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A Model for Success

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A Model for Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Model for Success
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  1. A Model for Success Lesson 4: Making a difference

  2. Warm-up • BFL MISSION STATEMENT: Bead for Life creates sustainable opportunities for women to lift their families out of extreme poverty by connecting people worldwide in a circle of exchange that enriches everyone. WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS MEANS?

  3. Sustainability • Creating a system that considers consequences/results of the present and of the future… • Example- I need materials to build my house. I will cut down this forest. What are the consequences? Are there positives and negatives? Can the negatives be prevented by thinking about future needs?

  4. IN your GROUP • Coffee Talk Volume • One person read mission statement and philosophy aloud(1 min) • Why would BFL choose this approach to help? Why not just give $, homes, healthcare? (2 min- discuss) (2 min-share)

  5. In your Group • Coffee Talk • Choose one person to read the Chinese Proverb aloud “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” • Discuss: How does this connect to BFL’s philosophy? (2 min) Share

  6. Read definitions of “Sustainability” and “Fair Trade” • Is BFL a Fair Trade organization? • Do you think it is important for a company to be an FTO? Why or Why not? 5 min discuss (5 min share)

  7. Assign roles Readers (2) Documenter -on white board (writes down answers to questions) All will need to write answers on own paper. Time keeper Spokesperson Use given documents to answer ? For your assigned program area. Your group will share to the class and the class will rely on your info to fill in blanks on their sheets. You are the teacher! (5 min max per group) IN your GROUP

  8. Closing- Write your answers silently and prepare to share • How does the BFL serve as a Model for Success? • Using what you have learned about extreme poverty, what do you think is essential to the program’s success in leading people out of extreme poverty? • What other steps can be taken to alleviate hunger and poverty in other parts of the world? Do you have ideas inspired by this program? What are they?

  9. Part 2-How to Roll a Bead • http://www.vimeo.com/5132994

  10. Can you roll a bead? • Cut out strips using the template • Roll bead • Glue end Who’s the fastest and most quality beadmaker?