume, reduce WIP.
  • Reduce potential for injuries.
ergonomic improvement
Ergonomic Improvement
  • Use cost effective carts with electric scissor lifts attached to bottom of skids.
  • Adjustable work station to keep materials at a comfortable height.
  • Angled handlebars for smaller risk of injury, along with less effort required.
expected results cart
Expected Results: Cart
  • Reducing the area utilized by Work In Progress(WIP) inventory.
  • With the larger cart volume, each new cart can about one and a halfold carts.
  • This would save over 346square feet of WIP area across the plant.
expected results cart1
Expected Results: Cart
  • New cart has 52 % more volume.
  • 66:100 ratio new to old carts
  • This ratio leads to annual savings of $140,646.28
expected result thermo
Expected Result: Thermo
  • Bottleneck in the Thermo section of the plant
  • 3 Heidelberg (New)
  • 5 Davidson (Old)
  • New Heidelberg will increase production and reduce the wait time for the process
expected result thermo1
Expected Result: Thermo
  • Add Heidelberg (70,000 cards/shift)
  • Remove 2 Davidsons (30,000 cards/shift)
  • Wait time reduced by 24%
  • Overall throughput increased by 14%
  • Convert all old carts to our new design.
  • Purchase a new heidelberg thermo machine.
  • New Electric scissor lift cart
  • Got to experience first hand the inner working of a manufacturing unit
  • Learnt the importance of a team in real life situations
  • Communicating and working with real clients
thank you
Thank you!

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