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Martial Memories

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Martial Memories. Honoring and remembering our brothers and sisters in the martial arts that have gone on before us. Saturday Oct 9 th , 2010 Rockies Kick 2010. Martial Artist Friends that have Passed On. 3 rd Dan David Curtis Master Glass Master Rebbernigg Christina Gonzales

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martial memories

Martial Memories

Honoring and remembering our brothers and sisters in the martial arts that have gone on before us.

Saturday Oct 9th, 2010

Rockies Kick 2010

martial artist friends that have passed on
Martial Artist Friends that have Passed On
  • 3rd Dan David Curtis
  • Master Glass
  • Master Rebbernigg
  • Christina Gonzales
  • Daniel Forchione, Judo Student, U of A PD
  • ?
  • Tell us something about them…
moving on
Moving On
  • We can take our memories and what we’ve learned from others and continue to pass it on.
  • People continue to live on when they live on in our hearts.
  • In the martial arts continuing the lessons that one teacher learned is continuing our lineage.
  • Part of being a traditional martial art like we are is continuing traditions of past instructors.
lessons learned from instructors
Lessons Learned from Instructors
  • “Embrace the suck”
  • Focus
  • Keep a positive attitude. When the instructor criticize you, they aren’t being mean, they are helping you improve.
  • Chung Do Kwan Basics
  • How to spar in a more relaxed form.
  • How to remain motivated.
  • The forms I’ve learned throughout my years of martial arts training.
  • Awareness of surroundings. Respect of others & self. Humbleness. Choices.
  • Perseverance
  • Patience
  • There is always another level of pain.
lessons i ve learned
Lessons I’ve learned
  • Master LeBlanc –
      • “Practice of Perfection makes perfect”
      • “No superior martial art – but there are superior practitioners”
      • Short fighting stance for mobility, lead leg fighting
      • Adapt to situation – different rules for competition – no rules on street
      • Power and focus
      • Look at mid-chest in sparring
master ron squibb
Master Ron Squibb
  • Master Squibb
    • Always strive for excellence
    • “Put yourself there” for a block
    • Quick like a cat, or lightning
    • Had me work on my side-kick at brown belt level
    • See students improve their lives is more important than having students that excel at everything because they are naturally athletic.
    • “Buckets of sweat” from Master JB Chung
    • Pay attention to details
    • Always commit your time to teaching – 1 person there teach them do a good job, only you – practice yourself.
    • Always compete.
    • When teaching make sure you spend time to work on your own skills as well as teach.
    • Continue to advance in rank yourself, so your students will as well.
    • When testing – remember everyone wants you to do well.
david curtis
David Curtis
  • David Curtis
    • Brown belts – always working
    • 6-step drill
    • Help for jump in Yoon-Bee
    • Worked with him on his forms – especially Yoon-Bee
    • Give more than receive
    • Make sure you are worthy
    • Work hard even if you have limitations
    • Good friend to everyone
other masters
Other Masters
  • Master Glass
    • Taught me Yoon Bee
    • Also learned Aikido and I followed in his footsteps that way.
  • Master Rebbernigg
    • PyungAhn Sa Dan grab – like an Eagle
  • Master Richardson
    • “Don’t honor your teacher by doing things exactly the same as they did – honor them by striving to be better, faster, stronger than they”
    • Judo integrated into Tae Kwon Do