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  1. WB p45

  2. Correction

  3. WB p45 Chicago Austin Indianapolis Denver New York San Francisco Providence Tampa • Sacramento California Florida Iowa Oregon New York Rhode Island • Colorado Delaware Utah

  4. Denver Providence Austin New York Chicago Indianapolis San Francisco Tampa • Sacramento Florida Iowa Oregon California New York Rhode Island Delaware Utah • Colorado

  5. southern climate northern architecture gorgeous canoe

  6. Chicago Florida Indianapolis Chicago cold winter oceans hanging out at the pool, beach, jet skiing, boating Southern Florida

  7. The southerncoast of Oregon NorthernCaliforniacoast gorgeous right on the ocean

  8. Providence Rhode Island New York City Denver Kate, Denver, favorite place, travel, New York city, school, Providence, Rhode Island, trips, New York, bars, fun, play, Central Park, bigger, cities Denver Providence a lot bigger than most cities New York city go to bars, have fun, play in Central Park

  9. San Francisco Rolling hills There is a lot happening the architecture is different life is not limited to two streets it is a cosmopolitan city where you can walk around

  10. Utah, Green River Jamie, prefer, Deseret, Utah, Green River, go, late summer, exposed sandy white beaches, canoe, or 6 days, beautiful, river trips, deep, canyons, 800 feet tall, both sides, go, 5 or 6 days, beautiful, sleep outside without a tent, wonderful

  11. canoe, sleep outside without a tent sandy white beaches, river, deep canyons 5 or 6 days Summer With a group (of friends) more traffic now, many people / tourists

  12. Let me start with Steve who obviously enjoys relaxing by the swimming pool, or walking along the beach in Southern Florida where it is hot. As forJaime, he usuallygoes canoeing in Utah on the Green River once ayear in the Summer if his group of friends can make it and they are fond of sleeping without a tent in the canyons. Then they go on a five to six-day trip along the river. It must be a breathtaking experience, away from it all / in the wild.Finally I will talk about Tim who has a great time inSan Francisco because it is a city where there are things happening all the time. It isn’t a boring destination. He enjoys the thrill of the city.

  13. Two people out of five prefer travelling to cities and mixing with people. Yet, most are attracted to beaches or river banks. Whereas Steve goes for a quiet routine, unwinding on the sand, the others are pretty active. Nearly all of them used the words “beautiful”, or “gorgeous”. So the scenery, whether man-made or natural, is important to them.

  14. I share Steve’s opinion because the only place where I can take it easy is near the sea. I would rather fly to Florida than to Utah. However San Francisco is definitely worth visiting. If I lived in the USA, I would choose to go to another country / abroad.