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AUSTRALIA. Tidal Barrage. Company/Organization – CleanTechCom , Woodshed Technologies Technology/Plant Name - Tidal Delay Technology Genre - Tidal Barrage Power take-off system – Unspecified

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tidal barrage
Tidal Barrage

Company/Organization – CleanTechCom, Woodshed Technologies

Technology/Plant Name - Tidal Delay

Technology Genre - Tidal Barrage

Power take-off system – Unspecified

Woodshed Technologies develops and commercialises "clean" innovations in and acquires and grows businesses in three critical industries, or human endeavours, that so greatly define the quality of humanity's ongoing day-to-day existence.

Tidal Delay® - one approach

tidal barrage1
Tidal Barrage

Alternative trench and fill approach shown with optional collection towers. Generation Sites

tidal barrage2
Tidal Barrage

The system, titled Tidal Delay®, patented by Woodshed Technologies Pty Ltd (Australia), relies on the seawater restraining or delaying feature of natural coastal landforms, such as peninsulas or isthmuses. Such features create a time delay or tidal “phase difference” between the tidal driven water movement on both sides of such coastal landforms. The high mass of sea-water means that under normal tidal influence it often takes several hours for the sea-water to move to a point of equivalent water level on both sides of an interfering natural barrier. This delay in equilibration of water levels leads to a height difference in the water level either side of many a peninsula or isthmus creating a difference in potential energy across the landform. Connecting points across such influenced landforms with sea-water carrying pipes, each incorporating a standard turbine and generator, enables the stored potential energy in the system to be harnessed.

Assuming two tidal cycles per day, that is two high and two low tides per day, the system may suffer from severe interruption of electricity generation. Therefore, reversal of water flow through the pipe(s) with the change of tide, and therefore continuing energy capture and electricity generation is critical and is a feature of the process.

tidal current technologies
Tidal Current Technologies

Company/Organization – BioPower Systems

Technology/Plant Name - bioStream

Technology Genre - Hydrofoil

Power take-off system – Unspecified

BioPower Systems is a renewable energy technology company based in Sydney Australia. We are developing systems for both wave and tidal power conversion. The company is currently working on ocean-based demonstration projects and follow-on market opportunities for its products and services..

Established in 2006, the company has successfully completed the following activities as part of its commercialization plan:

Proof of concept and prototype tank testing;

Engineering design and technology development;

Planning and development of pilot projects;

Construction and testing of power conversion equipment;

Patent protection;

Development of strategic technical and commercial alliances; and

Exploration of international and local site development opportunities.

tidal current technologies1
Tidal Current Technologies

The unique bioWAVE™ and bioSTREAM™ ocean energy devices are based on ‘biomimicry’, or nature-inspired design, and are designed to generate commercial quantities of clean renewable electricity with no green house gas emission and minimal impact on the environment.

BioPower Systems is currently working towards demonstration of 250kW and 1MW bioWAVE™ projects. Ultimately, the aim of the company is to deliver utility-scale wave and tidal farms in the 50-100MW range.

ocean wave technologies
Ocean Wave Technologies

Company/Organization – Oceanlinx (Energetech)

Technology/Plant Name - Port Kembla OWC

Technology Genre - OWC – Near-shore

Power take-off system – Air Turbine

Oceanlinx is a leading international company which has created Wave Energy Converter technology. The company has developed proprietary technology for extracting energy from ocean waves and converting it into either electricity or desalinated sea water. Known as Energetech until 2007, Oceanlinx has been designing and deploying wave energy systems since 1997. The company has developed both a shallow water version of its technology, named greenWAVE, and a corresponding deep water version named blueWAVE. These commercial products are the culmination of this detailed decade-long development phase. Oceanlinx remains at the leading edge of marine renewable technology development.

ocean wave technologies1
Ocean Wave Technologies

Company/Organization – Seapower Pacific

Technology/Plant Name - CETO Wave Pump

Technology Genre - Absorber - Point

Power take-off system – Pressurized Hydraulics

UK-based Renewable Energy Holdings' Perth-based subsidiary Seapower Pacific Ltd has taken a step towards full commercialisation of its CETO wave-power machine, announcing plans to install pre-commercialisation units today.

A wave farm of 125 CETO units would be able to produce 18MW of electricity with no greenhouse gas emissions, enough for 10,000 households, or a desalination plant producing 45 billion litres of fresh drinking water each year.


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