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I’m more outgoing than my sister.

Unit 6. I’m more outgoing than my sister. 东乡二中周恩波. B. small. A. big. Ball A is bigger than Ball B. Ball B is smaller than Ball A. tall. short. I’m taller than you. funny. I’m funn ier than you. tall er. tall. more athletic. heavy. thin. heavier. thinner. wilder.

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I’m more outgoing than my sister.

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  1. Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister. 东乡二中周恩波

  2. B small A big Ball A is bigger than Ball B. Ball B is smaller than Ball A.

  3. tall short

  4. I’m taller than you.

  5. funny I’m funnier thanyou.

  6. taller tall more athletic

  7. heavy thin heavier thinner

  8. wilder more outgoing Name:Micheal Jackson Personal traits:wild, outgoing Name:Xu Amei Personal traits:calm,wise calmer wiser

  9. Look big ——bigger(双写+er) small ——smaller(+er) tall ——taller quiet——quieter ( +er ) wise ——wiser ( +r ) thin ——thinner ( 双写+er ) heavy ——heavier( y→i+er ) outgoing ——more outgoing (more+) fung ——funier( y→i+er )

  10. Listenig materials:(听力原文) • Conversation 1: A: Is that Sam? B: NO,that’s Tom.Sam has longer hair than Tom. C: Yes,and Tom’s calmer than Sam. • Conversation 2: A: That’s Tara,isn’t? B: NO,it isn’t.It’s tina.Tina is taller than Tara.And She’s also wilder. • Conversation 3: A: Is that Paul? B: No,that’s Pedro.Pedro’s heavier than Paul.And Paul’s shorter than Pedro.

  11. 1 2 3

  12. Listen again and fill in the blanks: • 1.Tom’s ______than Sam. • 2.Tina is ______than Tara. She’s also______. • 3. Pedro’s ______than Paul. And Paul’s _____than Pedro. calmer taller wilder heavier shorter

  13. Grammar Focus Pedro is funnier than Paul. Funny (change y to i) funnier Tina is taller than Tara. Tall (add –er) taller Tom is more athletic than Sam. Athletic (use more) more athletic

  14. 写出以下形容词的比较级并分类 small big long short tall heavy athletic beautiful smart quiet serious dangerous delicious popular safe

  15. smaller smarterbigger longer shortertallerheavierquieter safer more serious more dangerous more delicious more popular more athletic more beautiful

  16. your friends ,things.and listen to the tape compare(比较) • Use: • taller… than shorter … than • more+形容词+than • bigger…than • funnier…than

  17. Compare yourself (now and two years ago). Two years ago.I was a primary school student. I’m taller now.I work harder and smarter than before . I was not popular in primary school. But I’m more popular in middle school. although I was not good at schoolwork. I am a better student now.

  18. Homework • Write an article: • “My best friend and I” • Write about the things that are the same and difference between you and your best friend.

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