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DNV Presentation to Journalists 2013. DNV Dubai. Agenda. Wind Turbine Installation Vessel DNV Innovative and Committed to the Jack-up Market DNV and GL to merge – forming a leading class society. Wind Turbine Installation Vessel. Rajesh Panicker. Leading Provider of Risk Services.

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Wind Turbine Installation Vessel

DNV Innovative and Committed to the Jack-up Market

DNV and GL to merge – forming a leading class society

leading provider of risk services
Leading Provider of Risk Services

Figure 1 - Brave Tern Rollout February 2012

offshore wind potential new i nstallations
Offshore Wind Potential – New Installations
  • The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) increased its 2020 target to 230 GW wind power capacity
    • Including 40 GW offshore wind (March, 2009)
  • To reach 40 GW of offshore wind capacity in the EU by 2020
  • Average growth in annual installations of 28% - from 1 GW in 2011 to 6.9 GW in 2020.
  • Assumption - 1 vessel installs 100 turbines per year, each turbine = 4 MW

+ maintenance and repair

20-25 vessels needed in Europe

gustomsc designs wti vessels
GustoMSC designs – WTI Vessels




Hull length 92.99 m

Hull width 36.00 m

Hull depth 7.40 m

Hull draft 3.50 m

Leg length max. (incl. spud-can) 71.00 m

Hull length 95.00 m

Hull width 39.60 m

Hull depth 8.00 m

Hull draft 4.60 m

Leg length max. (incl. spud-can) 73.00 m

Hull length 128.79 m

Hull width 39.00 m

Hull depth 9.00 m

Hull draft 5.00 m

Leg length max. (incl. spud-can) 74.10 m

ship shaped self elevating wind turbine installation vessels
Ship-shaped self-elevating wind turbine installation vessels

Class assumptions:

Mix of offshore jack-ups and cargo ships

Design assumptions

Vessels carry out repeated operations in restricted waters

Limited design conditions

Relevant design loads for all design/operational conditions

Ability to escape/ leave the field in case of bad weather.

general arrangement

Figure : General Arrangement


class rules and statutory compliance
Class Rules and Statutory Compliance

Class Rules for Ship-shaped ”Mobile” Operation

”Cargo Vessel” with self-elevating capability

Enters ports to pick up equipment on regular basis

DNV Rules for Classification of Ships to be used for all ship related items


SOLAS certificates

MODU code compliance

Additional SPS requirements to be fulfilled

Stronger requirements to stability and life saving

dnv class notation
DNV Class Notation

1A1 Self-Elevating Wind Turbine Installation and Crane Unit CLEAN DESIGN NAUT-OSV(A) OPP-F DYNPOS-AUTR E0 HELDK

jacking system
Jacking System

Extended fatigue requirements to the jacking system because of many load cycles. (One jacking system operation every second day)

Design and construction of jacking system ensure the possibility for the vessel to go into a floating condition and escape from site.

offshore classification projects testing and commissioning
Offshore Classification Projects – Testing and Commissioning
  • DNV-RP-A205 (March 2012)
leading provider of risk s ervices for wind turbine installation vessels
Leading Provider of Risk Services for Wind Turbine Installation Vessels

DNV innovative in rule development

First set of wind turbine installation vessel rules

Wind carriers complex vessels – DNV rules cater for all design and operational requirements

DNV Middle East capabilities

dnv new jack up rules
DNV New Jack-up Rules

Clear guidance is especially important in the self-elevating market

The Jack-Up market deserves its own considerations

DNV have taken our accumulated knowledge and experience

Beyond class rule requirements – zero down time during operations

dnv classification rules for self elevating units
VersionDNV Classification rules for Self-elevating units

DNV research projects

  • Full-scale measurements of structural response due to wave and winds at Ekofisk in November 1977
  • Joint industry project in 1980–83 with several participants
  • Made it possible for DNV to develop the FIRST classification rules for jack-up rigs, accounting for dynamic amplification of structural response in deep water and harsh environments.

