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May 2006

QCT WorldMode Chipset Solutions Mark Jerger. May 2006. 7600 DOrA/R6. QSC6055 1x DB. 6150 1x. 6550 DOr0. 6050 1x. 6025 1x. 6500 DOr0. 6100 1x. 6300 1x/GSM. 6000 1x. CDMA2000® MSM Roadmap. Pin, SW API, and RF Compatible. 7500 DOrA. 6800 DOrA. 6125 1X. Single- Chip 1X (2 nd Gen).

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May 2006

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  1. QCT WorldMode Chipset Solutions Mark Jerger May 2006

  2. 7600DOrA/R6 QSC60551xDB 61501x 6550DOr0 60501x 60251x 6500DOr0 61001x 63001x/GSM 60001x CDMA2000® MSM Roadmap Pin, SW API, and RF Compatible 7500DOrA 6800DOrA 61251X Single- Chip 1X(2nd Gen) QSC60651xDB QSC6030 QSC6020 QSC60101XSB

  3. WorldMode Chipset SolutionsEnabling mobile users to roam across CDMA networks and GSM networks • MSM7600, MSM6550, MSM6500, MSM6300, MSM6125 support CDMA networks and GSM 850/900/1800 and 1900 MHz bands. • Mobile subscribers can always be connected with the ability to roam across multiple CDMA and GSM/GPRS networks maintaining voice and data capabilities • Worldmode solutions make it possible for mobile users to carry one device and access one contact list

  4. QUALCOMM is Increasing Global Roaming Capabilities

  5. Aggregation of Volumes will Make WorldMode Economical • Current Worldmode capable 1X handsets are roughly $60-$100 more than an equivalent CDMA only device for volumes <100K units • A 10x increase in volumes will decrease NRE and other fixed cost amortization per handset by roughly 1/10 • Competition, economies of scale and QC migration to multimode modems will reduce handset differential over time

  6. Development Process of a WorldMode Handset • Step 1: Handset development • Highly dependant on: • Manufacturer expertise • Manufacturer risk taking • Manufacturer familiarity with new technology • Estimate: 1-12 months • (from chipset availability) Step 2: Formal test CDMA: CDG/CCF GSM: GCF/PTCRB (US) Requires coordination with infra vendors Estimate 3-9 months Step 3: Carrier acceptance test Dependant on carrier requirements Trend to rely on much of Step 2 Estimate 1-3 months

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