world class commissioning for improved healthcare n.
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World Class Commissioning for Improved Healthcare PowerPoint Presentation
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World Class Commissioning for Improved Healthcare

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World Class Commissioning for Improved Healthcare - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World Class Commissioning for Improved Healthcare. Gary Belfield Director of Commissioning Department of Health. Commonwealth Fund – Mirror, mirror on the wall.

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World Class Commissioning for Improved Healthcare

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    Presentation Transcript
    world class commissioning for improved healthcare

    World Class CommissioningforImproved Healthcare

    Gary Belfield

    Director of Commissioning

    Department of Health

    commonwealth fund mirror mirror on the wall

    Commonwealth Fund – Mirror, mirror on the wall

    * 2003 data - Source: Calculated by Commonwealth Fund based on the Commonwealth Fund 2004 International Health Policy Survey, the Commonwealth Fund 2005 International Health Policy Survey of Sicker Adults, the 2006 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey of Primary Care Physicians, and the Commonwealth Fund Commission on a High Performance Health System National Scorecard.



    EU-15 (member countries before 2004)

    EU-12 new (member countries from 2004)

    EU weighted averages



    Infant mortality

    England, EU countries and selected averages, latest data (2004*), ranked

    Health Profile of England 2007

    Rate per 1,000 Live births

    * Denmark, Italy – 2001; Belgium - 1997

    what is commissioning

    What is commissioning?

    “Commissioning is using the available resources to achieve the best outcomes by securing the best possible health and care services for local people”

    adding life to years and years to life

    Adding life to years

    and years to life



    • Better health and well being for all
      • People stay healthier for longer – “adding life to years.”
      • People live longer and health inequalities are dramatically reduced – ”…and years to life”
    • Better care for all
      • Services are of the best clinical quality and evidence based
      • People exercise choice and control over the services that they access so they become more personalised.
    • Better value for all
      • Informed investment decisions
      • PCTs work across organisational boundaries to maximise effective care.
    review current service provision

    Review current service provision

    Decide priorities

    Assess needs

    Strategic planning

    Design service

    Specify outcomes &procure services

    Managing demand and performance

    Managing performance (quality, performance, outcomes)

    Shape structure of supply

    Clinical decision making

    Manage demand and ensure appropriate access to care

    vision and competencies





    e g chronic heart disease

    e.g. Chronic Heart Disease

    Stretch target


    Upper Quartile







    Popn ‘x’

    Determined by:



    Local population

    Vital Signs

    Clinical staff, IS and Vol Sector drive innovation to deliver

    11 competencies

    11 Competencies

    1. Locally lead the NHS

    7. Stimulate the market

    8. Promote improvement and innovation

    2. Work with community partners

    9. Secure procurement skills

    3. Engage with public and patients

    10. Manage the local health system

    4. Collaborate with clinicians

    11. Make sound financial investments

    5. Manage knowledge and assess needs

    6. Prioritise investment

    a commissioner assurance system

    A commissioner assurance system

    Measures quality in health care and ability to deliver key health outcomes and services

    Assessment against

    three domains:

    Health outcomes and



    NHS Input

    NHS Input


    Review of board controls and processes , strategy, and long term financial controls

    Measures whether the organisation possess the competencies associated with world class commissioning

    what will success look like
    What will success look like?
    • Vibrant, effective partnerships
    • Population actively engaged
    • Clear local priorities and long term strategy, to tackle local health issues
    • Innovative practice based commissioners working to an agreed PCT wide strategy . . . But leaving room for very local initiatives
    • People are staying healthier for longer
    • People are living longer
    • The inequalities gap is narrowing
    nhs next stage review areas under consideration
    NHS Next Stage review – areas under consideration

    Strengthening the focus on staying healthy

    Supporting people to manage their long term condition

    Integrated health and social care services

    Tackling health inequalities

    Quality of care

    what next
    What next?

    Provider arm


    Health & Social care

    Learn, share & buy

    Greater IS input


    Next stage review

    Primary & Community focus


    envisioning in a box what is it

    Envisioning in a Box

    - What is it?

    Peter Askew

    Business Development Manager

    envisioning in a box demonstration

    Envisioning in a Box

    - Demonstration

    Nick Umney and Tim Gee

    strategy for customer and partner success

    Strategy for Customer and Partner success

    Presented by

    Tim Gee Healthcare Business Manager

    Nick Umney Lead Account Technology Strategist

    connected and extended
    Connected and Extended



    Windows Server Virtualization

    Deploy & Manage

    Protect & Secure

    nhs needs
    NHS Needs?

    DOH Local Information Management &Technology Plans

    The objectives for 2008/2009

    “Individual organisations will work collaboratively within country wide governance arrangements to produce a inclusive IM&T plan that effectively supports the delivery of high quality service for patients and provide frontline staff with the tools and information they need to provide these services;”

    “Progress towards the achievement of the mature IM&T Environment required to support integrated care across health settings;” – Longer term plans 2010/11

    “It is vital that to meet the NHS commitment to maintain appropriate confidentiality of patient data, Information Governance (IG) policy and practice reflects the increases in the potential to share information afforded by the programme. “

    “NHS providers will need to include in their plans the substantial business transformation and infrastructure readinessrequired to exploit these technologies”

    “ improvements in data quality”

    knowledge driven health 1
    Knowledge Driven Health
    • Quick and easy access to data and information via enhanced analytical tools, dashboards and business intelligence
    • Share citizen records as appropriate to speed services and avoid duplication, using security-enhanced technologies
    • Improved access to information and services including Search
    • View data from multiple agencies in a single repository
    • Improve Patient outcomes with more informed decision-making.
    • Improved decision-making through increased real-time collaboration, using data from across multi- disciplinary or distributed teams
    • Improved content and data management reducing the time spent searching for info
    • Maximize Enterprise Search capabilities that help people find and share information
    • Integrated collaboration capabilities such as automated workflow
    • Enable care givers to collaborate seamlessly virtually anywhere on any device.
    • Create electronic client records, providing a single unified view of the client
    • Pull records from multiple agencies into one client record via common client ID
    • Create interoperability within IT infrastructure, to tie into older systems, and to move data between old and new systems
    • Share and integrate data appropriately with security-enhanced technologies
    • Connect via a Healthcare service-oriented architecture.
    envisioning session
    Envisioning Session

    License &










    marketing in the nhs for partners

    Marketing in the NHS for Partners

    Mark Treleaven

    NHS Marketing Manager

    microsoft nhs resource centre

    Microsoft NHS Resource Centre


    Online Business Manager