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Questions. Any questions so far about: Internet Web 2.0 Computer-Assisted Instruction Software …So far you have filled out and shared evaluations on music websites and software and created a wiki for your music classroom. Blog Question about Web 2.0. Blog Question about Web 2.0.

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  • Any questions so far about:
    • Internet
    • Web 2.0
    • Computer-Assisted Instruction Software
    • …So far you have filled out and shared evaluations on music websites and software and created a wiki for your music classroom.
  • All of your wikispaces are listed on your page on our wikispace.
  • For example:
day 3

Day 3

Introduction to Digital Audio Using Audacity & GarageBand

  • Before looping programs, we sequenced
  • Software and hardware
  • Software-connected keyboard to computer with MIDI cables
  • Channels vs. tracks
  • Easy to change a note if you made a mistake
  • Recording…not much for notation
  • Mixing levels-very easy
  • Teacher
    • Accompaniments
    • Practice Accompanist
  • Student
    • Manipulate tempo
    • Improvise
    • Add parts
    • Edit
    • Listen
digital audio software
Digital Audio-Software
  • Audacity - free for MAC/PC
  • TrakAx - free for PC
  • Apple GarageBand - MAC
  • Acoustica Mixcraft - PC
  • Sony Acid - PC
  • MOTU Digital Performer (MAC)
  • Apple Logic Studi (MAC)
  • Digidesign ProTools - PC/MAC
  • Show students’ works (K,1,2,3 Recording)
  • Grade 3G Music Alone, 3rd and 4th grade Ghost & Goblins, Grade 2 Kye Kye Kule, 1C- Falling leaves, K-Halloween Songs
digital audio portable recorders
Digital Audio-Portable Recorders
  • iPod with recorder
    • Xtrememicromemo
    • Belkin TuneTalk
    • Griffin iTalk Pro
    • Application
  • MicroTrack II
  • Korg Sound on Sound
  • Zoom H4N or H2
    • Assessment tools
    • Record ensembles
    • Record yourself performing accompaniments

W-2R Skin and Bones


IT-KK Mi Guesta

IT-Can You Hear?

IP-82 Tristan guitar

IP-94 World is singing

digital audio
Digital Audio
  • Becoming more prominent and easier to use (even since 2004 when Tom Rudolph wrote Teaching Music with Technology)
  • Sequencers took time to learn and were not easy to master
  • Digital Audio is much easier to use and learn
digital audio some items that audacity can do
Digital AudioSome items that Audacity Can Do:
  • Record
  • Edit
  • Multi-track recording
  • Digital-great sound quality
  • Microphone
  • Mixer
  • Mixing tracks into one track
  • Burn music to CD to upload to website
  • Audio Podcasts
  • Scenario: Your 5th graders have chosen “Move Along” by the All-American Rejects for their graduation song. You ordered a karaoke track (or listened to a few karaoke tracks on iTunes) but they were either lame or cheesy. You wish you could just remove the lyrics from the CD. You wonder if the Superscope PSD340 is worth the $999.94 so that you could remove lyrics every time you need. You then remember a way to remove lyrics using Audacity. Though it does not work with all music, maybe it will work with this song. Let’s try.
  • Scenario: Your students’ recorder music can be a bit too fast at times for some of your students. You decide to use Audacity to change the tempo of the music without changing the pitch.
  • Scenario: You enjoy the recorder music so much, that you would now like to transpose the song to the key of F to teach the students the note “F”. You decide to continue using Audacity to make that happen.
  • Scenario: The principal just asked you to have a school and parent-wide patriotic sing-along to begin tomorrow’s patriotic assembly. He/she has requested nothing too long. The principal has also noticed that when you conduct a sing-along from your piano, the audience and older students tend not to sing. Therefore, he/she has asked you find a boom box and microphone so that you can lead the sing-along with that. In addition, he/she requested that you use CDs for accompaniment. He/she ends with “Thanks for all that you do.”