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OHD. (Other Health Disabilities). OHD Criteria. http://education.state.mn.us/MDE/SchSup/ComplAssist/Monitoring/Checklists/index.html. How to access the forms…. http://www.hastings.k12.mn.us/ Click on the following: Special services Teacher resources OHD. Categories for OHD.

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(Other Health Disabilities)

Ohd criteria

OHD Criteria


How to access the forms
How to access the forms….

  • http://www.hastings.k12.mn.us/

    Click on the following:

  • Special services

  • Teacher resources

  • OHD

Categories for ohd
Categories for OHD

  • Link to the MDE website = helpful info!


Required medical forms
Required Medical Forms

  • Medical release (authorization to release information - this form can be found on iPlan under blank forms)

  • Medical Documentation Form

  • Medical Documentation Form for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Required evaluation forms
Required Evaluation Forms

  • Parent Interview

  • Teacher Interview AND Observation (Systematic Interview/Observation Worksheet)

  • Organizational and Independent Work Skills Checklists (use if organizational concerns; PreK/K, Elementary, and Secondary forms are separate)

Initial evaluation required
Initial Evaluation – REQUIRED

  • Achievement testing

  • Parent and teacher(s) interviews – conducted by special ed teacher

  • One or more observations – at least 1 conducted by special ed teacher

  • Review of health history, including verification of medical diagnosis

  • Review of Records (Health and Education)

Initial evaluation optional
Initial Evaluation – OPTIONAL

  • IQ testing

  • Interview with student

  • Information from school nurse or other knowledgeable about health condition of the student

  • Behavior rating scales

  • Gross and fine motor measures

  • Sensory measures

  • Communication measures

  • Functional skills checklist

  • Environmental, socio-cultural, & ethnic information reviews

Sample pwn prior written notice
SAMPLE PWN (Prior Written Notice)

  • Joey A. Person’s PWN for the evaluation

How to complete the report what goes under the different sections
How to complete the report…What goes under the different sections?

  • Information from nurse

    - Vision/Hearing Screening – go under “Sensory”

    - Verification of Medical Diagnosis and Review of Health Records – goes under “Physical”

  • Observations

    - if evaluating more than 1category, put under “Observation”

  • Parent information

    - Home/family questionnaire – goes under “Background Information” under “Information Reported by the Parent”

    - OHD interview – goes under “Functional”

    - CPI – goes under “Other”

  • Teacher information

    - Anecdotal information – goes under “Background Information”

    - OHD interview – goes under “Functional”

    - the Org & Independent Work Skills Checklist – goes under “Functional”

How does a child qualify
How does a child qualify?

SLD vs OHD…….LD vs OHD……EBD vs OHD?

  • How do you determine which criteria best describes the needs of the student?

  • Team decision about qualifying

The end of the eval report
The End of the Eval Report

  • Summary

  • PLAAFP (Present levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance)

  • Determination of Eligibility

    What’s the Difference???

Summary of results
Summary of Results

  • Comprehensive summary of all evaluation results

  • This is NOT an individual summary of each test (i.e., WISC-IV, WJ III, etc)

  • Mention if he/she qualifies for services.

  • Joey’s Summary


  • Student strengths

  • Describe how the student’s disability impacts his/her involvement & progress in the general curriculum

  • Parent input/concerns

  • Document any pertinent medical information

  • Address student performance on grade level standards through multiple measures (MCAs, NWEA, DIBELS, classroom/formative assessments, progress monitoring data, teacher/student input)

  • Transition information (secondary)

Example of a plaafp
Example of a PLAAFP

  • Joey’s PLAAFP

  • Another example: Sally’s specific learning disability and ADHD dx impact her independent reading comprehension in the general education curriculum and her attention in the classroom. Sally takes Ritalin to manage her ADHD symptoms during the school day. She has good comprehension if the story is read to her, but is unable to decode independently. Her parents report that she gets frustrated easily at home when attempting to do her reading homework, but she enjoys being read to at bedtime. Sally did not meet proficiency on the 3rd and 4th grade MCA reading tests, therefore, may not achieve proficiency on grade-level standards during this school year. Sally improved her reading NWEA MAP score from Fall 2010 (1%) to Spring 2011 (10%). On classroom weekly assessments, Sally is able to perform at approximately 80% accuracy when they are read to her. Classroom teacher reports that Sally gets frustrated easily when she is unable to read an unknown word and does not use decoding strategies. Sally says she likes to read about ocean life but feels reading is hard for her.

Determination of eligibility
Determination of Eligibility

  • This is the criteria for the disability area (OHD, EBD, SLD, DCD, etc)

  • Student open in Iplan

  • Check boxes-save

  • Plan Index

  • OHD

  • Print this page

  • Select all

  • Copy

  • Paste


  • http://education.state.mn.us/MDE/SchSup/ComplAssist/QA/IEP/

    Look for this:

    Q&A: Other Health Disabilities Criteria and Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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