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Small Group Discussion

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Small Group Discussion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Part 1 Marzano Question Stems Your Homework Assignment was to Find out how much students already know about important new terms and concepts you plan to teach using the Pre-test you constructed last week . Small Group Discussion.

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Part 1 Marzano Question StemsYour Homework Assignment was toFind out how much students already know about important new terms and concepts you plan to teach using the Pre-test you constructed last week.

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6

small group discussion
Small Group Discussion
  • Each person take a few minutes to share the summary of results of your Marzano Word Stems .
  • Talk about your overall view of how your students did on the pretest. This is your ‘holistic assessment’ of your class’s prior knowledge.
  • Now talk about groups of students who seem to have about the same needs and abilities. This is your ‘analytic assessment’ of the class.
  • Be prepared to share with everyone what you learned 1) from pretest results, and 2) any trends that seem to exist across all of the classrooms in your group.
whole group discussion
Whole Group Discussion

What did you learn about your class from the

pretest? Were there any surprises?

About what percentage of your students are likely to need a good bit of instruction with new terms and concepts?

Can you think of ways you can give students

sufficient instruction BEFORE, DURING, and

AFTER reading their assignments? With VERVE?

MCLA Session 3, Fall 2009

part 2 optional strategy wiki writing

Part 2: Optional StrategyWiki Writing

Wiki is a jointly authored document that is searchable and contains links to other parts of the document and/or to related information on the Internet. Unlike blogs where readers can only offer comments about the content of an electronic document, wikis allow visitors to the online site to change the content.

Wiki writing(Morgan & Smith, 2008) in the classroom has students researching topics and creating online multimedia reports using wiki technology to encourage collaboration between students and the teacher.

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6

wiki writing read discuss
Wiki Writing: Read & Discuss
  • Let’s take a few minutes to read an article about Wiki Writing, and how one teacher implemented it in his classroom.
  • Use the reading guide (handout) to answer a few questions about Wiki Writing in order to better understand this possibility. We’ll talk as a group in about 10 minutes.

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6

Let’s Take a Look at A Middle School Example of Wiki Writing offered by two teachersright here in Tennessee!

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6

why we wiki


Croft Global Environmental Awareness Design Center

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools


Sally Spear and Linda Miller

Croft Middle School

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6

why we wiki8
Why we WIKI?



  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Whole School or Organization
  • Other Groups

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6

middle school examples
Middle School Examples

EighthGrade Student Wiki

  • Academic Features
  • Social Benefits
  • Safety and Security

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6

from their wiki page
From their wiki page…

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6

www academic examples
WWW: Academic Examples

Exploravision Projects for Science

Student projects created and completed online.

Why We Wiki:

  • Increased participation from prior years due to greater collaboration using the wiki.
  • New technology tools tap excitement and motivation of the students and teachers.
  • Improved assessment.

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6

a sample wiki done by students
A sample wiki done by students…

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6


Wiki Writing is now part of their SIP!

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6

why we wiki concluding thoughts
Why we Wiki:Concluding Thoughts

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.  ~Alvin Toffler

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6

what if we like the wiki idea but lack the necessary technology
What if we LIKE the Wiki idea, but lack the necessary technology?

Let’s put our heads together in a

Joint Productive Activity (JPA) and see if we can come up with some possibilities…

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6

PART 3: In-class work session to prepare for CAP #1“Community of scholars” work groups sharing ideas for CAP #2 (your homework assignment)

MCLA (Fall 2009) Session 6

working with your literacy coach
Working With Your Literacy Coach

To complete CAP #1 (DUE: Sept 29/Oct 1) you will now work with your literacy coach(es) at your school. Here is a graphic that shows the process of working with your coach:

MCLA Session 3, Fall 2009

for next week
For next week…
  • Schedule a meeting with your Literacy Coach to discuss how you will complete CAP #2
  • In class next week we will being discussing ways you can help your students read their text assignments with greater speed and comprehension!

MCLA Session 3, Fall 2009