21 st march 2006
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21 st March 2006. The First Day of Spring.

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21 st march 2006

21st March 2006

The First Day of Spring

The first day of spring is around March 20 or 21, depending on what day the vernal equinox occurs. This is when the sun sits directly above the equator on its apparent trip northward.  As Earth revolves around the sun, the top half, called the Northern Hemisphere, becomes tilted more toward the sun as winter turns to spring.  Meanwhile the bottom half, the Southern Hemisphere, becomes tilted more away from the sun. 

The beginning of spring for us is the beginning of autumn for people in Australia and the southern parts of Africa and South America. 

S pring is coming
Spring is coming !!

W hat is m a r z a n n a

On March 21, people in some parts of Central Europe traditionally make an effigy.In Poland we call her Marzanna.She is decorated with ribbons, myrtleand carried in a procession of the people to a river. They burnand drown her to rid themselves of the cold, dark season of death to welcome the spring. She is supposed to represent sickness, evil, distress and death .

What isMarzanna??

The students from our school went to the river to drown Marzanna and say goodbye to the winter and celebrate coming of the springtime.

W e brought our marzanna to the local river the lyna
We brought our Marzanna to the local river- the Lyna…

Although it was already spring, it was quite chilly outside and snowy.But we were very happy to meet our teachers and even- the president of Olsztyn.

A fterwards we had a lot of fun watching the show of olsztyn skin diver club
Afterwards we had a lot of fun watching the show of Olsztyn skin-diver club.