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Laparoscopic Surgery Center – Aashara Hospital PowerPoint Presentation
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Laparoscopic Surgery Center – Aashara Hospital

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Laparoscopic Surgery Center – Aashara Hospital - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aashara hospital is Best for Gynaecology and Laparoscopy treatment in Chennai. Aashara hospital is well equipped with advance technology for fertility & Laparoscopy treatment in Chennai. Best Laparoscopy treatment hospital in Chennai

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aashara hospital

Aashara Hospital

Laproscopic Center – Aashara Hosital

Aashara hospital is ISO:2008 CERTIFIED. "Aashara" by itself means

"Rays of Hope" and "Shelter"...Founded by Dr. A.Mythily, Obstetrician & Gynaecologis.

and Dr. S. Balaji, Paediatrician with a vision of establishing a dedicated women and

child care unit and achieving yet another milestone in women & child health care.

Laproscopic PCOD Drilling

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a health problem that can affect a woman’s

menstrual cycle, ability to have children, blood vessels, hormones, heart and

appearance. With PCOS, women typically have: 1. High levels of androgens.

These are sometimes called male hormones, although females also make them.

2. Many small cysts in their ovaries and they are fluid-filled sacs. One of the ways

of treating this disease is Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling. 3. Missed or irregular

periods. “Ovarian drilling” is a surgery that brings on ovulation. It is done when a

woman does not respond to fertility medicines. Patients of PCOD are taken up

for surgery after strict pre-operative diagnostic work-ups that include ultrasound,

blood test for FSH, LH, TSH, PRL and DHEAS. When a patient satisfies all the

above investigation the first line of management

above investigation, the first line of management is diet advice, weight reduction,

increase physical activity. For medical management, clomiphene citrate is used.

Insulin sensitizers, metformin etc are used as basic outlay. In PCOS hyper

insulinemia occurs as a result of insulin insensitivity which is treated with

metformin. After a fair trial of medical management and if the patient still does not

become pregnant, patients are then taken up for laparoscopic ovarian drilling.

Most of the women will ovulate the very next month after PCOD drilling and are

able to achieve pregnancy within 3-6 months of the surgery.

Diagnostic Hystero Laproscopy

Diagnostic Hystero laparoscopy is a small operation

(Procedure) done under anesthesia ( GA ). It is a day care procedure and patients

are discharged on the same day. In this operation a laparoscope is introduced into

the abdomen, the uterus, tubes, ovaries, pouch of douglas and bowel is visualized.

Tubal patency is confirmed by injection of dye. Small corrective operations are also

done through laparoscope such as ovarian drilling, adhesiolysis excision of

myomas endometriomas cauterisation etc tubal

myomas, endometriomas, cauterisation etc. Tubal Ostia can be visualized and

cornual block can be removed if needed. Through hysteroscope the uterine cavity

is visualised. Polyps, fibroids, septum etc are diagnosed & treated. At the end of

hysteroslaparoscopy ,the diagnosis of Infertility is definitely established and a

treatment plan is made. It is better to do a hystero laparoscopy in all cases of






Hysteroslaparoscopy is the golden standard for basic investigation and treatment

in fertility, as it not only helps identify the cause of infertility but also provides a

solution to the problem in the same sitting