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Walk Two Moons

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Walk Two Moons . Chapters 9-16 journaling and activities . Describe the main events in each of the stories the novel is alternating between. Questions over Chapters 9-10 .

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Walk Two Moons

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    1. Walk Two Moons Chapters 9-16 journaling and activities

    2. Describe the main events in each of the stories the novel is alternating between.

    3. Questions over Chapters 9-10 • 1. In what ways is Mary Lou's house different from Phoebe's? In what ways is it different from Sal's home in Bybanks? Whose family would you most like to live with? • 2. Phoebe gets a message that says, "Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins." What does this mean? • 3. Why do Sal and her mother prefer the term Indian to Native American?

    4. Chapters 11-12 1. Sal tells Phoebe not to get so defensive when she suggests the mysterious message is for her father. Why do you think Phoebe gets defensive? 2. What does "Everyone has his own agenda" mean? Who do you think is leaving the messages? 3. Why did Gramps hit his best friend in the jaw?

    5. Questions over Chapters 13-16 • 1. Does Phoebe's mom really like to put the groceries away by herself? Why does Sal think Phoebe's mom is upset? Why does Phoebe think she's fine? What does Phoebe's mom mean by "tiny life"? • 2. Why does the boy go with the Hiddles to the hospital? • 3. By the end of chapter 16, what are the whispers saying to Sal? Why? • 4. What does Sal’s tendency to flinch when someone touches her suggest about her character?

    6. Chapters 9-16 Review Questions • 1. What happened when Sal's father hugged her? • 2. What did Ben do to Sal that confused her? • 3. Where did Sal and Phoebe see Mrs. Finney taking a nap? • 4. Who was Sadie? • 5. What did Sal call the tall aspen tree beside the barn of her old place? • 6. Why does Ben's comment about flinching when being touched bother Sal so much?

    7. Find 7 words to describe Sal and then give details to support your description

    8. Uncovering Mysteries Several mysteries remain unanswered at this point in the novel. They include the following: • Who is Mrs. Cadaver? • Who is the lunatic? • Why is someone leaving the mysterious messages? • Why has Mrs. Winterbottom disappeared? • What has happened to Sal’s mother? In your group, come up with possible explanations. Try to reach a consensus on the most reasonable explanation for each mystery. Using one sheet of paper, take turns having each group member write down an answer.