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Mean Girls

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Mean Girls . Lakieta Earley February 18 2014 . Which gender is meaner: boys or girls?. Were you right?. Did you know . Its has been proven that girls are meaner then guy. Jealousy . Story Time .

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mean girls

Mean Girls


February 18 2014

did you know
Did you know
  • Its has been proven that girls are meaner then guy.
story time
Story Time
  • 16 year old Sarah and her best friend Brittany both were applying for summer jobs to make money for their senior year. Sarah got called back in for a interview and Brittany did not and since then they have not spoken to each other and it has been over twenty years.

Girls can get mad at one other for the smallest things which could have been resolved with just one nice and calm talk. Sarah didn’t take the jump because she didn’t want Brittany to be upset with her or lose their friendship.


Rumors can ruin a lot of friendships between girls. Someone could say one thing and by the end of the day there's a whole new story with new and extra added detail.


Something small and so simple could be changed like someone over hearing that James is going to the dump before going to his girlfriend’s house. And changing it to James is dumping his girlfriend at her house after school.


Some girls’ relationships can be broken for a personal level maybe because something happened in the family. Girls don’t always just have a problem with a friend. There could be problems with mother, sister, aunt, or even grandmother


Ex boyfriends of one friend could be a new boyfriend of another friend which could hurt a friendship. One could feel as if her best friend went behind her back to hurt her by talking to an ex boyfriend.


Some girls pick on other girls because they want to be liked themselves, so they pick on other smaller girls so they won’t be picked on themselves.


Girls could feel down about themselves for many different reasons like being over weight. Things like this cause them to pick on others to make their problem not seem so bad or to get their mind off their problems.

cause and effects
Cause and effects

There are many reasons and ways that girls can be mean to one another: jealously, rumors, personal problem, ex’s, and problems within themselves

Effects of these things could do harm to the person whose being bullied. They could feel alone, upset, and get depressed so badly that online cyber bullying and starting rumors could end someone's life.