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SMS 2003 R2 Update Sneak Peak SMS v4 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SMS 2003 R2 Update & Sneak Peak – SMS v4. Neil Hetherington Account Technology Specialist Microsoft Corporation. Session Overview. SMS Introduction SMS 2003 R2 Overview and Enhancements Introduction to “SMSv4” Deployment Enhancements Software Update Enhancements Security Enhancements

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Presentation Transcript
Sms 2003 r2 update sneak peak sms v4 l.jpg

SMS 2003 R2 Update &Sneak Peak – SMS v4

Neil Hetherington

Account Technology Specialist

Microsoft Corporation

Session overview l.jpg
Session Overview

SMS Introduction

SMS 2003 R2 Overview and Enhancements

Introduction to “SMSv4”

Deployment Enhancements

Software Update Enhancements

Security Enhancements


Sms 2003 capabilities l.jpg
SMS 2003 Capabilities



Support forthe Mobile Workforce

Application Deployment

LeveragingWindows Management Services

Slide4 l.jpg

Core scenarios

In-Place Migration

Machine Replacement / New Machine

Help Desk Recovery

Key Features

Fully integrated with SMS 2003 infrastructure

Utilizes advanced Windows imaging format

Enables sophisticated custom sequencing

OS Deployment Feature Pack

The end-to-end desktop operating system deployment and upgrade imaging solution for Windows

Slide5 l.jpg

Device Management

Feature Pack

Partner Add-ons

Device Management Feature Pack

Extend change and configuration management to Windows CE-based and Windows Mobile devices

Sms 2003 r2 overview l.jpg
SMS 2003 R2 Overview

  • New point release of SMS 2003

  • Available for purchase to non-SA customers

  • SA customers receive it as part of the SA agreement

  • Built on SMS 2003 SP2

  • Similar to Windows Server 2003 R2

    • Smaller point release with features

    • Core changes are in Service Pack 2 so there will be no migration issues

Sms 2003 sp2 enhancements l.jpg
SMS 2003 SP2 Enhancements

SMS 2003 SP2 Enhancements

  • SMS Setup Changes

    • Update.exe

  • Platform Changes

    • Deprecating AC Support for:

      • Windows 2000 SP3 systems

      • Windows XP RTM

  • Active Directory Security Group Discovery

  • FQDN Support

  • SQL Server Support (SQL 2005)

  • Performance Improvements

  • Integrated ITMU for patch management

R2 scan tool for vulnerability assessment l.jpg
R2: Scan Tool for Vulnerability Assessment

  • Uses MBSA 2.0 for vulnerability assessment (VA)

    • Prior to a VA scan, MBSA 2.0 is deployed to clients

  • Provides VA reporting for common software mis-configurations defined by the MBSA 2.0 VA manifest

  • Administered identically to existing SMS 2003 scan tools

Slide9 l.jpg
R2: Scan Tool For Vulnerability Assessment Reporting for nearly 100 critical software misconfigurations

  • Critical vulnerabilities include

    • Are unnecessary services installed and running?

    • Do file shares have appropriate permissions?

    • Is Windows Firewall enabled?

    • Are strong passwords enforced?

    • Are unsecured Guest accounts enabled?

    • Are there too many local Administrators on a single machine?

R2 inventory tool for custom updates l.jpg
R2: Inventory Tool for Custom Updates

  • Enables the detection and deployment of third-party updates, security updates, service packs and more to non-Microsoft applications

  • Integrates with existing SMS 2003 software update management

  • Enables importing software update catalogs from outside sources

  • Enables the creation of in-house software update catalogs for line-of-business applications

Key investments in system center configuration manager 2007 l.jpg

Integration with “Longhorn” Network Access Protection

Simplified, comprehensive software updating w/ templates for common tasks

Enterprise Vulnerability assessment

Securely managing devices across the Internet

Secure network storage of user state during Operating System deployment

Key Investments InSystem Center Configuration Manager 2007

Up and running in minutes

Simplified UI

Advanced Task Sequencing

Reduced SCCM infrastructure costs with branch office support

Improved scheduling and greater control including Wake-on-LAN

Common processes for Windows Mobile and embedded devices


Unified delivery of Windows operating system for clients and servers

One worldwide image to manage with Vista

Built on Windows Vista technologies including Windows Imaging

Vista and Office 12 upgrade assessment and resolution planning

Offline media support for full offline provisioning



Knowledge-driven desired configuration management based on the System Definition Model (SDM)

IT policies for analyzing corporate and regulatory compliance

Out of the box configuration policies for server workloads i.e. Exchange

License and asset management


Simplicity l.jpg

  • Easier to get up/running

    • Everything is in setup! When install is complete, SMS is online to service clients!

  • Redundant Infrastructure

    • Support for SQL clustering

  • Easier to use

    • New UI designed around key work areas

    • Home Pages anchor work areas with latest status for the feature

    • Sizeable dialogs for large datasets

    • Drag-n-drop and multi-select for key workflow scenarios

Simplicity13 l.jpg

  • Simplified and more cost effective infrastructure

    • Ability to use a workstation as a distribution point for branch offices

  • Easier to mirror operational process

    • Associate operational change windows with a SMS collection

    • WOL built-in

      • Subnet Directed Broadcast

      • Unicast (IPv6)

      • Non-proxied appraoch

Simplicity14 l.jpg

  • Native Support for Device Management

    • Fully Integrated with SMS

    • Smartphone support

    • Internet Facing Device Support

    • Over-the-air management of devices

Deploying windows l.jpg
Deploying Windows

  • Major upgrade to SMS OS deployment functionality

    • Significant enhancements compared with SMS 2003 OS Deployment Feature Pack

    • Brings in server deployment scenarios from ADS

  • Integrated part of SMSv4

    • Not a Feature Pack add-on

Great deployments of existing Windows!

