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WB Engineering

WB Engineering

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WB Engineering

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  1. Welcome To WB Engineering Product design and development encompasses the complete process of producing a new product and introducing it to the market. The key steps involved in product design and development are idea generation and idea screening, followed by concept testing and product analysis. The product development cycle is complete when you are satisfied with the design and can hold a physical rapid prototype in your hands.

  2. Autodesk® AutoCAD® Design Suite includes AutoCAD® software, plus tools to create, capture, cennect, and showcase your designs and streamline your workflow. Extend the power of you design and documentation processes, now with support for Windows® 8. New Design Feed tools bring social collaboration to your design, enbling greater involvement with project stakeholders. AUGI wish list items and dozens of time-saving enhancements to the most commonly-used features help speed your everyday workflow. And with live maps, deolocation, and powerful new reality capture capabilities, AutoCAD Design Suite connects your design ideas to the real world around you.

  3. Autodesk® Building Design Suite is a comprehensive building software solution, combining the tools building professionals need for both Cuilding information Modeling (BIM) and CAD workflows. The Standard edition is tailored for building designers, drafters, and detailers to create more consistent, higher-quality project documentation. the premium edition provides  an optimizide set of tools to help architects, MEP engineers, and structural engineers take advantage of the power of BIM to design, visualize, and build better buildings. The Ultimate editions builds on the value of the premium edition, by helping to improve control over project outcomes with tools that provide greater nsight across the building lifecycle.

  4. Contact Us Address: 8425 Biscayne Boulevard #204 Miami, FL 33138 Phone : (305) 756-4401 Fax : (305) 756-4498 Email :