DNV committed to self-elevating units

  • Focus with:
  • Dedicated rules guiding you through
  • A jack-up service centre in Dubai
  • Experts devoted to the segment

We know:

the difference between good and poor design solutions.

the specific JU-interpretations of rules and regulations.

to recognize simple efficient solutions

how to help you out in case of problems

We understand:

the needs of the self-elevating market.

the specific design solutions

the need for on time deliveries


what dnv has done
What DNV has done
  • Combined DNV in house experience and technical expertise
  • Reviewed applicability and relevance of each requirement
  • Analysed and updated DNV structural rules
  • JU-specific descriptions of our general class requirements
n ew dnv oss 104 rules for classification of self elevating units
New DNV OSS-104, Rules for classification of Self elevating units
  • Unambiguous Userfriendly
  • Focus
    • Highlighting complex and risk prone areas,
    • Referring to standards for general detail
  • Focus
    • Only list applicable requirements
  • Focus
    • On the most common JU-designs
  • Concise and clear overview of all relevant requirements and procedures
  • A Guiding an owner/ yard to get it right
  • Explaining in more detail where required
alignment with industry practises was a main objective for dnv
Alignment with industry practises was a main objective for DNV
  • Higher level of detail and clarity in DNV Rules
  • Aligned with flag state and operator requirements
  • New rules support DNV’s Quality Survey Plan approach

Comparing the new rules with these we achieved:

dnv innovative and committed to the jack up market1
DNV innovative and committed to the Jack-up market
  • New dedicated rules for Self-Elevating units/Jack ups
  • Focus on
    • customer needs
    • guidance and support
    • Minimum interference – 0 downtime
    • Aligned with market standards
main focus areas with dnv
Main focus areas with DNV

Close to the client

Integrate with the client

jip jacking gear
JIP Jacking Gear
  • Focus on maintenance & inspection
  • Main partner service supplier WillTeco
  • Higher availability with lower overall maintenance cost
  • Scope:
    • Collect accident and failure data
    • Complete root cause analysis on the collected data
    • Analyse current best practices in the industry
    • Investigate the applicability and benefits of alternative approaches
creating a world leader in safety quality and environment

Creating a world leader in safety, quality and environment

Per Wiggo Richardsen,

Director of Communication Maritime

combining two major players
Combining two major players

DNV GL Group

  • Founded 1864
  • Høvik, Norway
  • 10,400 employees
  • Dedicated competences in:
  • Tankers
  • Offshore Classification
  • Power & Transmission
  • System certification
  • Shared ambition for quality and innovation
  • Head office in Høvik
  • 17,100 employees
  • A leading company in:
  • Classification
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy
  • Business Assurance
  • Founded 1867
  • Hamburg
  • 6,700 employees
  • Dedicated competences in:
  • Container ships
  • Energy efficiency
  • Marine warranty
  • Renewables


macro trends driving change
Macro trends driving change



Energy transition

dnv gl group ownership
DNV GL Group ownership

DNV Foundation




DNV GL GroupHeadquarter: Oslo, Norway Group CEO: Henrik O. Madsen

dnv gl group
DNV GL Group

DNV Foundation


DNV GL GroupHeadquarter: Oslo, Norway Group CEO: Henrik O. Madsen


Oil & Gas


Business Assurance

  • Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany
  • Number of employees:approx. 5,600
  • Representation in over 80 countries
  • Headquartered in Høvik, Norway
  • Number of employees: approx. 5,800
  • Representation in over 30 countries
  • Headquartered in Arnhem, Netherlands, core hub in Bristol, UK
  • Number of employees: approx. 3,100
  • Representation in over 30 countries
  • Headquartered in Milan, Italy
  • Number of employees: approx. 2,000
  • Presence in 50 countries
global delivery capability and strong presence



Global delivery capability and strong presence

Europe / Africa / Middle East

10,000 staff


3,000 staff

Asia / Oceania

4,000 staff


Mill. EURO (2012)





creating a world leader in safety quality and environment1
Creating a world leader in safety, quality and environment


One of the worlds leading classification societies and maritime advisory


An energy powerhouse, leading in onshore and offshore wind, and a strong player in power transmission and distribution

Revenue 2012 by business unit~ 2,500 € mill.


Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

A leading provider of risk management services to the oil and gas industry

Business Assurance

One of the world’s leading management system and product certifiers


Bus. Assurance

a major innovative force
A major innovative force

LeadershipTwo of the worlds most innovative class societies


A power house for research and development. 4-5% of annual revenue invested in R&D

CollaborationA hub for collaborative innovation

vision driven merger with global impact
Vision driven merger with global impact

Global position in all our business areas

Promote safety, quality and the environment

Help our customers responsibly improve business performance: safer, smarter, greener

Global impact for a safe and sustainable future