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Stephen Abram, VP, Innovation May 8, 2006

Stephen Abram, VP, Innovation May 8, 2006. Technology: The Coming Hyper-Collaboration Environment. 25 Things Rocking Our Library Lives. Rocking the Library #1. MySpace and Facebook. Reminder: 150,00-250,000 A DAY!. 95%?. Rocking the Library #2.

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Stephen Abram, VP, Innovation May 8, 2006

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Stephen Abram, VP, Innovation May 8, 2006 Technology: The Coming Hyper-Collaboration Environment

  2. 25 Things Rocking Our Library Lives

  3. Rocking the Library #1 MySpace and Facebook

  4. Reminder: 150,00-250,000 A DAY!

  5. 95%?

  6. Rocking the Library #2 Virtual Worlds, Second Life and Project Croquet

  7. Rocking the Library #3 Web 2.0

  8. Expectations 1.0 • Search • Retrieve • View • Print • Link • Navigate • Read • . . .

  9. Pandora

  10. Classic Technology Adoption Where Are We? Source: Geoffrey Moore. Crossing the Chasm, 1991.

  11. Rocking the Library #4 Library 2.0

  12. Darlene Fichter, 2006

  13. Rocking the Library #5 Real Portals

  14. Rocking the Library #11 Personalization

  15. Ford Lincoln Ford and Lincoln?

  16. Rocking the Library #13 AJAX, Java, API’s, Mashups, Widgets, Wizards, Bookmarklets,etc.

  17. Rocking the Library #6 eLearning

  18. MS Live Meeting (PlaceWare) Webex Centra

  19. Rocking the Library #7 Millennials and Post-Millennials

  20. The Scary re-wiring of the Millennials and post-Millennials

  21. Rocking the Library #8 The Long Tail

  22. The Long Tail of QUESTIONS libraries

  23. Rocking the Library #9 Google Scholar and Windows Live Academic

  24. AddAds Add tools – citation, RefWorks, ProCite, stat packages, Add 200 database Suppliers (MS already has 120+ And then make Google your operating system – like Windows… Acquire Writely Personalize it and track your needs and Add alerts … Make it OpenURL compliant Add for online discussions, communities of practice, group and Individual blogs and connections through social networking software Integrate e-commerce for articles, standards, etc. Make it Browserless Add a toolbar that behaves in a research way Predict their needs through mining of Gmail, surfing, and behaviours Add OCLC VR And OpenWorldCat

  25. WARNING Image contains hidden message Google Scholar…

  26. Rocking the Library #10 RSS – Wikisphere, Syndicasphere, Blogosphere

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