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methodology of Android Apps Development PowerPoint Presentation
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methodology of Android Apps Development

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methodology of Android Apps Development
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methodology of Android Apps Development

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  1. Android Apps Development

  2. Methodology of Android Apps Development Android application development is the booming industry as android apps are being used the most in the market today. Android platform is available for most of the present users and hence while developing any application, company has to make an android version to reach the mobile users on the widest scale.

  3. Android apps development can be done by using different methods. Android application development companiesuse these methods as per the requirements of the client and time. • At present, two technologies are buzzing the app development market. One being Waterfall and other is Agile. • These methods are as follows:

  4. Waterfall Methodology: • It is basically a sequential process of design which requires development to be consistently downwards just like a waterfall and hence the name. It is applicable since the beginning that is from the formation of the conception till the closing of the project. • This is a traditional methodology which makes sure that the product gets developed exactly as per the customer expectations. It can be said that this methodology is bit rigid and less flexible.

  5. Agile Methodology: • It is a quick and frequent or iterative type of application development. The whole development process is segregated in short phases of work, frequent assessments with frequent adaptations in the plans.

  6. Unlike desktop apps, mobile applications have shorter development process which demands frequent changes and updates. Agile methodology is proved to be more efficient to such developments as it is flexible and adaptive, unlike Waterfall methodology. • Plus it is fast so application can be launches sooner.

  7. Agile development is also of two types: • Agile Scrum: It is a method of app development in which whole process is divided into small parts or phase called as Scrum and is Scrum is managed by a Scrum Master. • Lean Development: It is usually used in Lean manufacturing where the focus is on minimizing wastage of time and increase productivity.

  8. Both of these methods can be used subjectively as per the requirement of client and overall situation of that time. In case of uncertain dynamic situations Agile will suit the most.

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