done by jomaa iraki seri kamal ahmed zendaki mustafa hasan supervised by dr norita ahmed n.
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MIS Company Analysis Presentation

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MIS Company Analysis Presentation

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MIS Company Analysis Presentation

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  1. Done By: Jomaa Iraki Seri Kamal Ahmed Zendaki Mustafa Hasan Supervised by: Dr. Norita Ahmed MIS Company Analysis Presentation

  2. Etisalat Company Background (Jomaa) Etisalat Business and IT strategy (Jomaa) Etisalat Porter 5 (Seri) Etisalat IT/IS Impact (Seri) Dubai Islamic Bank Background (Ahmed) Dubai Islamic Bank Business and IT strategy (Ahmed) Dubai Islamic Bank Porter 5 (Ahmed + Mustafa) Dubai Islamic Bank IT Impact (Mustafa) Comparison + Conclusion(Mustafa) Outline

  3. Founded in 1976. Maintains and develops the mobile telephony, network and internet access in the UAE. One of the most important service providers. Has a number of subordinates: Emarine. E-vision Thuraya Etisalat Background

  4. Owns a number of shares in different companies. It aimed to be one of the top 10 in 2010. Etisalat stopped being the only monopoly, ‘Du’ was introduced. Etisalat Background

  5. Business Strategy: Achieve flexibility. Responsiveness to customer needs. Cost minimization. IT/IS Strategy: Intranet. Extranet. CRM. SCM, Etisalat business and it strategy

  6. Market Competitors: Du. Etisalat Porter 5

  7. New Market Entrants: It is not easy to enter the market. Hard for new entrants to compete. Porter 5

  8. Substitute Products: Skype and MSN FTF communication Porter 5

  9. Customers: Everyone. They don’t have power. Porter 5

  10. Suppliers: Blackberyy, I-Phone, and the people who install optic fibres in the houses. They have power. Porter 5

  11. Can IT/IS build in switching costs?  Can IT/IS change the basis of competition?  Can IT/IS change the balance of power in supplier relationships?  It/is impact

  12. Founded in 1975. First bank to specialize in Islamic financing instruments. Established itself as the leader in its field. Government of Dubai became one of the major shareholders. Dubai Islamic bank background

  13. Have high ratings due to sustainable performance in: 1) Improving Capitalization. 2) Diverse stocks. 3) Asset quality. 4) Strong liquidity. The bank remains faithful to its customer centered organization. Dubai Islamic bank background

  14. Business Strategy: Customer Satisfaction. Flexibility and responsivness. IT strategy: Intranet/Extranet Internet Banking CRM SCM Dubai Islamic bank business and it strategy

  15. New Market Entrants: It is not easy to enter the market. Hard for new entrants or well established banks to compete. Dubai Islamic Bank Porter 5

  16. Substitute Products: Conventional banks/loan sharks. Take loans from other people. People can save money in their own save houses Invest in other financial institutes or stock brokers Porter 5

  17. Market Competitors: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. Porter 5

  18. Customers: Everyone. They do have power. Porter 5

  19. Suppliers: Customers. Stockholders. They don’t have power. Porter 5

  20. Can IT build barriers to entry? Can IT/IS generate new products? It/is impact

  21. Similarities: • Same Business Strategy. • Same IT/IS strategy. • Achieve Customer Intimacy. • Achieve Supplier Intimacy. • Differences: • The way they use the internet to perform their daily operations. Comparison & Conclusion

  22. Thank You For Your Kind Attention!!!

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