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Two lane WLR $180m Four lane Expressway $500m PowerPoint Presentation
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Two lane WLR $180m Four lane Expressway $500m

Two lane WLR $180m Four lane Expressway $500m

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Two lane WLR $180m Four lane Expressway $500m

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  1. Two lane WLR $180m Four lane Expressway $500m

  2. OPENING SOON (2019) Kapiti Sandhills Expressway

  3. Consultation KCDC took 10 years NZTA took 2 months

  4. Compensation for seven extra years of construction noise and dust ?

  5. Was NZTA’s chairman rewarded with a mega bucks move to NZ Post ?

  6. The infamous five ? Joyce Guy Roche Turver Molineux

  7. Sandhills Expressway Not for Kapiti through Kapiti

  8. We will be able to access the new airport from the Sandhills Expressway

  9. CANCELLED Nga Manu sounds of nature

  10. From one of his houses Mr Guy will be able to see the Sandhills Expressway

  11. Welcome to shopping at Kapiti Ghostlands

  12. Will our MP be the guy to cut the ribbon on the interchange big box development ?

  13. KCDC being in the Alliance means they can p*ss on us outside the tent

  14. Vote National ? Think local 

  15. Laparoscopic corner of QE II park ? 55+ hectares

  16. FOR SALE Ex-golf course subdivisions

  17. OPENING SOON Sandhills Expressway industrial big box site

  18. You'll be compensated if your home is next to the Sandhills Expressway

  19. Lindale closing down ? What next - Ghostlands ?

  20. New World Waikanae moving to Expressway retail park

  21. The All Whites will win the world cup before they open the Sandhills Expressway

  22. From one of her houses Ms Molineux will be able to see the Sandhills Expressway

  23. Was NZTA’s chairman rewarded for using his casting vote ?

  24. RoNS Ruin of Nature's Sandhills

  25. OPENING SOON Sandhills Expressway big box development

  26. Sandhills Expressway interchange last petrol before Wellington

  27. Headlines 2019 Chaos as aeroplane mistakes Sandhills Expressway for new runway

  28. Problem Elizabeth Street Solution Sandhills Expressway

  29. Headlines 2019 Motorway pile-up, many dead Expressway closed local road chaos

  30. Another motorway smash local fire-chief says "can't cope with the chaos"

  31. Stray golf ball causes Expressway chaos again links forced to close

  32. The extra seven years of construction works will not generate any noise or dust

  33. Is it true Councillor ? In Porirua you can’t see the Sandhills Expressway

  34. Stuck at Elizabeth Street ? It's a long drive to the Sandhills Expressway

  35. The 53 tonne Joyce-a-naughts will be wrapped in cotton-wool to keep the noise down

  36. From one of his houses Mr Roche will be able to see the Sandhills Expressway

  37. The nine fly-overs will improve the views of the Sandhills Expressway

  38. GWRC figures show that we really need the Sandhills Expressway

  39. Speed kills – but Expressways are safe

  40. Sandhills Expressway NZTA say "fluffy bunny rabbits"

  41. How many NZTA consultation forms did you submit ?

  42. When does WLR mean Expressway ? When Colmar Brunton do a survey

  43. How did the chicken cross the Expressway ?

  44. Sandhills Expressway interchange Shift work atburger outlet

  45. What do you get when you cross a minister with a local road ? An Expressway

  46. Problem Airport access Solution Sandhills Expressway

  47. GWRC figures show that it will be quicker on the Sandhills Expressway

  48. Access to the Kapiti oil well is via the Sandhills Expressway

  49. The Joyce-a-naughts will sit and wait on the Sandhills Expressway

  50. The government will compensate KCDC to maintain the old SH-1