Even better with Vista/Longhorn!

Deploying windows goals l.jpg
Deploying Windows Goals

  • “Hands-off deployment”

  • End-to-end, secure and flexible processes

  • Make upgrading to Vista/LH seamless

  • Build on core Vista/Longhorn functionality

  • Unified client and server deployment

Fully automate the deployment process in a secure and highly flexible manner

Deploying windows18 l.jpg
Deploying Windows

  • Vista and Office 12 centralized upgrade assessment and resolution planning

    • Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0

    • Office 12 Migration Toolkit

  • Deployments driven by customizable task sequences

    • Wizards to generate standard task sequences

    • GUI task sequence editor gives full control of the deployment process

  • Drive toward single worldwide image

    • Integrated device driver catalog

Deploying windows19 l.jpg
Deploying Windows

  • Side-by-side computer replacement with secure user state migration

  • Automation of build and capture reference machine

  • Deploy from offline media (CD/DVD/USB) in locations with limited or no network connectivity

  • Integration with Windows Deployment Services PXE server to handle bare-metal

Security l.jpg

  • Raising the bar on security in the SMS infrastructure

    • Full mutual authentication between client/server

    • https from client to server

    • Location awareness for client machines moving between intranet and Internet

  • Securing Windows

    • Network Access Protection (NAP) integration

    • Rebuilt Software Update Experience

    • SMS 2003 R2 – native

      • Inventory Tool for Custom Updates

      • Scan Tool for Vulnerability Assessment

Securing windows software updates management l.jpg
Securing WindowsSoftware Updates Management

  • Scope of updates extended to include all Microsoft Update content

  • Simplified user experience thru template concepts (18 dialogs down to 6 clicks)

  • Key compliance data presented on the home page

  • Improved client experience – support for both mandated and optional updates

  • Extensible to support third party and in house LOB application updates

    • Integrated with the Inventory Tool for Custom Updates

Securing windows software updates management23 l.jpg
Securing WindowsSoftware Updates Management

  • Integrates with Service Windows

  • Task Sequence can install updates

  • More efficient infrastructure

    • State based for improved visibility of update installation lifecycle

    • Updates are defined as CIs and rely on DCM rather than standard software distribution

    • Update synch as a core site role

    • Support for custom severity definitions

How nap and sms work together l.jpg
How NAP And SMS Work Together

Corporate Network

Restricted Network

SMS Server

SMS Server

Here is your patch


Requesting patch package.

I can vouch for the client.

It’s not up to date. Tell it to install patches

I can vouch for the client.

Yes, meets policy.

Can you vouch for this client?

Is it up to date?

Requesting access.

Patches are installed.

May I have access?

I don’t have any patches installed.

Should this client be restricted

based on it’s health?

Quarantine client, request

it to install patches

Grant access.

You are being given restricted

access until patches are installed.







IAS Server

Client is granted access to full intranet.

Slide25 l.jpg

Desired Configuration ManagementManage the configuration of Windows environments and ensure system configuration compliance against defined corporate standards

  • Detect server configuration “drift”

  • Improve Helpdesk (HD) troubleshooting and “time-to-resolve” (TTR)

  • Regulatory compliance reporting

  • Change verification

Desired configuration management l.jpg
Desired Configuration Management

  • Built on System Definition Model (SDM)

    • A modeling language that is used to capture a model of a system including:

      • Structure of the system

      • Relationships between system’s components

      • Relationships between the system and its environment

      • Configuration constraints and invariants

  • SMS v4 will consume the configuration portion of SDM models

Desired configuration management27 l.jpg
Desired Configuration Management

  • Tight integration with Software Updates Management (SUM)

    • Software Updates as configuration items

    • SUM built over DCM infrastructure

  • Flexible settings provider model with built-in support for:

    • Installed Applications (MSI)

    • File system settings

    • Security settings

    • Registry settings

    • WMI

    • SQL

    • XML

    • IIS Metabase

    • Scripts

System center configuration manager 2007 helping it drive business value l.jpg

Feb 2006

Beta 1

June/July 2006

Beta 1 Refresh

Q1 2007

Beta 2

1H 2007

Public Availability

System Center Configuration Manager 2007Helping IT Drive Business Value

  • Get ready for SCCM 2007, deploy SMS 2003 SP2 today!

  • Driven by feedback from customers and partners

  • Enterprise feature focus emphasizing operational simplicity, enterprise scale, security and corporate compliance

  • Continued long-term commitments to investment in the following areas:

    • Lowest cost and best solution for deploying Windows and Office

    • Continued investments in partner ecosystem

    • Key component of the Dynamic Systems Initiative w/ support for SDM

  • Download Systems Management Server v4 Open Beta 1 today

  • Request entry into the TAP or Rapid Deployment Programs

Resources l.jpg

  • SMS Home Page

  • System Center Family of products

  • Community Sites

  • SMS 2003 Scripting Center

  • SMS Download Center

  • Partner Resources – SMS Alliance

  • Webcasts

Slide31 l.jpg

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